Is The South At War?

Posted: July 1, 2015 in muslim brotherhood

Yes the South is at war, and no one is paying attention. Immediately after the heinous murders in Charleston S.C, the focus shifted from the victims and the healing of a community to the history and heritage of the South. This is just what the left has been waiting for, an excuse to stir a pot that is now beginning to boil over.

The rationale of those fanning the flames is the historical items displayed throughout the south that have  suddenly come to life and are aiding in the killing of blacks. The Confederate flag shot 9 people, and  a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest is causing oppression. But it hasn’t ended there. Once again the Islamists have come to the rescue by having their posses roam the streets of Tennessee to look for whatever is named after someone offensive.

remy on streets that need to be changed    remy on things in capitol need to go

Offensive to whom? Ms. Suleyman, who tweeted the above and below  is a refugee from Iraq. This isn’t her history, this isn’t her battle, but she is a pawn who follows the doctrine of Islamic groups that are facilitating the destruction of America. She, and others like her have a hatred for America so they embrace and support those that are disgruntled or disadvantaged, showing them why they too should hate America.

new shot



Now, it isn’t just the history of the south, its the religion.  A statue of the Ten  Commandments is being removed from its place outside of a building in Oklahoma, all while churches are being burnt to the ground. ISIS is doing the same thing in the Middle East.  Destroying a society by attacking its artifacts and culture so that theirs can be ushered in. In a message sent to the black communities in the South, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, a NY’er of Palestinian decent  seems to blame the KKK for all that is happening.

sarsour on south churches being burned

“We ready, just need some instructions”  Ready to do what?  Come to the South to recreate Ferguson? Baltimore? Have the investigations revealed the KKK was involved?  Does Ms. Sarsour have inside information that whites are responsible? To speculate at this juncture is irresponsible especially when Ms. Sarsours own community has committed crimes to their own places of worship which are immediately labeled hate crimes only to find out it was a Muslim that committed the crime.

The South, its heritage and  its culture are under attack. Christians and history are as well. The history of America, including its founders and documents were based on Christian Judeo principles whether you like it or not.    The Buckle of the Bible Belt  is losing the battle and will continue to as long as they remain silent.


Why would a Southern Baptist Church promote a “religion” that is killing Christians across the globe? While the concept of preaching to Muslims in an effort to bring them to Christ is commendable and hopefully successful, promoting Islam is not the answer. The Northside Baptist Church in Murfreesboro TN unfortunately doesn’t agree.

Last week, in a vestibule outside of the sanctuary, a table containing literature on Ramadan, along with a prayer guide were set up so congregants could gain an understanding of Islam and pray for them. Unfortunately this display included a copy of the Quran, the very book that instructs Muslims to kill Christians and Jews.

northside baptist                 northside baptist 2

See Prayer Guide Here    23162-123187   (or under Documents)

Praying for, and preaching to Muslims is invaluable, as are programs like the Crescent Project, but actually promoting Islam is dangerous.   In an email sent to the media director, Andy Mays, it was explained that the contents of the material available in the church was Dawa, ( the proselytizing of Islam). Dawa is a religious obligation every Muslim must perform in order to bring all non believers to Islam.

 “The majority of Muslims strive to live a life pleasing to Allah. Their approach to Islam is one of reverence and, at times, fear. They treat the Quran — their holy book — prayer and all aspects of their religion with the utmost respect, and often are appalled by the nonchalance with which westerners regard God” 

The booklet then goes on to explain the 5 pillars of Islam and practical ways for Christians to reach out to the Muslims in their community.   In an ironic twist, what the church is failing to recognize is these are the very things the Muslims educate other Muslims on to convert Christians to Islam.  Visiting mosques, fasting, and sharing meals together is all part of the “interfaith” movement created and supported by Muslims to educate and show others “Islam is the light”

“There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is the prophet”  is the Shahada , the first pillar of Islam. Not only does this say Allah is the only God, this is the pillar that unifies all Muslims across the globe, including those Muslims slaughtering Christians in the name of Islam.  There is only one Islam.

