As the right to say Merry Christmas, and speak of anything relating to Christianity in public institutions dwindles across America, the right of Muslims to speak about Islam grows.

In this case, a Metro Nashville Public school, Gower Elementary, has opened its doors to the Islamic Center of Nashville’s nearly completed Bellevue mosque to hold a fundraising lunch. While this may be a test of separation of church and state,  are the leaders of the Islamic Centers presenting Islam as a way of life rather than a religion to gain access to publicly funded venues? 

The obvious question is why  a taxpayer funded school is allowing a “religious” institution to raise money for itself ? The other question should be why is  a Muslim Brotherhood organization  being allowed to conduct anything at all within our country? 

The Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) is owned and run by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which is funded by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). This is the warranty deed of the ICN with the same address as ISNA.

The Islamic Society of North America is the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States. In addition to its Muslim Brotherhood affiliations, the current imam, Ossama Muhammad Bahloul  ( a speaker at the luncheon) hails from Cairo Egypt, where he attended Al-Azahar University, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only does the Muslim Brotherhood use the university to recruit  thousands of students to adopt ISIS-style beliefs, the Brotherhood used the organization to train young people for combat, including members of Al-Qaida.

In 2017, students from another Nashville public school, Meigs Middle Magnet School, attended what was supposed to be a lesson in “history” at the Islamic Center of Nashville, (ICN) but that quickly turned into a session in dawa ( the proselytizing of Islam) . Here in this audio, the speaker,
Dina Sirois, the mosque’s operations director, suggests when the students leave the mosque, they will have a compartment in their brain filled with “Islam stuff”. Pure indoctrination.

The Islamic Center of Nashville is the same mosque where Carlos Bledsoe also known as Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad joined while attending Tennessee State University. After becoming a member of the ICN, Carlos was sent to Yemen, where he thought he would be learning Arabic, but instead was exposed to radical, anti-American propaganda, and was “brainwashed”, according to his father Melvin Bledsoe of Memphis TN. Carlos changed his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, after the imam at that time at the ICN. In 2009, Carlos went to Little Rock Arkansas where he shot and killed 2 soldiers in the name of Allah. 

This is the same mosque singer Cat Stevens, now known as Yusef Islam, donated $17,000 to, to help purchase the building and the adjacent lot.  In the 1990’s Stevens was banned from entering the United States after he     raised tens of thousands of dollars for Hamas in cooperation with its British fundraising arm, known as the Relief Fund for Lebanon and Palestine. Hamas is a designated terrorist organization in the U.S.

Cat Stevens visiting the ICN

The Islamic Center of Nashville  is the same mosque that invites speakers  such as Siraj Wahhaj– who was raised as a Baptist but converted to Islam under the leadership of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. He is the imam at the al-Taqwa mosque in New York. He preaches that the U.S. should and will become an Islamic state because “Islam is better than democracy.” What does Wahhaj tell his audiences?

“Islam is better than democracy. Allah will cause his deen [Islam as a complete way of life], Islam to prevail over every kind of system, and you know what? It will happen.”
“If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us,” he said in 1992.
“You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.”

The Islamic Center of Nashville has quite a different persona behind its closed doors, yet in public they preach peace and tolerance. There is nothing tolerant or peaceful about the Muslim Brotherhood. Do no believe for one second they are only a political party here to work with America. Their beliefs are completely antithetical to the American way of life. Yet, our schools, churches and communities continue to embrace them while dismissing their own.

This is who and what Nashville public schools have exposed your children to. Wake up people.





 Over one year ago, a Muslim doctor and his wife in Detroit Michigan were arrested for performing the barbaric Islamic practice of female genital mutilation on several young Muslim girls. On November 20 2018, Michigan’s U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman dismissed the charges brought against them citing the law which they were arrested under is a violation of the United States Constitution.  Clearly a victory for those wanting to implement sharia law within our country.

