What a coincidence Hezbollah (and Iran) have been removed from the United States Dept. of State designated terror list shortly after the Obama administration held a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit that included Salam al Marayati,  a known Muslim Brotherhood supporter and anti Israel activist that is currently an advisor in the White house. (http://www.mpac.org/policy-analysis/when-engagement-brings-results-the-white-house-cve-summit.php)Marayati is known to have suggested Israel be listed as a suspect in the 9/11 terror attacks.   He also  refuses to call Hezbollah a terrorist group. “I don’t think any group should be judged 100% this or that,” he says. “I think every group is going to have . . . its claim of liberation and resistance.”   Marayati who co founded the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) authored a paper in 2003 called “A Review of U.S Counter Terrorism Policy: American Muslim Critique and Recommendations.  Amazing that as far back as 2003, Marayati has been planting the seeds for policy.

American Muslim Critique and Recomendation 2003

It also just so happens The Muslim Public Affairs Council, (MPAC)  has created yet another organization, the Congressional  Leadership Development Program, (http://www.mpac.org/blog/launching-the-congressional-leadership-development-program.php)    which they state “simply put, we’re cultivating the next CEO’s, Mayors, City Councilors, members of Congress and non profit Executive Directors“. (yes there is a Black Congressional and Hispanic Congressional caucus, however their sole existence is not to alter political policies and laws to fit an agenda designed to radically transform the United States of America)

Interesting to note that MPAC doesn’t require a potential candidate for their leadership program to be a U.S citizen   leaving the possibility for members of other terror organizations to infiltrate the White House.

mpac program4PNG


It is painfully clear who is creating policy, and how the current  policies are being dismantled and re written to meet the agenda.  Unfortunately it is also painfully clear Americans are asleep.      This may happen after all….



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Welcome to the new America.  We are now a nation of double standards and justice for who?  Apparently criminals. This past week, the top law enforcement officer in the country, Attorney General Eric Holder, revealed the findings of his DOJ report on Ferguson. The thorough report recounts the entire case, including all witness testimony with an outcome that exonerates PO Darren Wilson.   (doj_report_on_shooting_of_michael_brown).  Obviously not the outcome of his choice, Holder continues by saying he concurs with the findings, but then launches a denunciation regarding the racial bias within the Ferguson Police Dept.


”  Of course, violence is never justified.  But seen in this context – amid a highly toxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentment, stoked by years of bad feelings, and spurred by illegal and misguided practices – it is not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg.”

What a way to calm and heal a community.  In other remarks by Holder, he promises the dismantling of the Ferguson Police Dept, which makes it crystal clear because he didn’t get his way with a scathing report, he will pursue whatever means to destroy them. The federal government has a funny way of being a thorn in the side once they admittedly  have it out for you.

Fast forward to Thursday March 12 2015. Protests in Ferguson continue even as several officials within the police department resign, including Fergusons Chief Tom Jackson. Despite the results of the DOJ report, and despite the resignations, protestors are not happy.  It was only after the crowd of protestors dwindled down, that gunfire erupted. Two officers were shot and as of yet no arrests have been made.

The sound of crickets is deafening. Hmm, where are the groups that couldn’t get enough  media coverage as they stirred things up? One of those groups that sought the spotlight? Muslims4Ferguson.  Oh, that’s right, the “religion of peace” groups only speak out when black or brown lives matter.

One of the agitators that hailed to Ferguson from NY was Muslim activist Linda Sarsour.  There is no outrage there, just a simple statement of how its not ok to shoot anyone, but she focused more on the resignation of the police chief, and once again proclaimed “#blacklivesmatter.

sarsour on chief of ferguson resignng

Obviously the Muslim community in America has two faces, including latching on to a crisis to meet one of their “religious” obligations. This weekend in the St. Louis area, CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) is hosting a Combating Islamophobia: weekend Dawa workshop.  Really? Two police officers are shot, six city officials have resigned, the County of St. Louis and the Missouri State Police have taken over security in the war torn area, protests escalate every night,  the shooter is still at large and the Muslim terrorist organization CAIR thinks its appropriate to have an Islamophobia workshop?  Yes of course they do. They see this ongoing crisis as the perfect opportunity to “revert” those disgruntled blacks to Islam. They word their event to appear as another civil injustice  “combating Islamophobia” and use dawa to convert. ( Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam).

