Belmont University Dilemma..Christian Speaker On Christian Campus Offends Muslim Students

The Muslim Student Association is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist organization in many Middle Eastern countries, and if 2021 proposed legislation is passed in DC, the Brotherhood will also be on the United States State Depts Foreign Terrorist Organization list. The following is an excerpt from The Muslim Brotherhood “manifesto” which details their goals and how to accomplish them.

The Muslim Brotherhood, aka the Ikhwan, has several groups represented within the United States, including the state of Tennessee. The Muslim Student Association was founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois-Urbana for the sole purpose of dawa, or the proselytizing of Islam to non-Muslims. It was during a trial held in Dallas Texas that several Muslim organizations were included in the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto, with the MSA being listed as number 2.

This “manifesto” is named the Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,  (English begins on page 15) which was presented as evidence in the trial in TX known as the Holy Land Foundation.

So it should be very disturbing to learn Belmont University has allowed the Muslim Student Association to be one of its student organizations. What is even more disturbing is the President of Belmont, Dr Greg Jones has apologized for not vetting a Christian speaker to come on to the campus. Imagine that, a Christian speaker going to a Christian school, and Muslims at the school are offended.

 The event was put on by the Crescent Project, a non-profit that attempts to build bridges with, and eventually hopes to bring Muslims to Christianity.  Members of the Muslim Student Association were so offended, they asked for an apology from the President, as well as making sure it never happens again. Belmont President Jones tasked staff to establish a set of guidelines that any future speakers would agree to before being allowed to speak, and of course apologized like any good scaredy cat would do.

A question that begs to be asked is why Muslims are even attending a school that is steeped in Christian values? While Muslims like to say their universities and colleges are open to all, non-Muslims are rarely accepted into them.  Well, the answer is because it is the Muslim goal to bring Christians to Islam, and dawa is the tool that is used.

Another interesting note is that the efforts to begin a Muslim Student Association were repeatedly turned down prior to Dr Greg Jones becoming President of the university. It was only until a year ago, the MSA was allowed to organize. If you search for this group to be listed in the general directory of student organizations, you won’t find it. However it is found under the link for school events and news called Bruinlink.

Unfortunately, President Jones displays a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion more than the Christian values that were maintained for years.  One only has to compare the vision and mission statements from years ago to the ones Jones created to see it’s more about social justice than Jesus.

Belmont University President Dr. Greg Jones







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