In his 28 page opinion, Friedman states” Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit FGM … FGM is a ‘local criminal activity’ which, in keeping with long-standing tradition and our federal system of government, is for the states to regulate, not Congress.”  Unfortunately, the defendants cannot be charged with state crimes at this time. 

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) also known as khatan, is a horrific practice performed on Muslim young girls before reaching puberty. There are four types which are:

  • Type 1 (clitoridectomy) – removing part or all of the clitoris.
  • Type 2 (excision) – removing part or all of the clitoris and the inner labia (lips that surround the vagina), with or without removal of the labia majora (larger outer lips).
  • Type 3 (infibulation) – narrowing of the vaginal opening by creating a seal, formed by cutting and repositioning the labia.
  • Other harmful procedures to the female genitals, including pricking, piercing, cutting, scraping or burning the area

The majority of these done within the United States are by Muslim doctors in clinics where no specific training is received. FGM is a painful, barbaric, and antiquated sex crime against women, which is illegal in only 27 states.

Pain killers and antiseptics aren’t generally used, and FGM is often carried out using knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass or razor blades and most often happens against a girl’s will without her consent, and may be forcibly restrained. Yes in America.

But it really isn’t a surprise, since Islamic law is forcing its way into our states. As this case was ruled to be “unconstitutional”, because of a technicality, (Congress added it to the Interstate Commerce law) one must wonder was it also dismissed because it is viewed as a religious practice by Muslims? We will never know that of course, but it is in fact Islamic law that all men and women be “circumcised”. 

In the classic book of Islamic law, “The Reliance of the Traveller, in section E4.3 it reads”

A question begging to be asked is where are the Muslim feminists like Linda Sarsour or Drost Kokoye? Why are they not protesting on behalf of their own young girls whose lives are being transformed everyday by this procedure? 

Well, get used to this America. Islamic law..Sharia, is no longer creeping into our society, it’s gushing in. And with the November 6th election of 54 Muslims to various State, local and Federal positions, it’s going to get  worse. 

Muslims now in office:

American law enforcement  officers are being killed everyday, yet the only topic being discussed nationally is prison reform, and studies on how police act, or react, within the communities they serve.  A prime example of this is in Nashville Tennessee where police have been under the microscope after a  2016 report titled “Driving While Black” was released by a group called Gideons Army. 

That report, and the recent shootings of 2 black men, by white police officers led the black community to demand a community oversight board be formed.  In addition to that, Nashville Mayor David Briley, decided to go forward with a planned study by the Policing Project, from the New York University School of Law, whose findings were just released. 

Here at Dailyrollcall we have  written extensively on the formation of a community oversight board, specifically in Nashville Tennessee, which voters overwhelmingly decided was needed.  Add that to the report published from the Policing Project and you should see  a clear picture..the left wants to eventually dismantle all forms of law enforcement, to be replaced by social justice programs. It isn’t the criminals fault, it’s the police. 

Starting with the Gideons Army report, which was endorsed by anti police groups such as Black Lives Matter, (BLM) and  Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), the reports sole purpose was to show how many black people have been stopped by police in black neighborhoods, for what they say is discrimination, despite many of those interviewed for the report, stating they had, in fact, committed the offense for which they were pulled over for. 

While “Driving While Black” is filled with 213 pages of redundant charts and statistics, the meat of the report starts at page 90, with the actual people who were stopped, and their versions of why they were stopped.

Ronald Hayes of East Nashville recounts his story to the interviewer by stating this:

Jackie Sims admits to being arrested because she didn’t feel like going to court in NC, where eventually her license to drive was suspended.

So far, neither interviewees were negative about their experience with the police.

Nella Frierson, did in fact have a negative experience with police on two occasions, as she was cited for not stopping at a stop sign, but claims she beat that ticket. She further goes on:

There are several more interviews, from many damming the police , to many stating the police weren’t all that bad. Yes, there are bad police officers, but the report seems to focus on how these members of the community were treated when being pulled over by police. Read the entire report here:

The Policing project report was based on the data collected by the Gideons Army , and finds that racial disparity does not equate with racial discrimination. Whats interesting though, is the assembly of experts, all from liberal universities, called in to study the actions of police…but not the actions of those being stopped, or the criminals which are never the subject of findings. 

