Tennessee Tech University is a public university ranked among the Top 8 Public Schools in the South, and is  located in  beautiful Cookeville TN.  For the past several years, as part of its orientation, incoming freshmen are required to read a book chosen by a select committee, under a program called the TN Tech University’s Common Book Project. This year, the university’s  President Dr. Philip Oldham is excited to announce this years choice for the TN Tech University’s Common Book Project is “Acts of Faith” by Eboo Patel. Oldham states “Acts of Faith provides a message of faith, hope, choice and service that spans across disciplines”. Only Honor students are not required to read the book.

Mr Oldham further states “I am excited about Acts of Faith, and I look forward to talking to students and faculty about the book throughout the semester. I also am pleased to host the author, Eboo Patel, on campus Oct. 7. He is a dynamic speaker, and I look forward to hearing more about his perspectives on finding faith and serving others. Finally, I look forward to learning how this book has impacted you.”

One would think a President of such a University would research and vet authors and speakers before they step foot on their campus. There are a few problems with this book and its author.

Eboo Patel has been identified as one of 6 Muslim Brotherhood operatives working within the White House. His position currently is  on the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. Patel, who was a speaker at a 3 day conference held by the Muslim Student Association ( another MB organization) sat on a panel which included Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Wahhaj has also been known to support the Ikwhans position on an Islamic takeover over  in America.


From Discover the Networks, In 2005 Patel and several young radicals co-authored the book Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out. Among Patel’s co-authors were Chesa Boudin (the adopted son of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and Ismail Khalidi (the son of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi). The book’s Preface was written by Ayers’ wife, Weather Underground co-founder Bernardine Dohrn. The back cover featured an endorsement from the convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Party member Mumia Abu-Jamal. And on the Acknowledgments page, Patel and his fellow authors thanked Ayers personally for the “guidance” and “encouragement” he had provided.

As TN Tech is a public institution, this is wrong on so many levels. It is totally unacceptable tor President Oldham to use this book not only for its content but for  the unsavory and criminal connections the author has. Allowing this author to present at the university is accepting and acknowledging those same connections.













Don’t think the Islamists are destroying us from within? Think again, and while you are thinking you best start to worry. CAIR and “75 groups” have joined together to demand the White House purge any and all training for law enforcement that may contain anything construed by them to be offensive.

CAIR and its ilk are terrorists They are criminals. And now they are demanding police agencies across the country  stop using facts from intelligence and surveillance gathered  to instruct officers because its “offensive” and “biased”

Get lost.

It is .absolutely indisputable the muslim community is not willing to stand for the destruction of terrorist organizations. In fact it is just the opposite. By refusing to work with law enforcement instructors to uncover all the scams and radicalization within their community, they instead claim the victim status and use their “religion” as an excuse.  It isn’t about their supposed piety, its about the finding who and where the next attack by their own will occur.

Why wouldn’t the muslims want to stop a terrorist attack? Why wouldn’t they want to rid themselves of those they claim have “hijacked” their religion?  Condemning ISIS by calling them “un-Islamic”  and “insane” is a pittance.

CAIR, aka HAMAS claims to be the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, but kick over the rock they live under and you will find all the terrorist connections they have.

Mohamed Elibairy, the Muslim Brotherhood thug in the US Dept of Homeland Security released this tweet on Aug 13

elibiary on no reversal of policies ever again

This is who is working within the US Dept of Homeland Security.  No reversals of polices? Really? And this comes from a guy that is dirtier than a pig in mud. He also assisted in purging the FBI of their training material as well. Below are excerpts from the directives to training agents across the country pertaining to what slides from presentations need to be removed.



The mere fact any law enforcement agency is willing to completely dismantle their training on radical muslim organizations, and their methods  is putting the communities they serve and protect in danger. Are we as citizens going to allow the further denigration and extermination of our core values. laws and the Constitution because a group demands so?  Groups that have infiltrated and expressed their desire to annihilate the west in a well thought out, articulate document called the Strategic Goal for North America? ( see  manifesto under documents) Why would a terrorist organization even have written such a document?  They have promised to bring us to our knees, they have promised to bring the war to us in America. This is the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

Think it’s time to act?




From our friends at http://www.tn4politicaljustice.wordpress.com:

Tennessee’s newest power-seeking identity group, the TN Kurdish Community Council held a rally in Nashville demanding that Tennessee help them get their own country. As if we really want another country based on sharia law. Among the more interesting signs at the rally, was this one:

we are Kurds

What do the Kurds have against the Turks, Persians or Arabs? And what difference does it make when Tennessee’s Kurdish activists will just call you an Islamophobe, xenophobe, bigot or racist if you try to differentiate by their ethnic identities?

Besides, the Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and Persian Muslims tell us that their ummah is for all Muslims because they all follow the same doctrine, they all follow Islamic law and they all model their lives after their prophet Muhammad. Even the Hamas charter agrees that: “Its ultimate goal is Islam, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution. Its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life.”

So what difference does it make whether it’s a Kurdish Muslim or a Arab Muslim who follows Mohammed’s example of marrying a child? Or the Quran’s command to a husband to beat his wife whens he disobeys him?

One of the more vocal Jew-hating Kurdish activists in Nashville is Drost Kokoye. She says “I fight inner demons everytime I see a kafiya.” The “kafiya” (also spelled keffiyeh), is traditionally associated with Arabs and Turks who wear it as a scarf around their shoulders or head. The black and white patterned kafiya is typically associated with Jew hater Yassar Arafat and the red and white kafiya was adopted by Hamas. Much like the hijab, the kafiya has become a political symbol.

