‘’It is way past time we stop hiding behind the rhetoric of faith and patriotism, and start living up to highest ideals of our religion and our country, because what we do today will shape our childrens future.‘’AMAC’s Executive Director, Mr. Paul Galloway


Welcome to the next phase of the Islamist intrusion where the art of deception is no longer required, as they now are empowered and influential enough to reveal their true colors. Nashville Muslim activist, Paul “Iesa” Galloway, a former founder and director of Houston’s Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR), an arm of Hamas, makes it very clear they no longer need to hide their agenda.

Galloway, a transplant from Houston TX has been involved with Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organizations for several years, and now leads the American Muslim Advisory Council, (AMAC) AKA the American Muslim Advocacy Center,(AMAC) the latest name of their interchangeable front group. What Galloway has stated should send chills up the spine of Americans.

“Living up to the highest ideals” of his religion (Islam) is to emulate the prophet Mohammad, which would make a Muslim a good Muslim, but keep in mind Mohammad was a violent political figure, who enslaved women, and beheaded Christians and Jews if they refused to revert to Islam. This is the “highest ideals” Galloway believes is now time to follow?  Muslims also are seen in a favorable  light by Allah  if they carry out jihad. Jihad is not necessarily war, but may be legal, economic, or political. Galloway’s former employer, CAIR, is a perfect example of  utilizing legal jihad. CAIR files lawsuit after lawsuit, purposely bogging down courts with frivolous actions. While Tennessee does not have a CAIR chapter per se, Galloway uses the American Muslim Advisory Council(AMAC) to carry out the ideology of CAIR’s mission. 

Galloway no longer sees the need to be patriotic, which may be why he has posted the Gadsen flag with Arabic on his face book page, stating “I like to cause folks to do a double take with this image” obviously wishing for people to be shocked. 


Galloway’s not the only Muslim Activist to be coming out of the deception closet, his close friend and former co-worker has also done the same. Mohammed Elibiary, of Dallas TX recently tweeted on the Muslim suicide bomber that killed several Coptic Christians in Egypt, the home of his beloved Muslim Brotherhood. 

elibiary on coptics deserve death

The term Subhanallah means both “Allah is perfect,” “Glory to Allah.” It is often used when praising Allah or exclaiming in awe at His attributes, bounties, or creation. It can also be used as a phrase of exclamation. Praising the death of Coptic Christians is abhorrent, but also not surprising since Muslims believe all non believers should convert or die. 

Galloway and Elibiary were colleagues at the defunct organization Freedom and Justice, founded in Dallas TX by Elibiary. He also was a board member of CAIR in Dallas at the same time Galloway was the director of CAIR Houston. Elibiary is also known to law enforcement in Texas, as he abused his position with the Texas Dept of Public Safety when he gathered classified intelligence reports and brought them to the media attempting to portray Public Safety officials as Islamophobes. Texas media declined to take his bait, finding his agenda was solely to promote Muslims as victims, which there was no evidence of. 



This is deception at its best, however Galloway’s smitten groupies and followers need to understand who he really is. In pure Islamic fashion, Galloway has become the go to person for everything Islam, so he could spin his CAIR mentality in a “patriotic” religious way. If his friends wish to remain blind and continue to defend his deceptive ways, shame on them,  and remember those who lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

We will continue to expose Galloway and his faux organizations for what he really is.. 



The infiltration and indoctrination of American school children is once again in the spotlight as the San Diego Unified School District partners with an organization whose mother is Hamas, and holds the status of un-indicted co-conspirator in the United States’ largest terror funding trial in history. The Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR) is now dictating policy and curriculum standards for an entire school district. CAIR, lead by  self proclaimed Hamas supporter Nihad Awad is also designated a terrorist organization with an American ally, the United Arab Emirates. (UAE). 

CAIR claims to be the largest civil rights group for Muslims in America, but most importantly Hamas’ most significant front group in North America is CAIR. That alone should be grounds for San Diego school officials to pull away. 

Read more about what Hamas and CAIR really are here..

In preparation for the following school years, the San Diego board of education has outlined their plan, regardless of parents rejecting many of its points of action. Prior to this, in November 2015, the board of education recognized CAIR for its community efforts. 


 Yes, a school district is honoring a terrorist organization.