The policing project released the following recommendations to the Metro Nashville Police Dept/

These findings speak volumes as to the reality of those writing them. Diminishing the role of law enforcement, and enforcing a narrative that police are the  problem is dangerous and typical of  those who don’t deal with the workings of inner city crime. 

On a final note, it is important to see that it was recommended the community, and police work together as a matter of public safety. Perhaps the Nashville community should take that advice since the newly formed community oversight board specifically refuses to allow law enforcement be a part of it. 

This isn’t about discrimination, or disparity, it’s all about social justice and the dismantling of law enforcement as we know it. 

Imagine an entity whose sole goal is to destroy the President of the United States by creating and spreading utterly false information about him, and members of his administration.

Meet Media Matters for America, a George Soros funded organization that has the agenda, and the power to shut down the truth. Media Matters has masterfully turned the tables that conservative and independent news outlets are the fake news, rather than those branded by this administration, such as CNN and MSNBC. 

In 2013, Media Matters(MM) was successful in removing Glen Beck from cable tv, despite the enormous ratings he orginally had. Also in 2013 MM forced CBS to retract a credible story aired on 60 Minutes regarding Benghazi. In that episode, an eyewitness recounted how Obama’s inaction led to the death of several Americans, leading to several more questions about his role. 

Media Matters touts the pressure they applied to CBS was so great, they retracted the story, and issued an apology. The reporter and the producer of that segment were forced to take a leave of absence, and a book that was published based on those facts, was removed from the shelves. 

Today, in a Media Matters for America report labeled “private and confidential”, the plan to destroy the Trump administration is clearly laid out. .  In“DemocracyMatters: Strategic Plan for Action”, they will be the ones creating fake news and promoting it as a means to fight back against President Trump.

Media Matter was founded by David Brock, a wealthy, extreme leftist, who in 2010 founded the SuperPac “American Bridge 21st Century” with the goal to fund liberal democrats and contained a national network of “professional trackers” who track the moves and statements of every contender for the Republican nomination.

Working with Media Matters are the American Bridge PAC, CREW, and Shareblue, whose responsibilities are as follows:

By falsely promoting to the American public, misinformation, and flat out lies about President Trump and his administration, Media Matters believes by 2020 they will control all news outlets, and that Republicans will be so busy spending fortunes to defend him, they will regain the power they so desperately want.

As we are witnessing today, November 12, 2018, Democrats, who regained the House are already busy causing chaos and spreading misinformation. In two states, where Republican victories were apparent, Democrats have their news outlets reporting Democrats are in fact the winners.

The mere fact, the left will do anything….ANYTHING, to control our country should be of great concern to all. Read their words, then study the news. If you aren’t concerned…you should be.


This is the statement released by an organization who in public, professes to be bridge builders, and interfaith leaders, yet their board member choices speak volumes.

The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) is not at all whom they say they are, in fact Antisemitism runs through the veins of some of their board, including their recently departed director, Paul Iesa Galloway.

Galloway, who now resides in Colorado, was the founder and executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Houston’s branch. CAIR is widely known to be an arm of Hamas, who has been at war with Israel for decades. CAIR formerly known as the Islamic Association of Palestine, (IAP) was Hamas’ primary voice in the United States. Galloway molded AMAC into the social justice, Muslim Brotherhood supporting group they privately are today.

Current board member Drost Kokoye, a refugee from Kurdistan, is the extreme,  anti-Jewish, outspoken member of the board. Along with her membership to the Muslim Student Association,(MSA) she supports the radical, boldy anti-Semitic Students for justice in Palestine at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) where she attends school.

