What looked like a scene from the U.K, the  local Muslim community in Nashville took to the streets on Friday July 18 in what has been described as an angry and intimidating pro Palestine demonstration. Led by local activist Drost Kokoye,  Muslims lined the street screaming “not a nickel not a dime, we wont pay for U.S crimes” and “brick by brick, wall by wall Israeli apartheid has to fall”.  But there seemed to be some deception and purposeful confusion by the group as some women dressed in full burqas held signs calling for peace, while others held signs stating stop funding Israel. As vehicles came to a stop at the traffic light, they were urged to honk if they wanted peace, but many were not aware it was a pro Palestine/Hamas protest so horns honked away.

drost tweet burqa woman with peace sign

Several passerby’s notified us that they felt the situation was a volatile one, with leader Kokoye shouting chants and  the oddity of the majority of protestors dressed in Islamic garb, just as they did in the U.K, and France where pro Hamas/Palestine demonstrations have now been banned.  So what really was the purpose of this demonstration?

It seems apparent this group wanted to make sure you knew they were Muslims. At 4:43pm, it just so happened the demonstration fell at the same time Asr ( late afternoon prayer) fell.  A local Imam called the group to prayer as rush hour traffic slowed to a crawl to witness the group praying on a  busy city street.  Clearly this was to show the public they will pray wherever they wish. Ms. Kokoye’s boss, Remziya Suleyman of the American Center for Outreach approves of her activist friends motives, as this sent a chill down her spine.

comment on prayer w ahmed leading

pic of drost and protest praying on street


It’s only a matter of time the City of Nashville may have decisions to make as well, as groups opposing pro Palestine, pro Hamas arise to counter Ms. Kokoyes community. Will Christian or Jewish groups be allowed to pray without interference or will permits be withheld?  Did Ms. Kokoye’s group even have a permit to protest?


At least one positive came from this, the media that was invited to attend this spectacle didn’t show up. And no Ms. Kokoye, it wasn’t because of the rain.

drost on media that didnt go to protest

From our friends at tn4politicaljustice.

Tennessee’s voter registration forms are pretty straightforward when it comes to providing truthful information. Anything else is typically called fraud.

The Davidson County and Rutherford County Election Commissions may need to contact Drost Kokoye and find out where she was registering people to vote and review the applications she solicited. Drost routinely makes her hatred of Jews and Israel publicly known. She should not, however, be permitted to abuse the voter registration process in this manner.

Alternatively, they Election Commissions could contact Drost’s supervisor, Remziya Suleyman, Director of the Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO).

As she says, “I realised he is from Palestine but has to claim Israel ‘for his own good.’ Actually, he has to claim Israel because according to his official documentation of country of birth, it says Israel.

Anyone willing to report her?




Seems the latest trend is for government officials and agencies to host and attend religious feasts called Iftars, or the breaking of the fast  each day for Muslims during Ramadan  U.S Attorney Bill Killian was one of them. No surprise here though, Killian was the same U.S Attorney that accepted an invitation to speak at an AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) event last year in Manchester TN, which much to his dismay, 1000 patriots showed up to let him know how they feel.

Killian, much like so many political apologists seem to be smitten with those that wear the hijab, in this case Nashville’s  Muslim Brotherhood supporter Remziya Suleyman




Kalian’s  partiality was evident during the AMAC event, and statements like this drove the audience to boo him several times:

“In the Justice Department, we sadly see acts of hate and discrimination against the Arab and Muslim communities in all parts of our work, and we use all of the laws Congress has given us to right those wrongs, civil as well as criminal”

Right what wrongs? So what is generating this empathy so many of our political, religious and community leaders have towards an ideology that is determined to dismantle the American society? Fear.

For some preposterous reason, all rational thoughts have gone out the window when it comes to Islamists, and fear has taken over. The very thought of disagreeing with a member of the muslim community will earn you a label that most shudder at. Words that are made up such as Islamophobe, and others such as bigot , racist or hater bring uneasiness to the weak.

Besides fear of labels, most fear a lawsuit which the islamists wage everyday. With no regard to whom they are dealing with, apologists and sympathizers take many risks by cuddling with the likes of Suleyman.

But it doesn’t stop with our leaders, the media is just as irresponsible. In particular local news reporter Sky Arnold of Fox17. Since when is it acceptable for journalists and reporters to take sides and protect those they obviously have never researched? Isn’t gathering and reporting facts the job of the media?

Unfortunately Mr. Arnold  seems infatuated with Musllim Brotherhood supporter Remziya Suleyman and Nashville activist  Drost Kokoye.