The immediate steps of action were laid out as below:




Since many parents believe their children should be exposed to different religions, diversity and cultures, many see no problem with a group that stands for civil rights inserting itself on behalf of Muslim children. The first issue is, Islam is not just a religion, but a political way of life..a theocracy,with religion just being a small part. Under the auspices of a religion, groups such as CAIR have made enormous strides with protections under our first amendment, despite its political, and dictatorial ways. Putting that all aside, CAIR is Hamas, and Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Issue number two should be the historical content of Islam that is portrayed completely inaccurately, with the portrayal of the prophet Muhammad as a peaceful, tolerant man when in fact he progressed as anything but. Do parents know Muhammad married a six year old girl named Aisha, and consummated the marriage upon her turning nine? A good Muslim must emulate the life of their beloved prophet, and they do not contest the age of Muhammad’s most favorite wife, thereby accepting what we call in America..pedophilia. All this accepted and promoted by CAIR/Hamas to your children.

This from a Muslim website containing the Hadiths. ( the practices and saying of the prophet Muhammad)


Another issue with the partnership between an American school district and a terrorist organization is the deception created by the Muslim community to make parents believe their children are participating in bullying and Islamophobia if they refrain from being friends or are intolerant of Muslim students. What’s absurd is an entire school district caving in to the whims of the Muslim community, with no thought or regard to how it will affect the majority of the districts non Muslim students. 



The formation of Muslim student clubs, is one of great concern, as the goal of CAIR/Hamas, and their sister organization, the Muslim Brotherhood have established from their inception, children are of utmost importance to cultivate, planting seeds in their minds that Islam is the only true way of life and  that schools should be  fertile grounds. 

The bottom line is CAIR/Hamas is a terrorist organization run by individuals with the ideology Islam is superior and Sharia law must be the law of the land. What the San Diego Unified School District has done, is guaranteed Islamic law be followed in public schools no matter how low the population of Muslim students attending is. This is only the foot in the door. If parents in San Diego are comfortable with men who believe pedophilia is ok, making the rules for your children, you are throwing your children to the wolves. 

Message to parents with children in public schools across America: This is what is occurring in the San Diego Unified school district, and will, without doubt follow in other schools across the country. While the teaching of the basic tenets of Islam may be acceptable, only you can stop the indoctrination of your children. Accepting textbooks that glorify the prophet Muhammad rather than the truth and allowing intrusive accommodations, that no other religions have been granted is dangerous, and against American values and culture. 

CAIR and their warped ideology is headed to your school district. If you value your children, take a stand.

 Just. Say. No.



.As you read in part one of the Interfaith Scam, Dawa is simply the instrument Islamists use to convince others they are just like us, and their god is the same as ours. Well, no it’s not, but that is the sole purpose of dawa. The book the Methodology of Dawa  written by the former dawa chief at the Islamic Circle of North America, (ICNA) Shamim Siddiqi does not hide its goal. On page 81 he clearly states the reason they (Muslims) are in America is to make their religion (Deen) dominant.



The following excerpts are again from the last few chapters in the “Methodology of Dawa.” Judge for yourself.

(pg. 117) Prophets’ day like Abraham’s Day, Moses’s Day, Jesus’s Day and Muhammad’s Day (Peace be upon all of them) will be organized and celebrated by the Islamic Movement on national scale with seminars and symposium all over the country. In these gatherings the religious leaders/scholars of Jewish and Christian communities will be invited to express their views freely. The speeches will be followed by an open discussion in a scholarly manner. This will provide a good opportunity to attract the Judeo-Christian community in great numbers and put the correct status of these Prophets before them in a historical perspective. It will be presented in a very academic atmosphere, with no aggressiveness at all under any circumstances. This discussion will crystallize the position of each prophet as the Prophet of Islam and the people will have a unique opportunity to understand Islam in its true historical background. This will pave the way to present Islam to these communities as a continuity of the message from the Creator, each Prophet proclaiming, “be obedient to God alone and shun the evil forces

(Batil/Taghut)” (H.Q. I6:36).

“Islam will thus be presented to them, not as something new but as the historical development of Judeo-Christian Islam which is neither traceable in the Torah nor in the Bible. The Qur’an will thus emerge as the only book of Guidance that bears the correct and up-to-date teachings of Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the only model to humanity to follow. This will also provide the valuable opportunity to portray the life and teachings of all the previous prophets, whose life and teachings had been distorted in the Old and New Testaments, correctly. The version of the Qur’an about these prophets is the only authentic account of their lives now available to mankind.”

“Islam will thus be presented to them, not as something new but as the historical development of Judeo-Christian Islam which is neither traceable in the Torah nor in the Bible.”