Drost Kokoye right with gold hijab

Ms.Kokoye also protested Israel and held a sign calling for all aid to Israel to be frozen.

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are some of Drost Kokoyes social media posts on Israel and Jews.

Other members and their Muslim Brotherhood associations

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States.  

In Sept 2018, The American Muslim Advisory Council’s (AMAC)  Chair of the board, Zulfat Suara, proudly accepted an award from ISNA. 

In 2008, ISNA’s website contained a library of books they promoted as recommended reading, but also Hadiths (traditions and words of the prophet Muhammad) and rulings by Islamic scholars.

The library portion of ISNA’s website was deleted and scrubbed after these Hadiths were exposed.

Board member Saleh Sbenaty, a refugee from Damascus Syria, is a professor at the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), where he is also the facilitator and mentor to the Muslim Student Association (MSA). The MSA is the Muslim Brotherhoods second largest front group, whose purpose is for its members to use Dawa (  the proselytizing of Islam) to spread the word of Islam on college campuses.  The MSA has aligned with the Students for Justice in Palestine, an anti-Semitic group, to  promote the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement. 

Saleh Sbenaty 2nd from right, standing next to Nihad Awad,(middle) national director of CAIR, and a self proclaimed supporter of Hamas.  Awad has visited the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro on several occasions.

Program manager, Sabina Mohyuddin doesn’t have a large presence on social media. but when she does post, it is anti Israel.

The American Muslim Advisory Council in Tennessee has the audacity to release a statement condemning violence, when several of its board members are in fact, just as anti-Semitic as the ideology held by the shooter. Just as tasteless,  and offensive is the added narrative that they too are victims, politicizing this incident to inform readers other groups are marginalized. 

The Truth of the matter is Jews in the United States are the number one victim of violence, harassment and discrimination, not Muslims, blacks, or LGBTQ persons.

According to the ADL 

In 2017, there were 1,015 instances of harassment, an increase of 41% over the 721 incidents reported in 2016. One hundred sixty-three of the harassment cases were part of the spree of bomb threats made against Jewish institutions in the first quarter of 2017. If those bomb threats were not included in the total number of harassment cases, the total would be 852, an increase of 18% over the 2016 figure.

The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) is allowed to train our law enforcement, participate in the farce known as interfaith events, and claims to build bridges. It is time they are recognized as nothing more than a social justice organization who uses  religion as a guise to garner support and sympathy for their own cause.


These are dangerous times. The truth we used to get from news sources no longer exists, because you see, they are angry. Angry that the power they once owned is no longer theirs. They will do anything to gain it back, and we, the American people are the targets as they try.

Main stream media has become unreliable, often relaying false or misleading information, which confuses those who don’t have time or sources to research on their own, and It isn’t going to end if Media Matters has its way.

In a recently published document, Media Matters has declared war on truth , our current President, and anyone who supports him.  On their website, Media Matters describes themselves: “Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

However in the document marked private and confidential, and titled “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action”, they will be the ones creating fake news and promoting it as a means to fight back against President Trump.

Page 3 basically sets the tone for this document



Media Matter was founded by David Brock, a wealthy, extreme leftist, who in 2010 founded the SuperPac “American Bridge 21st Century” with the goal to fund liberal democrats and  contained  a national network of “professional trackers” who track the moves and statements of every contender for the Republican nomination.   

Working with Media Matters are the American Bridge PAC, CREW, and Shareblue, whose responsibilities are as follows:

American Bridge









                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In the last several days, news of a migrant caravan with over 7000 people from Guatemala, and Honduras has dominated  the news cycle,  causing angst and frustration with Americans who want a wall and immigration reform.  Many Americans believe, and rightfully so, this was set up by the left, and funded by George Soros, a multi-billionaire who funds anything anti-American. Liberals wanted a reaction from President Trump of how he would handle this latest crisis of illegals, and were confident this would harm Republicans in the heated upcoming mid-terms. 

