On April 24th, a town hall meeting featuring Dr. Bill Warner of http://www.Politicalislam.com,   author of several books on Sharia law and the doctrine of Islam.and esteemed international speaker was taking place in Farragut High School in Knoxville TN. The discussion was part of an ACT for America meeting, sponsored by its local chapter. The procedures on using the public school facility were  properly adhered to according to the Knox County Facilities Use Policy.

On April 11 we received word from a snitch at CAIR, that they would be announcing CAIR had been successful in getting the school board to cancel the event since the muslims had touted it as hate speech  How does CAIR define hate and why are we allowing a known acknowledged terrorist organization to do so?

Their definition of hate is one who disagrees with muslims.

Allow us to show you some examples of hate, taken directly from the Annoor Islamic Academy in Knoxville TN. The same city and same muslims that are sniveling about EVERYTHING, including local hijabi Remiya Suleyman and Abdulrahman Murphy, who just happens to be a friend of Suleymans, and is an instructor at the Annoor Academy.

At issue is a textbook used at the Annoor Academy called ” What is Islam” authored by Yayiha Emerick, of “How to turn America into an Islamic State” nonsense.The superior  attitude and tone of this textbook certainly portrays a different viewpoint of what the muslim community hails before media, or in public.  The textbook reveals feelings about Jews and Christians they certainly don’t want to be exposed. The following are pages taken directly from this textbook. ( Thanks to our friends at http://www.tn4politicaljustice.wordpress.com)







textbook excerpt

So what would this intolerant, anti Christian,  anti Jewish rubbish be called? Sounds like hate to me. It is evident there is no tolerance for anything but Islam in the eyes of these muslims.

But it gets better. Along with the textbook, Islamist and friend of CAIR- Hamas is a young woman that knighted herself the interfaith expert, Remziya Suleyman.  For her to attack someone that has more knowledge about her own religion and doctrine is farcical.  Listen to her own words describe she didn’t know anything about what sharia law was: (best viewed with chrome)



Perhaps the very islamists that are crying about Dr Warner and his knowledge should attend one of his forums and bring pencil and paper so they can learn.

Perhaps we need to start calling these Islamists for what they are…haters.





The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) held its annual convention this past weekend  at the Inn at Opryland in Nashville Tennessee.  What would have been an event that went un-noticed, instead was an event that brought attention to itself by some of its contents, namely its speakers. The RCC was originally a Protestant based organization that has since included more faiths as the diversity of the country is changing.  However, the most fundamental issue that was left off their agenda and was not addressed by their Muslim counterparts, was the persecution of Christians. Thousands of Christians have been slaughtered around the globe, and an organization as large and Christian as the RCC chose not to discuss it. Perhaps they should read their own history which states: “One constant council mission has been to promote excellence in secular coverage of faith topics”  The persecution of members of their own faith doesn’t deem coverage?

So, in an effort to shed light on a topic that should be blasted over pulpits around this country, a silent protest was planned with the hopes a member from the RCC and the media would entertain a statement that was read by a man quite familiar with persecution, Nader Fathy an Egyptian Coptic Christian.  Not only did this silent protest cause an un-necessary panic by the RCC, it caused security at the hotel to become belligerent towards anyone that admitted they were part of the protest.

The silent protest went on without a hitch, there were no arrests, no illegal activity, no chants, and no destruction of property. In fact, this protest was attended by professionals equal to those attendees  that were ridiculously hunkered down inside.

Despite the cowardice  and arrogance of the RCC’s  leaders, the statement was read, as scores of cars went by waving and blowing their horns. Overall is was a success in many ways.  One success being because one of their own attendees forwarded to us a 6 page memo written by Mr. Jay Rollins, foolishly trying to justify to himself and his “esteemed colleagues” they ( the RCC) had done nothing wrong.

For a man that appears to be somewhat intelligent, he obviously doesn’t  have a mind of his own. Within his lengthy memo he asserts ” This planned protest is simply a continuation of targeted harassment against some of our planned speakers who are local progressive muslims. The activity of and funding for these sorts of anti Islamic, anti immigrant groups has been well documented in the 2011 report Fear Inc: The Roots of Islamophobia .”

Ah, but hold on just a minute. Since you make an allegation we are all anti Islamic and anti immigrant, please articulate with facts how you came to that conclusion.