(pg.119) Through Contacts With Churches, Synagogues, Colleges And Universities: These are very important public platforms that must be used for the spread of Dawa when available, either on the invitation or by offering the services of the Da’ee to these institutions for presenting the viewpoint of Islam on various issues of the time The religious dignitaries and the learned teachers of Universities and colleges will also be invited to speak in the arranged open Dawa programs of the Movement on various issues and topics of common interest. The speeches will be followed by open discussions and Question/Answer sessions. This will give an opportunity to the Da’ee to thrash out the issue and bring the discussion to the desired conclusion

“arranged open Dawa programs and bring the discussion to the desired conclusion”

(pg. 120) “Here in the educational institution, the teacher should be the top target. They are free, they have the time and they exert a lot of influence upon the students. If they are convinced about Islam as a way of life, they can motivate their students to that effect in great numbers. Teachers will therefore, be the special Dawa targets of the Islamic Movement”

“they exert a lot of influence upon the students”.

(pg128) “Service to humanity (to the common folk of the society) is perhaps one of the most effective means of communicating and delivering the message of Islam to the people.”

(pg.129) “Service to Elderly People There are about 60 million people who are above the age of 65 and retired from active service. Many of them are normally sick or incapacitated and confined to homes or elderly people care centers. They are a useful electorate”

“Reconciliation Service to Battered Families” This counseling service to battered husbands and battered wives will ultimately bring them nearer to Islam. They will all feel obliged to the teachings of Islam that changed their lives and made their matrimonial life happier and rejuvenated.”

Interfaith forums are nothing more than a ruse to disingenuously claim Muslims are tolerant and caring when it comes to other religions, and nothing less than a despicable  fraud. 

Dawa is equal to another dirty deed of society, called drug dealing.  Supply those in need with what makes them feel good, and they become hooked.





 The Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist organization in many Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), along with many of its sister groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR),  Al-Nusra, Al- Qaida, Hamas, and  ISIS. In the United States, under the new Trump administration there is an increasing effort by Congress to  designate the Muslim Brotherhood and others as well. 

So why would some elected officials in Williamson County Tennessee support and embrace (perhaps unknowingly?) those with the same ideology? What is their ideology? On the Muslim Brotherhood’s official American website, ikhwanweb.comin a tribute to the anniversary death of its founder, Hassan Al Banna, they recall a quote he had used whenever describing the group. “We know what we want, and we know the way to achieve it. We want the Muslim individual, the Muslim household, the Muslim people, the Muslim government, and the Muslim state, which leads Islamic countries, unifies all Muslims, regains their glory, gives them back their lost territories and usurped homelands, and flies the flag of jihad and the call to God until the whole world is truly happy, through the teachings of Islam”.

With a motto of  “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”  there should be no question of their goal. As part of a document presented as evidence in a federal trial held in Dallas TX in the Holy Land Foundation case ( this countries largest terrorist funding trial to date) another goal was discovered:


                                                                            Read entire document here

So just who are they embracing in Williamson County TN? Daoud Abudiab, a Palestinian man (who by the way in 2008, sued the U.S. government to compel approval of his application for naturalization in the U.S. (case No. 1:08-0018). (He publicly lamented several years later that “he was one of the ones that left.”) who founded the Faith and Culture Center, a non profit corporation located in Nashville TN, whose mission states their purpose as “promoting a history of coexistence between people of faith and diverse cultures of the world.  Those schooled in the understanding of dawa, understand what interfaith is all about. 

This becomes an issue when it has been revealed on many occasions, Mr. Abudiab was in attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood conference  in February of 2015. The USCMO (U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations) is the self-styled first national Muslim (Brotherhood) political party.Founding members of the Council (many with ties to HAMAS), include unindicted Holy Land Foundation co-conspirator named Muslim Brotherhood organizations,  and AMP (American Muslims for Palestine), one of the most vocal Muslim Jew-hating organizations in the U.S.  Pictured below are Mr. Abudiab, and directly in front of him is CAIR CA. Director Hussam Ayloush.  

daoud circled

On November 9, 2016, a day after the election, Mr. Ayloush tweeted this:


That second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for “The people wants to bring down the regime.” This is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, “destroying the Western civilization from within”.  

