Sen. Marsha Blackburn Sponsors Bill to Import Unlimited Number of Syrian & Iraqi Refugees to Tennessee

Blackburn’s bill mandates a fast track for Syrians, Iraqis and Kurds who claim they were in some way connected, however loosely or remotely, to America’s fight against ISIS. The bill’s language in this regard is very broadly written.

No cap is put on the numbers to be admitted as refugees, nor does this priority group of refugees count towards President Trump’s FY2020 cap of 18,000 refugees. Vetting for this particular pool of potential U.S. entrants, is vague at best.

After the 2105 jihad in Paris when a Syrian passport carried by one of the jihadis was discovered, some politicians, including Blackburn expressed concern about importing Syrians. At the time, it was discovered that there was a robust black market for fake Syrian passports. And who can forget that two months before the Paris jihad Obama promised to import at least 10,000 Syrian refugees.

It seems Marsha has a very short memory. She, five other Republicans and twelve of the most radical Senate Democrats are co-sponsoring S.2641 which is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The reality on the ground in Tennessee as opposed to the D.C. bubble, is that Iraqi Kurds established a foothold in Nashville, compliments of federal contractor Catholic Charities. With the influx provided by secondary migration, Nashville now has the largest Sunni Muslim Kurdish community in the U.S. By their own count, they put their numbers at approximately 15,000.

The Kurds in Nashville say “they’re angry” about the President’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Northern Syria and that Trump “betrayed” them.

Well you know what gets us angry Marsha and why we feel betrayed? The fact that Kurdish refugees led the fight against an important material support anti-terrorism bill in our state legislature. And that it was a Kurdish refugee who that same year, was the first to get the HAMAS front group CAIR involved in Tennessee state politics.

And it was Kurdish refugees who led organizing the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and then decided to collaborate with some of the country’s most vocal Jew-hating anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour while at the same time, tolerating the overt Jew-hatred of its Kurdish refugee board member Drost Kokoye.

She and her family were first delivered to Arizona and then re-migranted to Tennessee. Growing up in Tennessee seems to have made Drost hate our country and align herself with the most radical anti-American leftists. She protests against police, pushes her Jew-hatred, and helped start AMAC, only recently leaving her spot on its governing board. And by the way, she hates our country.

How convenient also that Sen. Blackburn chooses to overlook the other “gift” the Kurds imported to Tennessee – their Kurdish Pride Gang.

We’d like to see Marsha’s plan for how members of the Kurd’s own Antifa group will be prevented from entering the U.S..

Still more troubling is the part of Marsha’s bill which specifically permits someone to come to the U.S, even if they were in any way connected to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The problem with this is that two years ago, the U.S. led coalition spokesman Col. John Dorrian let slip that the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party) terrorist group is part of the SDF.

It just so happens that the PKK is also a U.S. designated terrorist group.

After the Paris jihad, Marsha was quick to say no to importing Syrians to the U.S. and mentioned the problem with vetting and falsified documents:

The security of American citizens must be our top priority. We now have reports that one, and possibly more, of the Paris attackers posed as Syrian refugees before entering Europe. As a result, we must immediately suspend similar resettlement efforts in the U.S. I have repeatedly warned that it is impossible to vet Syrian refugees to determine if they have ties to ISIS. Any efforts to continue moving forward with the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. would be dangerously irresponsible.

She even co-sponsored a bill to temporarily halt the entire refugee resettlement program and from the House floor commended Tennessee legislators for suing to challenge the federal resettlement program:

Leaving all of this behind in the House, the now Senator Blackburn, is co-sponsoring a bill which pushes refugee resettlement. Does this mean that Marsha wants Governor Lee to consent to refugee resettlement for the state? Does Marsha realize that if the Governor says yes, our lawsuit challenging the federal program goes away? The same lawsuit that she claimed to support in her statement on the House floor?

And what about those measly little security type issues? Did Marsha leave those concerns behind when she graduated from the House? Is she aware of the vetting and other problems we’ve had with Iraqis already admitted to the U.S.?

And by the way Marsha, we’re simply sick and tired of paying to open our doors and pay to bring people into our country who denigrate us and work to undermine our freedoms.

Contact Sen. Marsha Blackburn and tell her this bill stinks. or (202) 224-3344.