Omar Ahmed, co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas group CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) made a statement several yeas ago

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” and, “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
If a Muslim leaves Islam, he is considered to be an apostate, which calls for death as the punishment.
(1) This is the ruling of Allaah and His Messenger, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.” (reported by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, no. 3017).(2) The one who has known the religion which Allaah revealed, entered it and practised it, then rejected it, despised it and left it, is a person who does not deserve to live on the earth of Allaah and eat from the provision of Allaah.(3) By leaving Islaam, the apostate opens the way for everyone who wants to leave the faith, thus spreading apostasy and encouraging it.(4) The apostate is not to be killed without warning. Even though his crime is so great, he is given a last chance, a respite of three days in which to repent. If he repents, he will be left alone; if he does not repent, then he will be killed.  (

Muslims believe Islam is  thee only religion, Allah is thee only god, and sharia is thee only law that exists. The very objective the church is hoping to obtain, may do more harm than good when it comes to the material being presented to its congregation.  One does not have to understand the scope of Islam to bring its believers away. However by romanticizing Islam “ Five times a day, a hauntingly melodic voice calls faithful Muslims to their ritual prayers”,  those weak in faith, or young and unsure may look to Islam as an answer.  

In all fairness to the church and Mr.Mays, he did respond to our first email, however upon offering a discussion and further insight, there has been no response.

The Southern Poverty Law Center really isn’t what it’s name suggests, and neither is its mission. According to the “Who we are”  description,  “Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the Center works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality”. So does that mean those poor folks will share in the wealth of those working behind the SPLC badge, or share the money from the bogus law suits the SPLC initiates. Either way its unlikely those seeking their services know how much money they make off of them. ” A Rich History”, has an entire different meaning upon seeing the yearly salaries of the SPLC hypocrites.


According to their 2013 federal tax 990 form the executives of the SPLC seem to make a hefty amount of money representing those poor people they claim to help find “equal justice and equal opportunity”.  The president of the SPLC, Richard Cohen ended his 2013 year with $359,300, while the bottom feeders like writers Mark Potok only made $162,755. Included in that figure is their health insurance, ( they don’t have obamacare!) and money towards their retirement. Hmm, wonder if those “most vulnerable members of our society”  get a retirement?   ( info under IRS Form 990)

splc 990

So what makes the SPLC the steward of those disadvantaged in our country? The SPLC is nothing less than a wealthy bunch of ambulance chasers that spew their own form of hate. It’s evident if you don’t agree with their ideology ( which basically is the same as the Muslims in America) you are designated a label.

Aside from their wealth, the SPLC uses tactics from old school investigator days. The SPLC has a host of “infiltrators” that attend rallies and conferences waiting to hear anything they can construe as racist, or anti Muslim. SPLC internet trolls do the same thing. Such heroes! Perhaps they should use the fake nose and big sunglass disguise and attend a Muslim Brotherhood conference.  Oh that’s right, they think the Muslim Brotherhood and its ilk are swell!

Instead they write about women they undoubtedly would be scared to death of to face in person, or even debate.( It’s much easier to hide behind a desk and write about women that could articulate everything they say. (   (and probably kick butt as well) The only thing Potoks article has accomplished is terrorist organizations like CAIR/Hamas, and Islamists across the country getting more mileage from the words Islamophobes, hater and basher.

Unfortunately the SPLC doesn’t get who the real extremists within our borders are. No, they aren’t a retired Police officer, or a retired CIA agent, or a former prosecutor/Judge or TV personalities, they are the truth tellers and exposers. Something the SPLC should try.

confederateflag   Look no further for who is behind the push to ban any and all items depicting the Confederate flag. No it isn’t the majority of the black community, it is the Islamist community and they are out in full force. This isn’t their fight, but they have hijacked it in an attempt to gain more support from minority communities. Islamists and their terrorist organizations such as CAIR ( Council On American Islamic Relations) want to rewrite history, or at least whitewash it just as they have done to textbooks, law enforcement and military training. To take the spotlight off of them, they also are pushing a narrative driven at the expense of  white Americans.

dawud walid on flag

Ah, nothing like a radical black Muslim that belongs to a known terrorist organization demanding a hate free America, and of course a more “equitable” one as well.

CAIR, whose national executive director  Nihad Awad was once a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood organization the IAP ( Islamic Association of Palestine) and who supports the Hamas movement is the loudest voice in this current debacle.