Back to Mr. Abudiab. Here are a few more of his affiliations:

 Mr. Abudiab partnered in dawa (proselytizing Islam) with Awad Binhazim (former director of CAIR Austin, TX), the Vanderbilt Muslim Student Association chaplain who confirmed Islams capital punishment for homosexuality (watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAW743OXC8o&t=27s)

 He is a member of the Family of Abraham (FoA), the red-green alliance connected to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

President and founder, of the Faith & Culture Center (FCC), the sole focus of which is to market the myth of Islamophobia through a program called “Our Muslim Neighbor,” a project of Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA), an organization which is  tied to Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article on the hypocrisy and deceit Mr. Abudiab performs everyday as he leads an interfaith organization, claiming to love Christians and Jews, while giving his son a Palestinian black and white kufiya, considered by Palestinians to be a symbol of resistance against the Jews. (Mr. Abudiab is Palestinian) 

On Mr. Abudiabs public Face Book page, comments poured in, in defense of Mr. Abudiab, despite all the factual information provided. Keep in mind, the pictures, documents and quotes are not mine, but rather directly from Muslim Brotherhood organizations. 

What is most disturbing are some comments made to Mr. Abudiab from elected officials in Williamson County TN. They include  Mayor Ken Moore of Franklin TN:

ken moore

Williamson County School Board member Nancy Garrett:

nancy garrett

Williamson County School Board member Anne McGraw

anne bracken mcgraw


Without any consideration to facts, 3 elected officials jumped to defend and apologize to Mr. Abudiab for being offended by facts.  Is this what the people of Williamson County want? Each one took an Oath to support the Constitution of the United States which clearly, the Muslim Brotherhood has a different agenda.  Has  Mr. Abudiab been an influence on decisions made by school board members McGraw and Garrett?  Will they continue to have a relationship with Mr. Abudiab if the United States does in fact designate the Muslim Brotherhood and its arms a terror organization? 

It is obvious Mr. Abudiab has endeared himself to those he considers able to effect change, or at least promote the myth of Islamophobia. 

David Plazas, Opinion Engagement Editor for the Tennessean:

david plazas

Hardly the view of an unbiased, fair journalist. 

Even Franklin chocolate business owner Julie Hinton

julie h

This sums it all up


In closing, whether one chooses to believe, or likes the facts regarding Mr. Abudiab’s ties with a known terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood,  a pictures speak a thousand words. 


                                                     Leaders of top Islamic organizations Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood 

On Monday, April 17, an article was written and posted by myself, Cathy Hinners, regarding the hypocrisy and deceit of Daoud Abudiab, founder of the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville TN. In that article,  was a picture, found on open social media by a “friend” of Mr. Abudiabs,  of his college age son, wearing a black and white kufiya. The article was not about his son, but rather how ironic it is Mr. Abudiab runs an organization where he embraces Christians and Jews, yet his religion calls for the killing of them. The kufiya, according to Mvslim.com, symbolizes resistance and the fight against the occupation.  


Apparently Mr. Abudiab did not want anyone to view this article from Mvslim.com as he blacked it out on his screenshot. What is important to keep in mind, is Mr Abudiab is a  Palestinian himself, (who in 2008, sued the U.S. government to compel approval of his application for naturalization in the U.S. (case No. 1:08-0018). (He publicly lamented several years later that “he was one of the ones that left.”)   he certainly understands the meaning of the black and white kufiya. 

There can be no disputing what the doctrine of Islam commands of its followers in reference to Christians and Jews. 


Undoubtedly Mr. Abudiab and his friends will say these Suras are taken out of context, however, they are not, they are clearly defined in the Koran, and below the Hadiths and Sira. The book,al-Wala’ wa’l-Bara’,by Shaykh Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani, lists 20 “types of alliances” with unbelievers that are forbidden to Muslims. These include “taking the disbelievers as friends,” “trusting the disbelievers,” “drawing near” to them and even living among them*.

Another book called the Methodology  of Dawa ( click to read) by Shamm Siddiqui, describes in detail how the use of interfaith as a tool is of utmost importance to fool Christians and Jews. 

Mr. Abudiab was also found attending a Muslim Brotherhood conference in Feb of 2015. The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) considered to be the Brotherhoods first political party in America, was a whose who of Ikhwan/Hamas leaders and supporters. Mr. Abudiab was there. 

group photo of USCMO with Daouddaoud circled

These are facts, these aren’t my words or pictures.  More details of who was in attendance at this conference with Mr. Abudiab have been written extensively about in the past. Isn’t it a bit unnerving a man who claims to love Christians and Jews attends a conference hosted by organizations that call for the annihilation of Jews (Hamas) and Christians ( Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood)?

My original article, which will be posted again in its entirety, wasnt about Mr. Abudiabs son, it was about his deceit. What is fascinating though, were the responses I received, and those posted on Mr. Abudiabs open face book page. Below are screenshots of some of the comments left by the Islamophiles of Williamson County TN. The only hatred, ignorance and evil are from their mouths not mine. 

