The hypocrisy of the Muslim community is coming to the forefront once again, but this time more Americans are taking notice. For several weeks Muslims across the country have jumped on the Ferguson and NYC bandwagon, trying to cling to the black community’s coat tails. Never let a crisis go to waste.  But on Saturday Dec 20 2014, that’s all biting them in the back end.

(Message from coward killer)


A very outspoken Muslim woman from NYC, Linda Sarsour, quickly embraced the protests, making them her own comparing them to Palestine and the plight of those living in Gaza. Sarsour led many protests across the boroughs, professing louder and louder no justice no peace and black lives matter. Well, today if Sarsour could climb under a rock, she should. You see a  coward black Muslim man, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley executed 2 NYPD officers today, apparently as revenge for the killing of 2 black men killed by police. The same police Linda Sarsour and other “peaceful” Muslims spewed hatred about.   The back peddling is typical.


sarour on not about indivd cops




SO much for that statement.

Statements like these are just as hideous, either you stand for no violence at all or its meaningless


700 miles south of NYC, Nashville native Drost Kokoye, now attending college at UTK has helped fuel this anti cop mindset as well.

drost on cop training

How can such a young woman that came to America to escape treacherous conditions be so hateful of everything America? Perhaps anger management is appropriate for someone with this rage inside.



SO where is CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) as of right now their website contains absolutely nothing on this tragedy.

cair website


From the administration in the White House, to the thief Al Sharpton, coward Mayor Bill Deblasio and traitor Eric Holder, lawlessness has been embraced and nurtured and passed along to those that call themselves activists.

Protests and chants like the one below add fuel to this fire and not one of the above “leaders” called for an end to this rhetoric. Enough is enough. America is finally awakening to the doublespeak of those that claim to be peaceful.

The sleeping giant known as true Americans is finally awakening.





Cathy Hinners




The following is  a letter written by a young Muslim man from Somali, currently serving as the Director of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and Paul Galloway, the new Director of the American Center for Outreach (ACO), the lobbying arm of AMAC.  This was written to Barack Obama in hopes he would address their complaints during his visit to Caza Azafran  in Nashville to bolster their feeble beliefs they are mistreated and misunderstood.

Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to Nashville. We are sure you have chosen our city because of the incredible progress made by our immigrant communities. However, the successes of Tennessee’s immigrants have not come without serious challenges and social strife.

We are writing to you today to draw your attention to a unique and thriving community. A community which in many ways represents what is best about America. It is one of the most culturally and racially diverse groups in the United States. This community includes a very large immigrant population of which — it is worth noting — the vast majority has come here legally. This is a faith-based community whose members make up one of the most highly educated demographic groups in the country. As such this community is known for positively contributing to the economy by supplying highly qualified professionals like doctors and engineers while also providing hardworking, skilled labors for American manufacturing.

We are referring to American Muslims in general and Tennessee Muslims in particular.

Tennessee Muslims have had to face all the challenges that immigrants to our state typically face; while also being confronted with a highly organized and well-funded propaganda campaign designed to inspire hate.

In recent years Tennessee has seen some of the nation’s most vitriolic expressions of anti-Muslim hate: from local mosques being vandalized and burnt down, to legislation designed to make it illegal for Muslims to practice their faith.

While those vile efforts were ultimately defeated, today we continue to see hatred expressed on a regular basis.

For instance: some TN elected officials publicly promote ridiculous conspiracy theories like “population jihad.” Population Jihad is the absurd idea that a racially, religiously and ethnically diverse, faith community – who make up less than one percent of the total population — would attempt to somehow subvert the U.S. Constitution.

Tennessee is home to some of the nation’s most active anti-Muslim organizations, many of which have been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups. The people who lead these organizations distort and pervert the religion of Islam in the exact same way that terrorist organizations like ISIS do.

If that wasn’t enough, just last month the Ku Klux Klan organized a summit in East Tennessee featuring a keynote address titled “Death to America.”

President Obama, we implore you to address anti-Muslim hate in your remarks on immigration. We believe that xenophobes, who spew anti-Muslim rhetoric, do so to the detriment of all immigrant communities and ultimately all Americans.