Its truly astonishing how the muslims4ferguson can help cause such chaos, and then disappear just as the national media does, but even more so  to continue with their black and brown lives matter campaign. Two white officers were shot, and they hardly blink.

On the flip side of that, they will come out swinging if they believe one of their own has been shot, or killed  (undoubtedly at the hands of white Islamophobes or haters)  Surprise surprise. The recent, tragic killing of an Iraqi man as he took pictures of the snow in Dallas TX was a 17 yr old black punk named Nykerion Nealon. It’s bad enough the Muslim community has this double standard but its rotten when the administration has the same one.

I hear crickets again..



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So the Nashville Somali community is upset and is urging  our elected officials to  get involved.   ( http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2015/03/07/nashville-somalis-worry-wiring-money-back-home/24517503)

The upset is over banks across the country closing accounts which enabled them to make money transfers back to their native homes. The banks chose to rid themselves of this service due to the ease of the money being used to fund terrorism, especially in war torn areas such as Somali.

What you should know, is it is not as peachy as the story portrays. The money remittance system referred to in the Tennessean is called a Hawala.  “This is a lifeline to families back home,” said Abdishakur Mohamed, a refugee resettlement coordinator and himself a refugee who sends money home. “There’s no government to help people. If this is disconnected, they will be in horrible condition.”  There’s the operative words, there’s no government. So there is no way to control or monitor where the money is going once it is “transferred”. In describing the system in his article, reporter Tony Gonzalez gives a brief idea of how the Hawala works, (except he doesn’t use that term)

In a hawala transaction, there is no actual transfer of cash, but rather a transaction done on the honor system


The Tennessean article says:

Consumer: To send $100 to Somalia typically costs $5. The transaction is vetted in several ways, including against a known-terrorist list. In as little as 15 minutes, the recipient in Somalia can be notified, and prove identity, to receive the funds.

Well, not exactly. He is right about the cost, using a Hawala is cheaper that Western Union. Vetting in several ways? Who vets what? Names on a known terrorist list? You think terrorists, (Al Shabaab in this case) use their real names? Prove identity? Remember  a refugee himself stated “There’s no government to help people”, so who is vetting and looking at ID? Refugees arriving in America don’t arrive with birth certificates, or drivers licenses, or any ID for that matter.

Hawala’s have been in existence for hundreds of years stemming back to countries like India and China. Here in the United States though, Hawala’s tend to be operated in the shadows, and for many reasons.  For one thing,  Hawalas allow for the transfer of unlimited money, therefore no taxes or no cash transaction reports.  ” Oxfam International recently estimated that Somalis abroad send home $1.3 billion each year“.  Yes Billion.  With no way to track who really is receiving that money. Sure families may be receiving some money, but do you really believe members of Al Shabaab and Boko Haram aren’t there waiting for their share?

Immigrants prefer Hawalas  over traditional banking for several reasons.  Cheap. No ID. Takes hours instead of days. Can be completed at any time, so there is no wait for weekends or holidays. Lower exchange rates.  And they are dealing with a member of their own community that runs the business, called a hawaladar.  Often, the hawala is run out of another business like a convenience store or gas station and is advertised in their native language.

Hopefully the elected officials being urged by the community to assist in this business, do their homework and realize we can put all kinds of laws and rules in place on this end, but who will do the same in Somali?  From my experience, Somali’s don’t like America as we are seen as the oppressors. Most community members refuse to assimilate, and prefer to remain isolated.

It’s really swell the Somali community wants the U.S government to be involved. It’s really stupid if we do.

Talk about aiding an enemy.




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 Tennessee SB180/HBO 935 reads:   Forfeiture of Assets – As introduced, specifies that property used in the course of, intended for use in the course of, derived from, or realized through certain terrorist acts is subject to forfeiture; creates a civil action for damages for a person injured as a result of certain terrorist acts. – Amends TCA Title 38; Title 39; Title 40 and Title 41.