But the removal of the flag is just the beginning.  Nashville Muslim activist Drost Kokoye ( who is a  Kurdish refugee from Iraq) has put out her feelers to see what else could possibly be so offensive it too needs to be changed.

drost on any place with confed name

This coming from a refugee whose family was taken in by a white couple, who often spews hatred for white privilege, but oops admits she is privileged!

drost on privalege

But more importantly Ms. Kokoye just hates America.


The most disturbing statement though comes from former Dept. of Homeland Security advisor Mohammed Elibiary, who suddenly left that position after posting  questionable radical leaning tweets including one with  the Muslim Brotherhood logo. Elibiary, from Dallas TX claims to be a center right Republican, but has also tweeted America will be an Islamic country.

elibiary on south never rise again

Inclusion of what and whom Mohammed? Everyone that lives in America is “included”  but a vast number choose not to be, including members of your own community.  Calling for the removal of a flag is just smoke and mirrors and the tip of the ice burg. The stifling of Freedom of Speech is paramount to these organizations and individuals as is the redistribution of wealth.

By the way Mohammed, never say never

Cathy Hinners


What occurred on Wednesday June 17 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church In South Carolina was a horrific tragedy. What’s occurring in the media and various communities is disgusting. There seems to be a heated debate on what to label this massacre, as if a label really matters. 9 souls have left this earth at the hands of a crazed young man, who spewed his hatred after spending an hour with those that would become his victims.

The loudest voice demanding this be labeled domestic terrorism, is ironically from Muslim Nihad Awad, the executive director of the terrorist organization CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) aka Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood. Why would anyone even care what CAIR has to say?

In an article published in the New York times titled “Hate Crime or Terrorism”?  (  Nihad Awad states “We have been conditioned to accept that if the violence is committed by a Muslim, then it is terrorism. If the same violence is committed by a white supremacist or apartheid sympathizer and is not a Muslim, we start to look for excuses — he might be insane, maybe he was pushed too hard,  but the act fits perfectly the definition of terrorism.”  Um. No it does not.  Terrorizing innocent people is not terrorism. Accusing innocent people of raping women and taking over the country is not terrorism. Gunning down 9 innocent humans praying in their  church is not terrorism, it is a hate crime. A despicable, vile hate crime. But, once again the Muslims have taken to the stage to make demands for the black community as if their own grief and outrage isn’t enough.

The FBI and the Dept. of Defense as well as the majority of dictionaries online define terrorism as : The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.

The FBI defines a hate crime as : A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, Congress has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” Hate itself is not a crime—and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties.  (

Even the liberal left organization the Southern Poverty Law Center uses  2 distinctly different categories, hate and extremists.  “Currently, there are 784 known hate groups operating across the country, including neo-Nazis, Klansmen, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, racist skinheads, black separatists, border vigilantes and others”.

Then there are the extremists.  The Muslim extremists also known as terrorists. Documents ( many listed under the document tab) show the direct relationship between Muslim Brotherhood front groups and individuals like Nihad Awad. Islamists like Awad, are part of the bigger picture that are pushing for a global initiative called  a caliphate. To  achieve that final goal, Muslims must perform dawa, or proselytize Islam to garner support and eventually enlist society to recognize what they believe is the perfect solution to all the ills of society. Living under the only law permissible and recognized by their god Allah and their Prophet Muhammad which is Sharia Law. Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood , ISIS , Al-Shabaab and Al -Qaida all strive for the end goal, but each are attempting to do so quite differently. The actions of these groups clearly define terrorism.  ISIS beheads those that refuse to convert to Islam, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram kidnap and rape young girls to force them to convert to Islam. Al-Qaida bombs and destroy those that do not convert.  The goal to alter a society, to achieve the religious and political advantage is terrorism,

When a Muslim commits a violent crime in America, it is done so with the will of their god and prophet to effect change, It is a religious duty. It is Jihad.

Dylann Storm Roof committed violence in the name of pure bias and hate,  not to alter a society and its government.

The community of Charleston South Carolina doesn’t need the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Sharpton or protestors. They need prayers. They need peace and they need justice.