Take for example the ongoing efforts to rewrite our children’s textbooks. Not only do the people behind these efforts wish to remove any references to Islamic history, but they also seek to minimize the positive contributions of African Americans and Latinos. They even suggest editing key parts of our civil rights history to minimize the impact of Jim Crow laws.

These efforts must be called out and we believe that one way to do so is to celebrate the positive impact of “legal” immigrants.

You see, many of these Muslim haters claim to support “legal immigration” as a way to deflect attention from their general bigotry and xenophobia. You can help us call them on their bluff.

While we understand that the bulk of your remarks will be focused around “undocumented” or “illegal” immigrants. We also recognize that this bold move is forcing our government to finally act on immigration reform.

We welcome your efforts to help undocumented people who, for far too long, have been living in the shadows. They are effectively relegated to a second class citizenship which goes against everything our nation stands for.

Similarly, stigmatizing Americans because of their faith is a direct assault on our founding fathers vision and the first amendment’s anti-establishment clause.

The stakes are high and the nation is on edge. In fact, in our neighboring state of Georgia, the City Council of Kennesaw just voted to ban a mosque. And last week an anti-Muslim extremist killed a Kansas City teenager who was of Somali origin.

Mr. President, we are confident that it will be challenging to make all the points you need to during your speech at our offices in Casa Azafran. However, taking a few moments to publicly support one of America’s shining immigration success stories is very much in line with your efforts toward immigration reform.

We look forward to your comments.





Mohamed-Shukri Hassan
Founding Member & Director
American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)



Paul Galloway
Executive Director
American Center for Outreach (ACO)


This letter is nothing more than propaganda. It brings to light nothing more than delusional notions the Muslims that have CHOSE to live in Tennessee ( and America) have it so bad, when in truth the Muslims residing in Tennessee have it made. I don’t know of any community that has had an open door relationship with our State elected officials, especially with the power to actually effect change.  A community that has the ear of government officials that work within the White House and are in positions of power, (i.e Tom Perez, Mohammed Elibiary, Kareem Shora…) or a community  whose members have the ability to travel globally to meet world leaders.

Unfortunately, this community has instilled fear in many institutions and businesses in the form of lawsuits, so who wouldn’t treat them well.  Every group, community and individual that has come to America has faced ” serious challenges and social strife” , the difference is, most quietly worked through those hardships  and became Americans. Unlike the Muslim community who seeks to isolate themselves while forcing change to fit their beliefs and ideology.

No pity here.


Cathy Hinners


Something very significant occurred in Nashville TN on December 9 2014. What was a routine visit from Barack Obama to Caza Afrazan on immigration issues, was also a chance for the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) to meet as well.

Since Governor Haslam is aligned with Obama’s ideology on so many  issues, common core, amnesty, refugee resettlement and promoting Islamists, it seemed logical he would meet leaders of AMAC. In 2011 Haslam approved and legitimized this group when he partnered Tennessee’s Dept of Safety and Homeland Security for training. His director of HS, Bill Gibbons was so thrilled of this pairing he penned this letter

gibbons letter

The pairing of a group whose board and members have direct ties with MB organizations should have you jumping out of your seat. AMAC’s current board is led by  Mohamed Shukri Hassan of Somalia.


Most notably is Drost Kokoye, the Muslim activist that led pro Palestine-Hamas , anti Jew rallies this summer and is now leading the Ferguson and Garner protests in Knoxville. Another gem that missed out on the prez’s visit to her old stomping ground was Remziya Suleyman, former director of the ACO ( American Center for Outreach). But, not to worry, her brother the Metro Nashville police officer was there.

remziya on her brother meeting obama

Pictured here are Zulfat Suara of AMAC, Rasheed Farkhuddin, of the Islamic Center of Nashville, Mohammed Shukri, Director of AMAC, and Officer Suleyman.