After seeing tweets between Mr. Arnold and fric and frac I tweeted to him some evidence he surely would take exception to and perhaps distance himself from them. To the contrary, I was scoffed and told I just didn’t know them. Really?   Its only a matter of time before the tide is turned on Middle Tennessee’s  Islamists, especially the Anti-American, Anti- Jewish  duo  so many have been deceived by. its only a matter of time

Tweet sent to Sky Arnold on Drost Kokoye:

drost on not liking being called american

drost on zionism in nashville

Arnolds response:

drc with sky arnole

Humor? Really?











The American Center for Outreach, whose Director is Remziya Suleyman has lost any credibility it may have had.

Drost Kokoye, a refugee herself, is now the “Civic Engagement Coordinator” for the ACO. Drost Kokoye is also Anti American, and Anti Jewish.

drost on not liking being called american


drost on divesting

drost on zionism in nashville



Interestingly enough, Kokoye was a “multicultural organizer for the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) back in 2012-2013.

A refugee spewing her hate undoubtedly to other refugees. Kokoye and her BFF, and now boss Remziya Suleyman continue to roam about Nashville portraying  a façade which obviously is quite fake. Kokoye doesn’t care for white people much either.

drost on rich white folk magazine

Or Black people?

drost on jibaboo

Kokoyes other “friends” seem to be Anti American, Anti Jewish as well.

cyrus on usa soccer


cyrus on israel




Both Drost Kokoye and Remziya Suleyman surround themselves with those that share the same ideology, values and goals. Unfortunately they aren’t American ones.


















Thanks to Act for America Middle Tennessee for this alert

Do Federal Contractors Plan to Bring Illegals Surging the Border to Tennessee?

Before Tennessee Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander voted YES on amnesty they were advised by border law enforcement that a YES on amnesty would likely result in a border surge.

Sen.. Corker is the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that has jurisdiction over the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Illegal minors crossing the border are treated as conditional refugees pending a deportation hearing where they may or may not show up.

Sen.. Alexander is on the Senate Appropriations Sub-committee that approved $1.94 billion to help Obama with his border surge problem; an increase of over a billion dollars from last year.  This money will be diverted from other social service programs.  Federal refugee resettlement contractors are now complaining that they will be losing public money they use to support their refugee resettlement businesses.  They are advocating that more public money be appropriated for their use.


Federal refugee resettlement contractor Catholic Charities that runs the program in TN does not currently resettle “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC).  These are the illegals currently surging the border.  90,000 UACs are expected this year with estimates up to 150,000 in 2015.

On July 10th, resettlement agencies that do not currently resettle UACs, will be on a conference call with the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Why? Historically in Tennessee, refugee resettlement agencies like Catholic Charities have not taken UACs.  But, more federal refugee contractors are needed to handle the surge. So the federal government is trying to find places to set up “emergency shelters” where the UACs can be housed.

Catholic Charities of TN, has said they plan to expand the federal refugee resettlement program in Tennessee. Since taking over the program they have increased the number of people being brought to Tennessee by 66%.  They are paid for each person they bring to Tennessee.


Holly Johnson, Catholic Charities of Tennessee, decides which ethnic groups and how many refugees will come to the state. The state has no say in the matter. http://www.cctenn.org/node/531



Then they enroll their clients into TennCare which the citizens of Tennessee subsidize.

The state of Tennessee has absolutely no say about whether or how many people the federal refugee contractors bring.  If Catholic Charities decides to say YES and open emergency shelters in Tennessee, it will be one more example of the federal government trying to force the State to fix a problem created by federal policies.

California Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein said, “…my staff learned that many of the children were smuggled across the border after hearing radio ads promising they would not be deported…[and that], religious organizations are spreading the same message.” Also, border agents have recovered “cheat sheets” of prepared answers that will help avert deportation. Evidence of communicable diseases and/or affiliation with gangs like MS-13 do not bar minors from U.S. entry.

Residents of Lawrenceville, VA protested loudly enough against the opening of a shelter in their community, so the federal government decided to go elsewhere.  Democrat leaders in Baltimore, MD also rejected plans for an emergency shelter

Will that “elsewhere” be in Tennessee communities? Make your voice heard:

Tennesseans need to contact pro-amnesty Senators Corker and Alexander and your House representative and tell them the following:

•*   Secure the border before any other action is taken

•*   No emergency shelters for UACs to be opened in TN

•*   All refugee resettlement to be halted until the surge at the border is resolved

•*   No to amnesty

Sen. Bob Corker:



DC: 202-224-3344

Fax: 202-228-0566

to email:  http://www.corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactme


Sen. Lamar Alexander:


DC: (202) 224-4944

Fax: (202) 228-3398

to email:  http://www.alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email