21 thoughts on “Sen. Marsha Blackburn Sponsors Bill to Import Unlimited Number of Syrian & Iraqi Refugees to Tennessee”

  1. STOP S.2641. We don’t want anymore Syrians or Iraqis or Kurds here! Remember your previous promises. Protect Americans!

  2. Why are you changing your opinion and going back on your word? Americans first! OUR rights and freedoms and protection is what you should stand for. I thought better of you. To say I am disappointed and angry is an understatement!

  3. No! All you need to do is look at the problems that are being created. Look at Michigan also Minneapolis. Where Muslims are taking over. They are taking over the political landscape. No!

  4. Don’t you just love it??? Another newly-elected Senator rides Trump’s coat tails (meaning fully supports him during her campaign to move from the 2 year term Congress to the 6 year term Senate) into office and then stabs him and us in the back by sponsoring a bill to import more Syrians, Iraqi, and Kurdish refugees into the US, not to be counted in the 18,000 previously approved by President Trump. She likely plans to retire in a few years so it won’t matter to her, but not another dime of mine goes to a senator who joins 5 Reps and 12 of the most radical Dems to welcome and allow people of mixed and questionable loyalties to set up shop in the US, change our demographics, replace our constitution and institute Sharia Law at the earliest possible convenience. I’m so disappointed at this betrayal of our confidence and of her loyalty to President Trump. I thought she was a pro-life patriot. But now I’m asking, who can we trust?

  5. We don’t want the refugees here. You changing your mind ……the people can change theirs at voting time. One thing the demonrats have taught us,politicians lie to us and we aren’t taking it any more. They don’t want to be an American they want us to become like them…..doesn’t work that way.

  6. Marsha Blackburn you bring more Muslims to this country you ar3 a traitor to America, Tennessee, and the people that voted for you! You will soon see what will happen at the ballot box! This republican will not be voting for you! Traitor!

    1. Marsha, Why are you betraying Tennessee voters who trusted you! We don’t want all of these Syrians and Kurds here!!!

  7. Obviously Washington is not familiar with Christians in the Middle East who live among Muslims-Arabs under Islamic law. Ms. Blackburn at no point in her life has given thought to Christian Children subjugated and persecuted not by ISIS but by Muslim and Arabs neighbors who are the benefactors of Sharia placing them above all other’s. Few if any politicians have an understanding of Islam Sharia or Muhammad. Ask yourself this question…..Why is it Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Dr. Gunta Ahmed, Imams and other Islamist including members of CAIR get the call to go on Fox news after an Islamic terrorist attack reported in world news with the heading motive unknown and these highly educated deceivers explain this away with “that is not my Islam” as the host admire their input, if we are to change this we (Patriots) must come up with a plan to demand host like Hannity, Levin or a Prager end their interviews with these Jihadist and instead invite guest like Publius, Dr. Bill Warner, John Guandolo, Chris and Dave Gaubatz, Phillip Haney, Kevin Shipp, Dr. Carl Goldberg, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Egyptian Christian Usama Dakdok and a host of other guest with not only an opposing understanding of this threat but a truthful understanding of Islam-Sharia-Muhammad… Patriots all across this nation crave reality when it comes to Islam in America and this is what must change to educate the masses in America….IMHO

  8. I am strongly against the settlement of Muslims in Tennessee, especially since they are being settled in numbers large enough to form voting blocks , which generally means they are pushing agendas that limit U. S. traditional freedoms and force their beliefs on American citizens.
    The very rich Middle Eastern countries should accommodate these refugees.

  9. Attention Tennesseans,
    Friends, please, I need your help…Please sign/share this Petition, “Governor Bill Lee, reverse your decision” out to all of the Tennesseans that you know…We need at least 10,000 Tennessee Voters to sign it and make a big impact when this petition is taken to Governor Bill Lee…For you out of State people, please send this to all of your Tennessee friends and family…

  10. Ms. Blackburn. I have supported you since the beginning of your political career. I can assure you that is over with. Your support of these American hating people is against everything you promised during your campaign. We don’t want or need these Muslim people who have no intention of assimilating into our way of life. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with you.

  11. Immigrant resettlement……………………………………………………………..
    Hey Blackburn!!
    Is it Soros or TENNESSEE.
    There is no gray area.
    If it is SOROS what are you getting?

  12. Immigrant resettlement……………………………………………………………..
    Hey Blackburn!!
    Is it Soros or TENNESSEE.
    There is no gray area.
    If it is SOROS what are you getting?

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