Now let me give you some facts about whom the RCC has mingled with.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been deemed a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia


And Egypt as well



In a document presented as evidence in a federal trial in Dallas TX in 2008(http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2008/november/hlf112508)   The following organizations were listed in that same document as being “friends” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Two of those organizations were the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the IAP  Islamic Association of Palestine, which is now known as CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations)  Remziya Suleyman, the plenary speaker for the RCC conventions opening day, has spoken for and worked with CAIR, and the MSA 

cair az tweet on remziya remziya on speaking at msa campmuslimwhileamericanpreview2



In 2013, the RCC held its national convention In Indiana, and proceeded to be guests at the headquarters to ISNA  ( Islamic Center of North America) The number one organization listed in the Muslim Brotherhoods   list of like minded friends. During their jaunt to ISNA,  they met with Imam Mohammed Magid.

According to Clare Lopez, former CIA Operations Officer and co-Author of the book Shariah: The Threat to America:

“Muhammad Magid is not only the head of the ADAMS center, he is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Grand Mufti of Sudan and current president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an MB front group named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation – HAMAS (HLF) terror funding trial.”

RCC at isna and fesler


In June 0f 2011, the RCC invited former Imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville to speak at their local chapter meeting. It was during this meeting Mohammed Ahmed – stated that he supported the Egyptian police forced virginity tests performed on female protesters in Tahrir Square.  The imam explained:  “Why? It’s a very interesting fact that the police giving you a heads up, ‘oh, those people are not virgin’.  That’s mean they are not good people”.

So as not to be misconstrued here is the video clip of that statement. (Best viewed in Google chrome)


Finally, since the RCC is so smitten with Ms. Suleyman whom they feel is undoubtedly a religious young woman, perhaps they should see her admit in this video that she had no idea what sharia law was. Interesting, this comes from the self proclaimed princess of interfaith forums, and sharia is the doctrine of Islam. ( Best viewed in Google chrome)


So these are facts. We look forward to seeing yours.














Given the unabated rise of Islamophobia, western Governments must be made to have more

appreciation and understanding of OIC concerns that Islamophobia, which manifests itself under

various forms of discrimination and intolerance against Muslims, carries potentially dangerous

consequences that will deeply and adversely impact international relations and imperil the internal

stability and social cohesion of western societies (pg33)


This is an excerpt taken from a document titled: SIXTH OIC OBSERVATORY REPORT ON ISLAMOPHOBIA October 2012 – September 2013   OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) which is one of many reports that have been compiled for the United Nations and Human rights Organizations that are demanding speaking out against Islam be made a criminal offense. It’s all packaged in  U.N resolution 16/18, called the Defamation of Religion Law, but specifically Islam.

Take the fact Muslims are being offended by every miniscule thing, and the appearance that they are constantly being targeted by ‘Islamophobes”    then think about how this would be implemented within the United States which has a Constitution, and first amendment called freedom of Speech. Knowing the battle that would ensue for suppressing that right, Muslims feel it imperative for another way to stifle those that are spreading the truth about this ugly ideology. Here are some recent examples of muslims interfering with the freedom of speech from http://www.cair.com

CAIR Welcomes ABC Family’s Cancellation of ‘Alice in Arabia’  “We welcome ABC Family channel’s decision to respond to community concerns by canceling plans for a program that had the potential to promote ethnic and religious stereotyping

Call on GOP Women’s Group to Stop Promoting Anti-Islam Speakers  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on American Muslims and all those concerned about the proliferation of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry in our society to contact the NFRW to ask the group to end its support of

Chesterfield School Board candidate issues apology: Hours before attending Friday prayers at a mosque, Chesterfield County School Board candidate Bob Olsen said Muslims he met with previously were so excited about being involved in the campaign that “you’d have thought I was getting ready to start a jihad

CAIR-MI: Putting an End to the “A” Word in Muslim Community: Black Americans who are Muslims who understand Arabic, when we hear, “Abeed,” to us it is the equivalent to the N-word.” said Dawud Walid, with Michigan’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


So turning  the control of the internet over to foreign countries, including those that are sharia compliant, is the perfect way to stop the truth from growing.  By allowing foreign countries to make decisions as to what is considered offensive, hateful and anti Muslim, it takes the onus off the government of the United States. It also would ease any political backlash.


This isn’t new. This has been coming for years with the help of groups like CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) that commit law fare jihad on a daily basis, and local mujahidin that instigate it.  

According to CAIR, and the muslim world, its acceptable to infer “Jesus is a Muslim”. So I guess they wont mind a billboard that says Allah is a Jew , or Mohammed was a pedophile   P-JESUS-BILLBOARD_30156


The entire Islamic world wants to suppress freedom of speech.   The United States along with the UN and the OIC (Organization on Islamic Cooperation are aiding in this occurring. This is only the beginning…











Another American company has taken the bait the terrorist organization called CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has cast.