Even the Mayor of Franklin TN chimed in, to which I ask, what abuse Mr. Moore?  Facts are abuse?

ken moore

Business owner Julie Hinton of Franklin states:

julie h

Preaching about hatred, while being hateful.


More hatred:


And more:




There are many more comments, most apologizing for an article that contained facts, which most ignore or dismiss because it is easier. I do not apologize for what I write, it is all backed up with their own words , their own pictures and their own doctrine. I sign my name to each article, without reservation or fear, knowing it is the truth. The world is awakening to the danger of Islam, only the sheep will remain asleep.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”  Aldous Huxley







   If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril-Sun Tzu


Just because the word “interfaith” indicates faith, doesn’t necessarily mean yours, but you can be certain it does mean Islam. Interfaith is to our religious institutions like the words diversity and culture are to our Education system, a disguise called Dawa.  Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam, an obligation that must be performed by all good Muslims. What is a good Muslim?  To infidels or kafirs (all non-Muslims) it would be a pious person that ascribes to the doctrine of their religion, and is accepting, tolerant and respectful of fellow human beings. Not quite. A good Muslim will ascribe to their religious beliefs, which is summed up in the first pillar, the Shahada. “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the Prophet”. But looking deeper, they believe Islam is meant to dominate, not be dominated or equal to any other religion.

In a document called the “Methodology of Dawa” written by Shamim A. Siddiqui and published in 1989, the true objective is indisputably clear. There must be an Islamic Movement in the United States, and Dawa is the path to that goal. The below excerpts are from this book, and are some of the more revealing ones. 

From the Introduction of the book (pg. 20) “That is why, it is very important that a full-fledged Islamic Movement is established in the United States of America and elsewhere in Europe and Latin America to serve the greater interest of Islam, the Muslim world and humanity at large. This is a game of strategy. We have to find out and create new friends for Islam and its cause on the side of the enemy, inside and at the rear of the forces fighting against Islam and its emergence as a force anywhere in this world is a future reality of great magnitude.”

Interfaith is a game of strategy.

(pg. 21)” A Muslim has to put all that he has either to change the society into an Islamic society or state or be perished for it. A Muslim has no other choice”.

Society must be changed into an Islamic society

(pg. 58) “Acting upon the foregoing process, the Islamic Movement will produce the team of workers which is essentially required to meet the following needs:

  1. To accelerate the pace of Dawa Ilallah to a greater and greater number of people in order to bring more and more individuals to the fold of Allah(SWT) and increase the number of workers till the movement becomes a force to be reckoned with”

The movement becomes a force to be reckoned with.

(pg.59) “The workers of the Islamic Movement will have to mobilize a relentless war against immoral practices, drugs, pornography, alcoholism, racial discrimination, homosexuality, and other like these. They will have to educate the public opinion, warn the society about their horrible consequences and mobilize people’s opinion through meet-the-people campaigns”

Relentless war against immoral practices, such as homosexuality

(pg.59) “In the initial stage there may not be any opposition to Dawa work. For some time, the Islamic Movement of America may have some smooth sailing. But with the increase in Dawa efforts, in the number of activities and growth of the strength of the organization, the anti-Islamic forces will take notice of the multifarious activities of the Movement.”

The multifarious activities of the Movement

(pg.60) “Through this process, the Movement will penetrate deep into the hearts of the common folk, gain sympathy against oppression and generate a befitting counter-offensive campaign against the false propaganda of Batil. Simultaneously, the movement may also seek legal protection from the court for fundamental human rights to propagate what its adherents believe to be correct and to profess the same through democratic, peaceful and constitutional means”

Penetrate deep into the hearts of common folk, and seek legal protection from the court

(pg. 109) The Christian community of America will need a special approach to make them understand their misguided concept about Jesus (PBUH). Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was also a messenger of God, as others were. He was born without a father as a miracle of God. There is nothing spectacular in it, if we believe in God, in His absolute power and in His total control over the natural phenomenon. He can create anything just by ordering “Be” and “it is done.” He created Jesus without a father. He created Adam without a father or a mother, and Eve without a mother. They do not ascribe the attributes of God to either one of them. How then, can they profess Jesus to be the Son of God. It is illogical and quite absurd. Jesus was a Prophet and a man. He had all the human needs and weaknesses. He ate food for his existence, slept for rest and did all the other things a human being needs for his survival. By their misconstrued conception innovated by St. Paul, Christians have made Jesus (PBUH) into a “Human-God.” This is clear idolatry. Making partners with God is a sin. He will never forgive this sin.

