A Conservative is Running Against Bill Lee’s Endorsed Liberal Republican State Sen. Becky Duncan Massey

Becky Duncan Massey has voted to reward illegal aliens and against parental rights – keep reading.

On August 1, 2024, conservative candidate Monica Irvine https://monicairvine.com/ is planning to primary the lefty Republican state Sen. Becky Duncan Massey.

Coming from a long line of Tennessee politicians, Duncan Massey’s first run for the state senate, was more like inheriting her political due. Of course Duncan Massey pretends that her tight connections with the ELITES of East Tennessee (EETs) haven’t figured into her own election wins.

Why would the common man think that being connected to the Haslams, didn’t matter? Surely it didn’t make a difference in Duncan Massey’s name recognition that her father John Duncan was Knoxville’s mayor for five years, followed by a 23-year stint (1965-1988), in the U.S. House of Representatives, and then have that seat inherited and occupied by Massey’s brother for another ten years.

First elected in 2011, Duncan Massey serves as the senator for District 6 which covers Knoxville and Knox County.

2011 is the same year that Bill Haslam was elected governor. And to no great surprise about how the EETs operate, he was endorsed by Becky’s dad, then sitting Congressman, John Duncan. Haslam named Duncan as an honorary campaign co-chair.

This past October, Massey announced that she will run for re-election to the Tennessee State Senate. The next month and right on cue, Bill Lee reportedly headlined a fundraiser for her.

Of course Bill Lee wants more lefty Republicans like himself but to no great surprise, there is likely an even more important quid pro quo at work.

Guess who now chairs the Senate Transportation Committee?

In 2017, Duncan Massey was just a member of the Senate Transportation Committee. That was the year of Bill Haslam’s “IMPROVE Act” which only passed with legislator sleight of hand in both the House and Senate.

Haslam’s gift to Tennesseans was a 7 cents per gallon tax increase on gasoline and a 12 cents per diesel gallon tax increase.

Predictably, Duncan Massey was a YES vote all the way, including the shenanigans in the Senate committee.

Now Massey is the Chair of the Senate Transportation & Safety Committee and again, predictably, helped push through Bill Lee’s “Transportation Modernization Act”. This $$$ pet project of Lee’s includes the “choice” toll lanes so you can pay more to use the roads you are already taxed to pay for, to get to work on time. And to help put Tennessee on the globalist map, “choice lanes” will use public-private partnerships.  

Elitist Liberal Massey has a history of troubling votes

In 2015, Massey voted to give the state public benefit of in-state college tuition to illegal aliens like DACA recipients. Massey was a YES vote in the Senate. (SB612). Republicans were just as bad in the House but failed to pass it on the floor by a single vote.

Haslam was a BIG supporter of wanting to reward people without any lawful immigration status (like DACA), with state public benefits. While multiple other in-state tuition bills floundered over the years, there is little doubt that when given the opportunity, Massey would have been a YES vote.

Predictably, Massey was a YES vote on the Shane Reeves commercial and professional licensing bill rewarding anyone with unlawful immigration status and work authorization, with access to this state public benefit (SB2464). This may be the single worst bill passed by Republicans which abets the disastrous and destructive immigration policies and practices of the Biden administration.

But the vote that by all rights should ring the death knell of Massey’s political career, was her YES vote in 2022 as a member of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, for Richard Briggs’ HPV vaccine bill (SB148). This bill could be a case study in legislator duplicity and disdain for the people who put them in office.

This bill would have authorized and expanded the options for healthcare provides to not just treat minors for STDs, but to provide “treatment to a minor to prevent STDs, without the knowledge or consent of the parents or legal guardians of the minor.”

The treatment to prevent STDs was exposed in the House to include giving the HPV vaccine to a minor without parental knowledge or consent.

Massey, McNally, Briggs

SB148 was of course filed as a caption bill because the actual language and intent of the bill was so heinous that had it been publicly known from the time it was filed, it would most likely have failed in the Senate committee. As it was, once the actual language and intent of the bill was revealed in the House, it was stopped.

Massey and Briggs both promote themselves as “conservatives”.

Massey’s website claims she reflects “family values” and “your values” which could be true if you support rewarding illegal immigration and eroding a parent/guardian’s rights to protect and care for their minor children.

In the House, Bob Ramsey was the HPV vaccine bill sponsor and it was rumored that this bill helped kill his political career which started when he was first elected to the general assembly in 2009.

Massey was first elected in 2011 – the HPV vaccine bill should also end her political career.

In July 2023, Massey reported having just under $500,000 in her campaign fund. And yet Bill Lee still needed to endorse and help fundraise for her???? Makes absolutely no sense unless Massey has plans beyond the state Senate.

Nothing changes unless the players in the General Assembly change. Send Monica Irvine a few bucks and help her oust the ELITIST liberal Becky Duncan Massey.

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