The Home Depot in Dearborn MI, was the latest victim succumbing to the demands of an organization that shouldn’t even be in existence in the United States. Once again, the questions that begs to be answered is how is this training even occurring? Since when are “religious” entities allowed to give training to corporations, albeit private, when no other religion could do the same?  The following is CAIR’s announcement of its “cultural” training:

CAIR cair highlight


Cultural awareness? There is nothing cultural about this training, but rather culture is used as a guise to preach about the religion. Its called Dawa, or  proselytizing.

So here we are once again at a crossroads that the Islamists have forced yet another demand and once again we have fallen for it. Does Home Depot believe they need to “better serve their Muslim customers”? Here in America isn’t it a practice of retail corporations to better serve ALL of its customers? What exactly does this mean? Why do corporate managers need to understand their Muslim employees any better than their Jewish and Christian employees?

In CAIR’s booklet titled “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” it sets demands upon employers that are seemingly outrageous and quite discriminatory to other religions. Here are a few :

Friday is the day for congregational worship, called Jum’ah. The prayer generally takes place at a mosque during the noontime prayer and includes an address or sermon, and lasts a total of 45 to 90 minutes.

Performing the rituals of the pilgrimage may last five days during the second week of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. However, considerable variations exist in trip arrangements, and group travel may take 10-21 days. Muslim employees may choose to make pilgrimage using vacation time.

Employers may wish to modify dress code policies so that religiously-mandated attire is addressed as a diversity issue. For example, many corporations have a policy forbidding the wearing of “hats.” This rule may be amended to exempt items such as head scarves and skullcaps.

A Muslim employee should not be asked to serve or sell religiously offensive products, such as alcoholic beverages

The above described accommodations are nothing more than the forcing of American institutions to comply with a law that is completely and unequivocally antithetical to our Constitution and our laws. It is called Sharia Law, and the acceptance of the above demands is opening a dangerous door that will soon be unable to close.

Expecting an employer to allow 45-90 minutes each Friday for a muslim to leave the premises and pray should not be allowed. Even though they say the employee will make up the time, a lot of corporations don’t have the ability to let them do so. In addition, has Home Depot given thought to what would happen if this employee had an accident to or from work? Would it be considered workers compensation since the employee is in fact working?

Being that most employees hired by Home Depot are part-time, how would being able to take 10-21 days vacation be feasible?

Modify dress codes? A hijab has the potential to be one of the biggest safety concerns an employer will have. Just back a few years ago, a company that makes tortillas was faced with a law suit by CAIR due to a woman wanting to wear a loose-fitting blouse and pants while operating a roller press. One can only imagine if the clothing or scarf was caught in the press.

Probably the biggest scam is that muslims can’t touch certain haram or illegal products. How is it then a vast number of liquor stores and convenience stores owned and operated by muslims are selling the very products they profess they can’t have contact with?

In a world where Christians are being slaughtered and Jews are being oppressed by muslims, how can any American, let alone American Corporation blatantly ignore the travesty by embracing the enemy.

This is a clip from the Williamson County Superintendent of Schools, Mike Looney on the Ralph Bristol Show Friday March 13 2014 on 99.7 WTN   Not only is it egotistical, it is offensive to anyone who has a child in his school district. Don’t ever believe for one second his intentions are noble, and all for the good of the children. Its all about the almighty dollar. Comparing the systematic dismantling of education which cost  $501 million dollars to implement, to a marriage that is too late to annul is abhorrent.  He doesn’t seem to mind marrying the salary that he makes though. Looney recently was the recipient of a 5% raise bringing his salary to $191,877. No wonder he does anything the government tells him to do.  Looney is bought and paid for by the very government officials that insist common core be implemented.


Mr. Looney, being the  professional he is , sent this tweet out on Sunday apparently deeming those that disagree with his stance on common core “irrational” . Irrational? Really? I don’t thing you have seen irrational yet. You are toying  with our children’s education and future, which should be your first priority.

Today Mr. Looney penned an open letter ( http://www.williamsonherald.com/home?id=86818) in which once again, his pompous attitude, and utter disregard for what parents want were poked at.

Claims that the standards are the end all be all are not true and fears of an ensuing Armageddon for public schools are not rational. Standards are standards are standards” 

“Recommendation: Don’t believe the CCSS are a silver bullet or setback for us. Stay the course

As long as we are being irrational, where did the figure “almost a billion dollars” come from? This excuse of     being too late is a joke. Who determines its too late?    Is it too late to get rid of you Mr.  Looney?