Each of these notions that have been captured in the first several chapters are evidence to the agenda, ideology and their position on the superiority of Islam.  Interfaith = Dawa, not exactly the impression they believe all religions are equal. So to sum it up:

Interfaith is a game of strategy.

Society must be changed into an Islamic society

The movement becomes a force to be reckoned with

Relentless war against immoral practices, such as homosexuality (remember they have embraced the gay community)

The multifarious activities of the Movement

Penetrate deep into the hearts of common folk, and seek legal protection from the court

Misguided concept of Jesus, Professing Jesus to be the son of God is Illogical and absurd

 So far, the facade the Islamic community portrays as being open and respectful of your religion is quite untrue. 

A Muslim woman Dr. has called the actions of a Detroit MI doctor who was arrested on federal charges for performing female genital mutilation on young girls throughout the mid-west, “sickening and horrifying”. The Muslim woman activist is stating it is all customary, and has nothing to do with Islam. Well, Zainab Chaudry either doesn’t know her own “religion”, or is lying.  Chaudry works for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) /Hamas  as their Maryland Outreach Manager. That alone speaks volumes of her ability to tell the truth.


On Chaudry’s public Facebook page, she makes this statement:

zainab chaudry on FGM dr 2017

 Chaudry, like a vast number of Muslims in America want you to believe it is ignorant to assume this happens within her Islamic community. However it is a lie Muslims perpetrate to hide the antiquated, vile practice which is easily debunked, as it is clearly defined in the classic Islamic law book, Reliance of the Traveller, and the Hadiths. (The Reliance of the Traveller is the book of Sharia Law.)

e43 reliance

                                                                        E4.3  Reliance of the Traveller (click to read)


Also, there are several Hadiths which prescribe FGM for Muslim females. The Hadith, in Islam, is second in authority only to the Quran. The Hadith is a record of the prophet Muhammed‘s life, actions, and deeds. A saying in the Hadith is called a sunnah. These sunnah were transmitted by word of mouth down through the centuries having been memorized first by Muhammad’s companions and then later by subsequent Muslims. Therefore, the Hadith is the written record of the oral traditions, passed down from Muslim to Muslim, of what Mohammed was supposed to have said and done. “Good” Muslims are commanded to follow the life of the prophet Muhammad.

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75; Abu Dawud, Adab 167: Abu al- Malih ibn `Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: “Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.”

 Sunan Abu Dawud 41:5251: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.




A fatwa (legal ruling) was issued in 2006 by Dr. Hatem al-Haj of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists,(AMJA) regarding the question of FGM being obligatory. The Islamic position was the following:



Whats truly “sickening and horrifying” is a report just revealed in the Tennessee Star online newspaper that several “gateway” cities have large percentages of females at risk of being subjected to FGM. In the top 20 are Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin TN, ground zero for Islamists and their agenda, and number 2, is in Zainab Chaudry’s own backyard, Greater MD – Washington DC. 


This report which was compiled in 2013, was conducted by the Population Reference Bureau, funded by Bill Gates. To view entire report click here

What’s truly “sickening and horrifying” is Muslim women not condemning this practice their own religion demands, but rather lie to cover it up.  How do they continue to champion for women’s causes when they lie about their own? (It is called Taqiyyah, or the art of deception. Muslim scholars advise it is acceptable to lie in order to deceive non-believers.) Chaudry works for CAIR, which boasts it is the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the United States. Guess the young girls being mutilated for the sake of Allah don’t deserve their protection.

Here in the United States, young Muslim girls are being forced to be circumcised because their religion, Islam, commands it. Also here in the United States, Muslim women find it easier to lie about it then condemn it.

Islam, what a deal.


The acceleration and frequency of which interfaith gatherings are occurring throughout Tennessee ( actually, the entire country) should be of great concern, especially for those Christians attending them.  What appears to be dialogues between members of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith, is really Dawa, the proselytizing of Islam, or in the case of interfaith, an invitation to accept Islam.  It also is the means by which Islamists begin to chip away the foundation of Christian and Judaeo beliefs, for eventually Islamists believe, Christians and Jews will see, (whether they like it or not), Islam is superior and a pure way of life. Taken in its proper context, Dawa is a call to Islam, and if rejected will lead to death, which is exactly what ISIS is doing.