As liberals like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters escalated their call for violence, early voting polls showed Republicans were in fact still supporting Republicans, and in many areas, in a big way. Losing power has already sent the left into a tail spin, and losing more seats in the Senate would be a game changer for them.  

The left is desperate for sure. So what could change voters minds to go blue ? An incident that would garner sympathy and someone sending explosive packages to those who have repeatedly called for violence. The cherry on top, would be if the evil person sending those packages were, you guessed it a Republican, or an avid Trump supporter. As if  on cue, that appears to be what is occurring at the time of this being written. Cesar Sayoc, a 56 year old man from Florida was just arrested for committing acts of terrorism, by sending inert devices to over 10, outspoken, radical Democrats.

Sayocs van was also found and was towed to the FBI. What has the left all a buzz, is the vans windows were completely covered in GOP, and pro Trump stickers. So how does this all fit in with Media Matters? We know the left will do anything to regain power. In their recently discovered document called “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action”  they don’t hide what they intend to do. In fact, they state they will do whatever it takes to win. 




This document speaks volumes of the length those supporting Democrats, that were left powerless, will go to regain what they feel is rightfully theirs. Is this incident involving Cesar Sayoc  a set up by the left to hopefully turn voters against Republicans?  Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and John Brennan have all used their platform to disparage President Trump and his supporters.  How low will they go? 

You be the judge. 


More from Media Matters:



 The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), first appeared in 2011 as an organization to “build bridges” between law enforcement and the Muslim community. With governor Bill Haslam of TN legitimizing them, they were allowed (and still are) to train law enforcement (actually, indoctrinate) about Islam. This was the foot in the door they needed to gain access to those who are heads of TN law enforcement agencies, but also created a connection for them to network with elected officials. As they evolved, they became involved with the interfaith movement,  immigration and refugee rights, and now, police accountability.

In Nashville Tennessee, the Metro Police department is being scrutinized by “social justice” blocs who are demanding accountability in the form of a community oversight board. Police across the country are also facing the same uptick of these civilians demanding they have a say on policy and procedures.


Daoud Abudiab

The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) is not a friend to law enforcement, but rather a collective group of Muslims, working with others to “reform” them. One only has to look at their board members to see who they are aligned with. Starting with the founder of AMAC Daoud Abudiab. Mr. Abudiab is a Palestinian,  who is  also the board chair for the TN Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition,(TIRRC) one of the loudest voices pushing for the abolition of ICE (Immigrant and Customs Enforcement). Abudiab, back in 2015 joined with the Highlander Center, TIRRC, and Black Lives Matter (BLM) to “strategize,dream and build our movement for 2016”. As everyone knows, Black Lives Matter has chanted in protest “what do we want ..dead cops, when do we want them now!”  

          Daoud Abudiab with Black Lives Matter & Highlander Center

A dangerous trend unfolding is the antisemitism embraced and endorsed by members of groups rising calling for police accountability. While the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) publicly espouses focusing on “building bridges through working with people of goodwill to counter hate, bigotry and targeted violence”, their members loudly espouse the opposite.

Daoud Abudiab, a Palestinian had this to say about Jewish students wanting to connect with Israel

 Daoud Abudiab is just part of the connective tissue that joins his organizations with those on the coalition for the Nashville Community Oversight Board. Now meet Drost Kokoye,  a young Kurdish Muslim, who despises America, yet is an active board member of AMAC. Not only does she hate the country that welcomed her with open arms as a refugee fleeing Saddam Hussein, she also adopts and spews the ideology of groups looking to dismantle and destroy law enforcement, including Students for Justice in Palestine. (SJP)


                        Drost Kokoye


                                                                  Drost with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)




Drost Kokoye is one of the more radical, outspoken members of AMAC, and while AMAC may not be listed publicly as a coalition member of Nashville’s Community oversight board, they are quietly behind the scenes.

 Note: The American Muslim Advisory Council has received thousands of dollars from…George Soros. 