With the current climate of violence throughout the Middle East, and the promise of that violence coming to our own soil, why would anyone oppose additional measures to secure our own safety? Of course Muslim activist Paul Iesa Galloway from the American Center for Outreach sees it differently. According to this NPR article http://nashvillepublicradio.org/post/muslim-group-fears-tennessee-terrorism-bill-could-be-used-seize-houses-worship   Galloway frets there could be guilt by association and mosques could lose everything.  A little nervous Iesa? Would your affiliation with CAIR aka Hamas lead to guilt by association? Or perhaps your relationship with Muslim Brotherhood supporter Mohammed Elibiary would be.  Then it would make sense you’re opposing such legislation.

galloway 2011Paul Iesa Galloway

Another worry of Galloway’s is  “These houses of worship don’t have tightly controlled membership,” he said. “They’re open to anybody to come in and say their prayers and to leave. And unless this bill is worded in a much more specific and tailored way, it’s very catchall

Really? Funny, on the Islamic Center of Nashville’s website under history, it brags how close the community is.

“The Muslims in Nashville are well diverse with ethnic representations mainly from Kurdistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and United States, and many others from Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Kuwait as well as African countries. Yet, the community is quite cohesive, well organized and closely tied together”. (http://www.icntn.org/index.php/ct-menu-item-3/ct-menu-item-5

So with the Islamic Center of Nashville being so cohesive and closely tied together, seems “anybody” that just stops in would stick out like a sore thumb.  So what is the real reason activists like Galloway oppose any laws that clamp down on terrorist activities?  Makes one wonder.

Perhaps Galloway should take his own advice. From an article on the Ibn Al Hyderabadee in 2006, (https://ibnalhyderabadee.wordpress.com/2006/12/04/alamdar-hamdani-and-iesa-galloway-dealing-with-the-fbi/)  Galloway and Alamdar Hamdani  are speaking about what not to do when contacted by the FBI, but   “Both Iesa and Alamdar mentioned that if you haven’t done anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

Pretty simple. SO what is the problem Mr.Galloway?




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I find it interesting the time and energy being wasted on words by the President of the United States, the media and Muslims. In yet another interview, Muslim activist Paul “Iesa” Galloway, the new director for the American Center for Outreach in Nashville whines about the term so many find “offensive”. Islamic Extremism.  In an interview with NPR, Galloway states:

If you’re going to talk about violent extremism and not include homegrown extremism and not include right-wing or racist groups and not include leftist environmental groups, then it really does look like you’re saying violent extremism, in general, is a Muslim thing. And that’s problematic.”

It is a “Muslim” thing, and you’re right, it is problematic.  The Sovereign Citizens aren’t beheading Christians, the KKK isn’t burning them alive, and environmental groups like ALF ( Animal Liberation Front) aren’t demanding Christians convert or die, so what are you talking about?  The vast majority of conflicts occurring in the world today are involving Islam.

What’s odd is Islamists like Galloway don’t seem to be offended when the word Islam precedes a terrorist  organization like the one he aligns himself with, the MUSLIM Brotherhood, or the ISLAMIC Society of North America, or how about the MUSLIM Student Association?  How about the training compounds, the MUSLIMS of America reside at in Dover TN called ISLAMville or better yet Holy ISLAMville in York SC? That’s all ok because it’s used to describe terrorists that have not committed violence…yet.

So it’s acceptable when it’s  used as a guise to appear religious.  Perhaps Galloway and others are right. Perhaps there shouldn’t be descriptives placed before the word Islam. The same Islam practiced around the world. The same doctrine, the same prophet, the same Shahada.  Perhaps it’s just Islam.

Maybe even Galloway’s  close friend Mohammed Elibiary is right,  even he agrees there is no such thing radical Islam, only Islam.  The Islamic State is right, it’s Islam.

elibiary on no such thing as radical islam only islam

Read entire article here :





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