So are Pastors and Rabbi’s contributing to the demise of their churches and synagogues by aligning themselves with Islamists? Absolutely. Failure to understand the Islamic doctrine and its mission to revive the global caliphate, is throwing their sheep to the wolves. Muslims view Christian Pastors  as weak, especially as they condemn members of their own  congregation for speaking out against Islam, as Pastors should be defending their own faith and people. Interfaith dialogues with Muslims serves no purpose for Christians, other than for Muslims to plant a seed of thought that Islam is the only true religion. Read the Koran, and you will find several Sura’s that ridicule non believers, aka People of the Book.

Sura 3:110 “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors.”

What Pastors and Rabbi’s MUST understand, and very quickly learn, is Dawa is only part of the equation. Promoting the acceptance of Muslim refugees at all costs into America is only doing one thing. Creating vast populations of Muslims throughout the United States.  Muslims that do not want a Constitution, do not want the American Culture, and do not want assimilation. They are only here for one reason, to answer the call to jihad. As explained in a Buhkari hadith, dawa and jihad are connected, with dawa being the “preparation stage” and as the numbers of Muslims rise, the “execution stage”, jihad, will begin.

It isn’t difficult to understand why interfaith is huge throughout Middle Tennessee since Tennessee is considered the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Perhaps that is why the Muslim Brotherhood is upping their game there. If the Buckle falls, the rest will be easy, and a good number of Pastors have fallen, hook, line and sinker.

Muslims are known to be deceptive, especially when promoting what they call their peaceful religion. In a glaring contradiction from the man who founded the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville TN, the same one that promotes unity with Jews, Daoud Abudiab proudly shares a picture of his son wearing the Palestinian kufiya, a symbol of resistance against Jews


According to the Mvslim.com website it states: 




 The Kufiya, was popularized by Yasir Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). 




The Kufiya was also worn by Mohammed Khan, who was arrested in Chicago for attempting to join ISIS




The Hamas Charter reads:Article 7 of the HAMAS Charter:
“The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ except for the Gharqad tree, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Recorded in the Hadith [words and deeds of Mohammed] collections of Bukhari and Muslim).

Article 13 of the HAMAS Charter:
The Jews will never be content with you, nor will the Christians, until you follow their religion. Say: ‘The guidance of Allah is the right guidance.’ But if you follow their desires after the knowledge which has come to you, then you shall have no protector or guardian from Allah.” (Koran, 2:120)

This isn’t about hate, bigotry or Islamophobia, this is about an ideology held by millions of Muslims that believe their religious doctrine commands the world to return to a caliphate, a world under Islamic rule.

However this is about the true hatred, deceit and bigotry of Muslims claiming to be unified with Christians and Jews in public, but in private it’s a different story. 




Muslims tell us they must pray five times a day. What they don’t tell us is they are allowed to make them up if missed. So, once again, Muslims in America use Freedom of Religion as their pawn to get what they want. Muslims praying in public schools, during classroom time, is again in the spotlight, as Muslims become emboldened to pray wherever and whenever they wish. At Liberty High School in Frisco Texas, a classroom has been set aside for Muslim to pray. Muslims are defending this as it somehow is their right, even claiming the law is on their side. 

Mustapha Carroll, director of the Dallas Fort Worth chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) states “it is the law that public schools provide “reasonable accommodations” for any and all student requested prayer”.  This by the way, from the same Mustapha Carroll who stated during a Muslim Day event in Austin Texas “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”  mustapha carrol on prayer for muslims on puboic school

A public school setting aside a classroom for Muslim students is not reasonable, as it clearly shows a preference to Muslims only. But there are many other problems not even discussed, such as the lie Muslims must absolutely disrupt schedules for obligatory prayer. According to their own law, contained in the classic book of Islamic Law, the Reliance of the Traveller, prayers are allowed to be made up if missed. But first, lets look at what the religion of peace says about children if  they miss a prayer. prayer2

And adults?


According to Islamic law, if you aren’t beaten or executed over not praying, there are 3 valid reasons to miss prayer.


HOWEVER, if you miss prayer for an invalid reason, you simply have to make them, during a time when necessities are not calling. Isn’t school a necessity? 

prayer 5

Clearly Islamic law allows Muslims to make up their prayers on their own time. So why are public schools so afraid to say no to Muslim students? Lawsuits, and undoubtedly being labeled a name.