  To come full circle, you must understand the underlying goal for all the groups, individuals and organizations written about. To many, it is overwhelming and difficult to even fathom the depth and scope of the infiltration, and desire to dismantle and destroy America. Every group purposely creates offshoots to cause confusion. Many use religion as a guise, while others use immigration , discrimination in “marginalized communities, or police brutality. The bottom line is the fundamental change of the demographics and culture of America. They are not grassroots, or meant to build bridges, promote tolerance or understanding. They exist for one purpose,  to create the downfall of America as we know it. 















Now that you have been introduced to the Palestinian and leftist Jewish groups who have merged with  state and local social justice warriors, it should be clear the agenda really isn’t just to hold law enforcement accountable, nor is it an attempt to reform the criminal justice system. It’s all about  dismantling police,”intersectionality”, illegal immigration, antisemitism, and a general hatred for America. In this article we will focus on Nashville Tennessee, however, the same events are taking place in cities across America. The objective is for you to be able to identify these groups in your area, expose them, and shut them down.

So why should the people of Nashville and Davidson County Tennessee care about these groups?  Because your safety and security is at risk by the creation of a Community Oversight Board, whose coalition consists of members of groups looking to destroy and dismantle not only police, but the criminal justice system. 

One group in particular is Palestine is Here. In 2017 they were formed to track and monitor local police departments and their relationships with training with Israeli police and military. Metro Nashville Police is one such dept. According to the Palestine is Here website:

The sole purpose of these groups is to parallel the injustices occurring to Palestinians who are at war with Israel thousands of miles away,  with “people of color” in the United States, by insinuating if American law enforcement continues to “train” with Israeli police more of their community members will die. 

According to the report a “Deadly Exchange” created by the Researching the American Israelis Alliance (RAIA) states:


Riling  communities that are already disenfranchised, and disgruntled with the criminal justice system, suggesting any police departments that have trained with Israeli law enforcement are prone to killing more members of their community  is a dangerous falsehood and should not be tolerated or accepted.  


The Community Oversight Board in Nashville has many coalition members that are in line with this radical ideology, including Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) whose chapters are listed as endorsers of the Deadly Exchange, the report which outlines the relationships between police and Israel. SURJ is one of the current members of the Nashville Community Oversight Board. (Click here to see Coalition members)

The Nashville Community Oversight Board is rife with organizations that are radical, and anti-police, who in no way will be able to fair and unbiased. Residents of Nashville and Davidson County must not be swayed by the mere sound of a oversight board,  but must understand its true strategy.  The falsehoods presented by organizations behind the scenes is one that is dangerous and misleading. While many believe the formation of an oversight board is necessary, starting from scratch to incorporate civilians who can truly help their communities is a must.



Next: Meet the local groups behind the scenes

  A Good Muslim believes Allah is the creator of all things and Muhammad is the prophet, who was the perfect man. A good Muslim follows in the footsteps of his life, obeying only the laws created by Allah. Linda Sarsour is a good Muslim. Linda Sarsour is also the face of the “women’s movement” here in the U.S.,commanding a presence with her colorful hijabs, and a loud, focused voice.

Sarsour leading the masses with her red hijab

For masses of ewes, (yes sheep)  she is their idol, she can do no wrong, and with her fierceness, she must be right in all that she says. What the ewes are missing, is she is a farce, a fake, a fraud. You see, in Islam everything she publicly supports is haram, or not permissible in Islam. A good Muslim does that though, it’s called Taqiyya, or the art of deception. Gain all the sympathy and support of non Muslims you can, and they will embrace you, and turn against anyone speaking out against the ideology..Islam.

SO what is deceitful about her fight for women rights?  According to the classic book of Islamic Law called the Reliance of the Traveller. the Koran, and the Hadiths, everything she says is. One of the most atrocious, and  barbaric practices in Islam is Female Genital Mutilation(FGM), yet, Sarsour, who could be a proponent against it, instead dams those that speak out against it. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim from Somali, is proof of that. Ms. Ali, who suffered FGM as a young girl, is a staunch activist against it, calling for the reformation of Islam, which has all good Muslims wanting her dead. This tweet from 2011, is a taste of the hate from Linda Sarsour.


