American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

In 2011, Muslim activists across the state, calling themselves the Muslim Rapid Response team, met behind closed doors with the Tennessee Dept of Homeland Security to discuss their opposition to proposed legislation of an anti-terrorism material support bill. Many from that group chose to label this bill anti-Muslim, and anti- Sharia falsely insinuating that it would make practicing their faith a felony.  The truth is once an entity has been designated as a terrorist organization, it is a felony for anyone to knowingly help that entity with money, advice or any other aid. (read entire bill here

The Muslim Rapid Response team then became the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) with a spin off named the American Center for Outreach (ACO). The ACO became known as the legislative arm, with its director Remziya Suleyman always present in the halls of the capitol. Many of the same names were linked to both groups as they were interchangeable in their message and goals. Ms. Suleyman also wore the director hat for AMAC at the same time. As Suleyman left the state, Houston native, and Muslim convert Paul Iesa Galloway stepped in to take over. ( More on Galloway to come)

The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) has consistently framed their agenda to be one of building bridges, and forming relationships with government agencies such as law enforcement. AMAC may have the public perception of embracing law enforcement, but their affiliations, and words suggest just the opposite. Another board member of AMAC, and now the “project manager” for Middle Tennessee, Sabina Moyhuddin also holds the ideology and philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On June 4, 2013, In Manchester Tennessee, AMAC invited members of the Muslim community  to attend a meeting with special guests U.S Attorney Bill Killian and FBI agent Ken Moore. The purpose of their meeting,  titled “Public Discourse in a Diverse Society”, was for Mr. Killian to advise them of their Constitutional rights, and Agent Moore would back that up with how the FBI would intercede if those rights were violated, especially where freedom of speech applies. Both implying that the Muslim community was special, and was afforded more rights than others. In the same presentation, Sabina Moyhuddin slaps the FBI and US attorney in the face while stating Muslims adhere to the policies and the agenda of two Muslim Brotherhood front groups which allows them to be true to their religious values, in other words, they use the protection of the Constitution, when convenient , but prefer to defer to Islamic organizations first and foremost.

AMAC has continued to morph into a social justice, anti-American organization even accepting grant money from America hater George Soros. AMAC has also continued their relationship with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) aka Hamas, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

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