Another point to be made is as the student narrates in the video, “Every day during lunches, room C112 is utilized as a prayer room. While most religions do not dictate specific times to pray, Islam is different in this regard”,  so how does the school deal with the students who are still in class when its  prayer time ? According to the Liberty High School student handbook, lunch times vary over a period of hours, so it would seem likely not all Muslim students were free for lunch when prayer time occurs. 


For example, today, Friday March 31, the prayer time that falls when students are in school would be 1:31pm. Muslim students in the C lunch period would be free, but others would not.  Are they accommodated by missing class? 

prayer time


These are questions and points that should be considered and researched by the administration of the school, rather than an agreement which clearly shows Muslim students are given preferential treatment, regardless of the truth.  



As more Americans become educated on Islam, and the Islamic organizations agenda for the world, Muslims are ramping up their efforts to silence them. However, in our free society, with our freedom of speech will it happen? Muslims are now rethinking the term Islamophobia, as it would be much more effective to label those speaking out as haters. Skipping terms like bigots or racists, haters has an even greater stigma attached. 

It’s a dangerous game being played by the enemy, but desperate measures are needed for desperate times, and right now Muslims are desperate.  With that, two new approaches, or tactics are being utilized, which seeks to encompass all non-Muslims. An example would be Muslims now state all incidents of bias, or perceived hatred directed towards other religious groups are occurring due to Islamophobia. The term “Islamophobia” was  originally designated  to create an uneasiness for those speaking out against Islam, thereby discouraging anyone to do so for fear of that label. 

With so many people assuming it meant just a fear of Islam, no pressure has been taken to stop people from speaking out against Islam. Now, Muslims want all non-Muslims to believe Islamophobia is a blanket term against all religious persons therefore we are “haters” of everyone. 

word Islamophobia
Galloway, a former employee of CAIR/Hamas in Houston TX, now lives in Nashville .

 The second tactic is now attempting to diminish the credibility of those educating America on the truth about Islam. In a blog post titled “There Are Too Many (but really, not enough) Experts in My Life”, written by Nahed Artoul Zehr, the latest addition to a Nashville based interfaith organization.  

“For the last decade, Islam and Muslims have been the pet subject of the “experts” in my life – of those who want to educate me on the truth about Islam.”  After describing her accomplishments of her educational background,  Zehr further states “Please know that I don’t say all this to boast. Rather, my point is that I have dedicated a significant portion of my life to the study of religion, and yet, I refuse to claim some kind of “expertise,” much less to make definitive claims about my religion or someone else’s. If life has taught me anything, it’s that religion is complicated.”

Actually, the study of religions and their doctrines can be complicated, however, most experts speaking out against Islam, don’t profess to be scholars, and it doesn’t take a scientist to read the Quran, the Hadiths or the classic Islamic law-book, the Reliance of the Traveller. Islam is not complicated like Zehr wants you to believe. 

Perhaps that’s why I’m always surprised when others make bold proclamations on this topic, and, moreover, that folks do so repeatedly. Would they feel this bold making statements about Astrophysics?  Or medicine?  Or chemistry?  Or any other subject that, I feel very comfortable saying, is just as complicated and requiring of dedicated and focused education as the study of religion.”  “How is it that we, creatures who have never been beyond the boundaries of our own solar system, are so quick to claim ownership of Truth?”

 The argument Ms. Zehr attempts to make is based on disinformation, and deceit. One doesn’t need a degree in religion to understand Islam, or any religion. It simply requires a dedication to comprehend what is written in black and white. Understanding the life of their prophet Muhammad, and his demand that all Muslims obey and adhere to his ideology is clearly written in their doctrine. One does not need to seek knowledge from the universe to know truth. 

As mentioned, I now lead a nonprofit that does this work.  We convene intentional spaces that are structured for those from various religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural communities to come together and have facilitated conversations on sensitive issues.”  

Ah yes, the oh.. by the way, I am now the Executive Director of the non-profit Faith and Culture Center in Nashville, which gives me credibility to tell you that Islam is the same as Christianity and Judaism, and Allah is god in Arabic, so we are all the same.  Well, no. Islam is not the same, and there is no credibility in an organization whose founder is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood!  ( Click here to read about Daoud Abudiab, and the Faith and Culture Center)

“Facilitating conversations on sensitive issues” is nothing more than an attempt to mystify Islam, encouraging attendees to believe it is always so misunderstood, no one but Muslims can truly understand it.  Oh people understand it, and labeling those who disagree or are intolerant of its values don’t mind being labeled.  We know who the haters really are. 

daoud circled
Faith and Cultures President/founder Daoud Abudiab attending the Muslim Brotherhoods conference in DC