And this is the leader of the “women’s” movement!  However Linda Sarsour is a good Muslim who follows the life of the prophet Muhammad, and believes in Allah’s laws. Linda Sarsour can’t speak out against FGM, because Islamic law calls for it

                                                        Section E4.3 Classic Law Book-Reliance of the Traveller


Her own religion calls for the mutilation of women, and she has the audacity to claim she is for women’s rights! Another lie perpetrated by her leading the women’s movement is the equality of women. Again, her own religion denies women basic human rights and courtesies, even urging husbands to hit their wives.

From the classic book of Islamic Sharia Law- the Reliance of the Traveller:

Linda Sarsour likes women to believe she is a feminist, tough and with no fear. However, once again the religion she chooses to obey and practice says otherwise. Do all the mothers who are divorced or seeking custody of their own children know the woman they are adoring believes women have no right to the custody of their children? Her law says so!

One of the biggest lies is Sarsours fighting for gays. According to classic sharia law, lesbians are charged with adultery. 

Women accused of adultery under Islam are stoned to death.

 Soraya Manutchehri Stoned to death for adultery

Linda Sarsour is the leader of the women’s movement and the women’s marches here in the United States. Her own religion dictates the denigration of women on every single level, yet masses of young and old women believe in her, and follow her every word. Perhaps it is her Palestinian ethnicity, her defense of immigrants or her mysterious islamic faith so many blindly embrace her.  Maybe its the resistance and hate for our President. Whatever it is, she has managed to pull the wool over their eyes. 

 This is the same woman that calls for Jihad against out President. She isn’t a hero, she isn’t a fighter for women’s rights, she is a “good” Muslim. 

Previously we defined many social justice organizations within the United States as arms of Palestinian groups looking to end alliances between US law enforcement and Israel police and military.

Social justice groups working within the U.S are being funded by billionaires, who seek to destroy America, and Israel. How would it all begin? Break down law and order and cause chaos. As mentioned in Part one, the umbrella organization is the “Researching the American Israeli Alliance” (RAIA), with “Palestine is Here” and “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP). JVP is the fringe anti-Israel group that supports the boycott of Israel, and also the brain child behind “The Deadly Exchange”.

According to the JVP “Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sponsor “exchange programs that bring together police, ICE, border patrol, and FBI from the U.S. with soldiers, police, border agents, etc., from Israel.” Through these exchanges, JVP says, “worst practices” are shared “to promote and extend discriminatory and repressive policing in both countries.”

JVP further “alleged that exchanges of arms, security technologies and ideologies exacerbate violence and discrimination against communities of color in both countries.” This campaign seeks to hold Jewish institutions accountable for their complicity in funding and promoting this state violence. This anti-Semitic campaign’s purpose is to accuse Jews of having blood on their hands, being responsible for state violence. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a target due to their sponsoring US law enforcement training with Israel.

So what is the Deadly Exchange? Launched in 2017, its goal is the shutting down of training and exchange of ideas, and tactics which they describe as militarizing police to kill and suppress blacks and browns. By accusing the main sponsor (ADL) of aiding in the killing of Palestinians and minority community members here in the U.S, they hope pulled monetary support, along with political correctness will shut them down.

Not only do they want training shut down, they want to eventually abolish police. Read the entire Deadly Exchange report here.




The Deadly Exchange

Think this can’t happen? In April of 2018, Durham North Carolina’s City Council “The council opposes international exchanges with any country in which Durham officers receive military-style training since such exchanges do not support the kind of policing we want here in the City of Durham.”

Overlooking the real purpose of this training which is the prevention and mitigation of domestic terrorism.  

Next up: The coalitions that are part of this effort, and how they are affecting local police departments.