Tennesseans take note, these are the people that are involved in training law enforcement through out the state. Yes, they look like jolly folks, but their ideology and agenda is not so jolly.  Is the training of our law enforcement by groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood what we want for the men and women that are sworn to uphold our laws? Remember, Muslims must follow the beliefs of their prophet  Muhammad.  Muhammad believed the only laws were those of Allah, not those that are man made. SO I ask you, how is it then, Mr. Suleyman is able to enforce our laws when his prophets  teachings tells him he cant.




Cathy Hinners




Nashville should be glad Muslim activist Drost Kokoye took her grade school politics and her “peaceful religion” to Knoxville. Her  anti everything antics are  surfacing at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, but yesterday her antics should have her being arrested. Kokoye, known for her pro Palestine/Hamas, anti Jew, Anti American rhetoric,  led a protest that urged students to walk out of their classes to  protest the plight of the Blacks and “browns” ( new term for Arabs).  In doing so she led the group to an intersection, where traffic was halted and then re-routed for over 45 minutes. ( )


While she pretended to be a real activist,  a real KPD cadet was hit by a vehicle as he attempted to divert traffic away from the protest. Enough already.  The idiotic idea that inconveniencing others is the way to make a point is juvenile and now causing harm. Sorry fellow law enforcement, but its time to do the job. If they aren’t stopped now, it will only continue to spiral out of control. Ms. Kokoye has no respect for law enforcement, especially if you are white.  Actually Ms.Kokoye has no respect for anyone.


Funny,  for such a hardline activist Ms. Kokoye also speaks out of both sides of her big mouth. In a tweet regarding thanksgiving she says this:

drost tweet on thanksgiving

However she doesn’t exactly follow her own rules. Here Ms.Kokoye is pictured around a fabulous Thanksgiving feast, obviously not “rejecting” anything.


So, Ms. Kokoye, while you scold other Muslims about Thanksgiving, you actually celebrate it yourself.

Real activists practice what they preach.





From our Friends at

Paul “Iesa” Galloway, founder and Executive Director of the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR’s office in Houston, is the new Director for Tennessee’s American Center for Outreach (ACO). In November 2006, Galloway took a United Methodist Church sponsored Muslim-Christian interfaith “pilgrimage” trip to the holy land. This pilgrimage was a part of the Methodist’s General Church and Board Society (GCBS) mission.

Paul “Iesa” went on this trip with Mohamed Elibiary who has a long and public relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. He admits having a relationship with an official of the Holy Land Foundation who is now in jail for helping to finance Hamas. Elibiary also served on the Board of the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR Dallas-Fort Worth chapter. Paul “Iesa” Galloway was a board member of Eliqbiary’s Freedom & Justice Foundation.

What does this tell you about Elibiary?

The interfaithing pilgrims blogged about their trip and noted the security obstacles that only Elibiary and Galloway encountered even though there were other Muslims in their group. Elibiary was held up for an extra security screening trying to get back into the U.S., while Galloway was not allowed to cross into Israel from Jordan and had a super extra security encounter with immigration authorities when he returned to the States. Why?

One of the Methodist pilgrim leaders posted to the blog, the entire statement of the “Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism” which is an attack on evangelical Christians who support Israel. This declaration was written by Donald Wagner (Friends of Sabeel North America) and Vicar Stephen Sizer (Friends of Sabeel UK).

Stephen Sizer’s Israel hatred drives his work. He coined the term “Christian jihad” as opposed to Christian Zionism which he says “wages a jihad against Muslims.” He says that Christian Zionists have …”repudiated Jesus, they’ve repudiated the Bible, and they are an abomination.”

He even goes on Iran’s state run TV station Press TV, to deliver his anti-Israel message and takes his message to openly pro-Hamas groups like Viva Palestina Malaysia. In October 2014, Sizer joined other Israel and Jew-haters like former CAIR-Hamas leader, Cyrus McGoldrick at the New Horizons conference in Tehran.


Did Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Galloway and Elibiary want to get closer to anti-Israel activists or was it the other way around? Was it educational for the Methodists to travel with CAIR-Hamas insiders?

Regardless, they serve each other’s purposes with their mutual immersion in anti-Israel activities and advocacy. Is Jew-hatred and the hatred of Israel the tie that binds the interfaith industry being driven by the Methodists and the Islamists?