Drost’s negative feelings about the kafiya though doesn’t stop her from helping to organize and promote pro-Hamas rallies.

Drost was just one of the original Kurdish board members that started the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC). She continues to serve on the AMAC board. Daoud Abudiab, president of the mosque in Columbia was also one of the original AMAC board members and served as its co-chair. He is now Board President of the TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition).

Daoud Abudiab is Arab Palestinian. Does he share Drost’s feelings about the kafiya? What about Hamas?

How does it make Daoud feel that Nashville’s Kurds want everyone to know that they are not Arabs? Is the Arab-Kurdish polarization in Iraq, seeping into Nashville? Kurdish animus towards Turks is legend so there should be no reasonable expectation that the Kurdish Community Council is going to collaborate with Tennessee’s Turkish American organization.

Can Tennessee’s Muslims realistically separate from their cultural, ethnic and political and allegiances? How will Tennessee’s other Muslim nationalities feel if the Kurds begin to dominate Tennessee’s Muslim politics?

Sunnis, Shias and Kurds can’t live peacefully together in Iraq, why should it be any different over here?

Zak Mohyuddin ran for office in Coffee County TN and Zak Mohyuddin lost. So did a lot of others this past Thursday. It’s not like there isn’t any other news, the world is facing one of the most horrific, brutal, Islamic band of terrorists, claiming they are coming to America, and Monica Campbell of The World’s Global Nation News is writing about a Muslim that lost a local race. Seriously?

So why do the Muslims living in America feel everything that happens to them is because of their “religion”? In the article written by the above journalist, (http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-08-08/how-one-muslim-american-tennessee-fought-prejudice-head) Mr. Mohyuddin tells his tales of woe, and makes it appear he lost because of those incidents. He didn’t, he lost because of politics and inexperience. However the article is full of misleading and untruths.

The first thing you notice is a huge sign for the Jack Daniels distillery, in next-door Lynchburg. Mohyuddin tells me how the distillery is actually in a dry county. So, the whisky is made there, but you can’t go into a bar or restaurant and drink it. Go figure. But that’s how politics and culture can mix here. And sometimes it can get ugly.Mohyuddin knows this well”

There were plenty of ugly races this election season, all through out the state, not just in Coffee County. One would hardly say his was an ugly race.

““Some people were clearly very hostile to my religious faith,” Mohyuddin said. He is a Muslim, and one of the very few Muslims in the area. And he’s faced several personal attacks. His opponent, Mark Kelly, falsely accused him of wanting to remove the Bible and the American flag from public places. And Mohyuddin was heckled during a forum he helped organize last year to talk about hate crimes, including an arson attack at a mosque in neighboring Rutherford County”

Mr. Mohyuddin, please articulate what the hostilities were directed at your religious faith, and how you were personally attacked. Did you file an incident report with the local authorities? Being accused of wanting to remove the bible and American flag from public places is hardly an attack on you and your faith sir, I would consider it just the opposite.  As far as being heckled during the forum your group AMAC hosted, what you didn’t say was why that occurred.

The very important fact Mr Mohyuddin left out was AMAC ( the American Muslim Advisory Council) which has several Muslim Brotherhood associations, picked a small town, Manchester TN, to sponsor a forum that featured U.S attorney Bill Killian and FBI special agent Ken Moore . The purpose of this meeting was to inform townspeople what they are allowed and not allowed to say about certain religions and ethnic groups  Little did they know over 1000 people would show up to tell the attorney and the FBI they have rights too. Oops, Mr.Mohyuddin didn’t mention that. Instead the article includes the full length video from that event.

The next few paragraphs in the article ramble on about the stupidity of then Democrat commissioner Barry West that posted a stupid picture with a stupid caption. The two then had dinner together, West states he never really was that close to a Muslim before ( like their aliens) and now it’s true love.

In the last words of this interview, it states “He said he might run again. But if there’s a next time, he told me he’d like to see more immigrants running too. “

Did you mean Muslims Mr Mohyuddin?  Isn’t that the  underlying goal of organizations such as the one you are a member of (AMAC)?   After all, the first statement you made in your opening remarks in Manchester were “it is a simple fact of life that nothing stays the same.  Change is always happening.  American Muslims are part of the changing demographics of this country.” 

No wonder you didn’t get elected Mr Mohyuddin,  America has seen what “change”  is.








ISIS, ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria )  Originally composed of Sunni Muslim insurgents including members of Qaeda in Iraq , and Jaysh al-Fatiheen have grown in strength and numbers and continue to roll violently into cities leaving behind beheaded bodies, and carnage.


ISIS is giving an option to convert to Islam, leave or die. But this news isn’t new. This proclamation is the bottom line of every Islamist group from Hamas to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Some groups are just a little more subtle with their message. The Muslim Brotherhood states  ” destroying the Western civilization from within”,  while the Hamas Charter Article Fifteen: The Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine is an Individual Obligation states: I swear by that who holds in His Hands the Soul of Muhammad! I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill (told by Bukhari and Muslim). 

Their own documents lay out the plan for their goal of returning the caliphate, so why do Americans struggle comprehending Islam “over there” is the same Islam “here”.

The American media doesn’t get it either. CNN’s Ashley Banfield  reports on a video from ISIS claiming its goal is to fly the flag of ISIS over the White House. Her reply” probably not a stretch to say that is highly unlikely.” Really?

There lies the problem. Are we so arrogant and ignorant to believe the very terrorist organizations well established and very productive in the United States  wont rise to commit what their doctrine defines as every Muslims duty?

For those that commit to leaving their heads in the sand, and deny the Islamists among us will be called to jihad, good luck, let us know how it works out for you