Coffee County Candidate Summary: Rupa Blackwell & Marian Galbraith

 As early voting begins in Coffee County TN, (July 15th) the following is Part 1 of the summary of candidates you may want to rethink voting for. Whether you are Democrat, Republican or Independent, the most important aspect of voting is to vote for someone that is good for ALL, not just to advance an agenda or personal beliefs. Voting for someone because they are nice, sweet, or out of sympathy can no longer be the barometer on who serves the community best.  America was founded on Judeo Christian principles, guided by faith and a Constitution and Bill of rights. While there may not be a perfect candidate, we must vote for those who believe and affirm our values as Americans.

Never before has our country been so divided, angry and chaos filled, driven by upside down values, antithetical to our founding principles. Beginning with local elections, it is time to recognize the dangerous path we are on. There also is no perfect party, as each one has its problems with rhinos and radicals.

America is not racist, or filled with bigots as many want you to believe. We are already diverse, and inclusive. Yes, we have problems within our history, but erasing it will only repeat it.

Rupa Blackwell,  is a candidate for Tullahoma City Alderman. Ms. Blackwell is the perfect example of who wins based on emotions and sympathy. When a candidate is endorsed and supported by radical organizations, you can expect that candidate to be beholden to them. It also speaks volumes of the candidate beliefs. *Women for TN Future (WTF) has endorsed Ms. Blackwell both times she has run. WTF promotes “progressive” women, and supports BLM , whose founders announced they are “trained Marxists”. WTF also is pro-abortion, pro illegal immigration and pro LGBTQ+, all contrary to American values, whether you like it or not.  If Ms. Blackwell knocks on your door, ask her what her stance is on abortion. Does she accept the new gender or trans movement? Will she be for allocating taxpayer money for those who came here illegally?










Some may argue her position on those issues do not affect her as an alderman, but quite contrary. Ms. Blackwell already attempted to form a diversity and equity alliance as a government entity, but fortunately it was voted down. In an article written and published by the local newspaper, Ms. Blackwell insinuates Tullahoma is somehow unwelcoming and racist. I left Tennessee because of my identity but chose to return in spite of it. We came back- consciously aware that our daughter could be subjected to the same ridicule. But there are so many people here who have also experienced oppression- the underrepresented, and I came back with a desire to empathize with them, advocate for them, and fight for them.” Being an alderman means representing all, not just those she sympathizes with as oppressed or underrepresented. 

There are many pressing questions the citizens of Tullahoma need to be asking of their candidate for alderwoman Rupa Blackwell.

Since you are supported and endorsed by Women for Tennessee’s Future, who are “pro choice” and are fighting for abortion rights in TN, are you pro-choice or pro-life?

Emerge TN, another supporter of you, and their national branch project our country to be primarily run by blacks, browns, lgtbq+ and indigenous people. Do you believe in identity politics, and that qualifications should only be based on race, gender and sexual preferences? 

Since you have been endorsed again by these groups, will you be beholden to their agendas? 

Do you still support BLM?

How do these organizations and their beliefs help the city of Tullahoma to become a better place to live? 

Ms. Blackwell has in the past few years written many articles on her victimhood, and seems to lack the focus and attention to what makes a city better. Personal beliefs are one thing, projecting them into her policy making decisions are quite another. Time to rethink who will better qualify to make Tullahoma greater, not who appears nice and friendly. If you don’t believe or accept who is endorsing you, stand firm and reject that endorsement. In this case, Ms. Blackwell should have run. 

Marian Galbraith

Once again many Democrats are hiding under the “Independent” banner knowing if they run as a democrat in a red county, they may handily lose. Such is the case with Marian Galbraith, running for county commissioner in the 8th district.  As Ms. Galbraith’s political donations will clearly show, she is/has monetarily supported democrat after democrat, including some real winners.

May be a closeup of 1 person

So why is this information regarding donations candidates like Ms. Galbraith and Ms. Rupa Blackwell support  so important? Because donations represent ideologies those donating adhere to. We all do it, donate to those who claim to uphold the values we want, and will instill once elected. That is why it is so important to understand who candidates donate to, but also are supported and endorsed by.

No matter what your political affiliation is, if you are tired of woke agendas, and the turmoil America is in be wise in your voting choices,  It all starts on the local level. 

Part 2 : Margaret Cunningham and Mike Stein



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