Tennessee Soros Funded Groups Win Big if Governor Lee Caves on Refugee Resettlement

It’s no secret that the ACLU, TIRRC and the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) have put Soros money into their bank accounts. After all, their political agendas – short and long term – are 100% aligned with Soros’ agenda for our country, especially the South.

Changing the demographics, particularly in Southern towns and cities, facilitates the bigger political agenda of these groups and George Soros.

Less conspicuous, is the support provided by organizations like the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. In 2001, they greedily took money from the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) which was looking for new places to deliver refugees by “Building the New American Community” (BNAC).

One of the core principles of the BNAC project was for the new Americans to form coalitions, become voters and take leadership roles in their receiving communities. Let the transformation begin!

And that’s precisely what has happened with the help of groups like the ACLU and TIRRC (TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition) which helped spin off the AMAC.

These groups have led “the resistance” in Tennessee – opposition to every immigration related policy initiated by the Trump administration and every immigration related policy at the state level including the anti-sanctuary city law.

Even though these groups didn’t stop the sanctuary city bill from becoming law despite Haslam not signing it, they may very well win the fight on refugee resettlement with the help of leftist mayors, local chambers of commerce, county commissions, city councils, and Governor Lee.

Here’s what the left knows and understands – elected leaders on the right can’t take the heat that comes with saying no. The left knows that leaders on the right will use any justification they can think of – alleged economic benefits, reviving stagnant towns, need for labor, or a duty to “welcome the stranger.”

The left knows something else that Governor Lee may or may not know – consent is only required for refugee resettlement from June 2020 through the end of September 2020, which is the end of the federal fiscal year.  

From now until June, the 18,000 refugees coming to your towns and cities, are being restteled the same way they were under the 2019 guidance – NO CONSENT NEEDED!!!!

Add to this, that the Executive Order which set up an imperfect process for consent is currently being litigated by the federal contractors.

The left has made state and local consent about refugee resettlement a referendum on all of Trump’s immigration policies. They have broad-brushed the refugee agenda in a way to enable compassionate Christians to rationalize ignoring the political and demographic implications which in the end, will feed the anti-Christian agenda of the radical social justice left.

Don’t fall for it. The refugee resettlement industry has nothing to do with welcoming the stranger and these so-called religion-identified NGOs are unwilling to serve refugee interests unless your federal and state governments pay them to do it!

If you need further proof, consider that the Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE) is a federal refugee resettlement contractor which was started and continues to be led by Gatluak Thach, himself a former Sudanese refugee whose bio suggests that he is a Christian. He already made his pitch for consent to the legislators, like one Christian to another. However, he aligns with the radical left, serving on TIRRC’s board alongside the former co-chairs of AMAC. By his organization’s own description, NICE resettles people of all religions and ethnicities including refugees from Somali, Iraq and Iran.

There’s a tendency to think that Sudanese refugees to the US are mostly Christian. Not so. From FY2011 to current, almost 85% of the Sudanese refugees brought to the US identified as Muslim.

As to all the misinformation about states being able to pick and choose which ethnic or religiously-identified refugees they prefer for resettlement it’s simple – they can’t. The FY2020 terms of consent specifically state:

The consent may not be conditioned on acceptance of certain refugees or on any other factor, such as refugees’ race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin.

For example, from FY2015 – FY2019, 812 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been brought to Tennessee. The on-going internal conflicts in the DRC are tribal, not religious. Refugee Resettlement Watch, reminds us that in 2013, the Obama administration promised the UN that the US would take 50,000 DRC refugees. “from fiscal year 2014 to today we have admitted 58,999 and there is no sign of the migration stopping” even though Jesuit Refugee Service reported this October, that “hundreds of Congolese refugees are voluntarily returning home.”

At the same time that DRC refugees were being brought to Tennessee, from FY2015 – FY2019, over 2,000 refugees from countries like Somalia, Burma, Syria and Iraq (over 80% identify as Muslim), also arrived.

Since October 2017, the beginning of Trump’s first full year setting priorities for refugee resettlement, through right now, 680 Syrians were brought to the US, of which, 601 identify as Muslims. This might be a good question to pose to Sen. Blackburn who is co-sponsoring S.2641, one goal of which is to increase the resettlement of Syrians.

Since President Trump set the annual cap for FY2020 admissions at 18,000, a total of 2,066 refugees have arrived with 33 resettled in Tennessee.

The SIV (Special Immigrant Visas) for Afghanis and Iraqis who supposedly helped US troops and who get to pick where they want to live, can arrive with refugee status, so far in FY2020, have numbered 2,857. Since FY2007, the US has admitted a total of 62,192.

Refugee Council USA, the lobbying arm of the refugee industry, has had its followers hounding governors, state legislators, mayors and county executives, with all kinds of refugee stories, mythical scenarios of how refugees revive dying communities and bring nothing but economic prosperity.

They also assure these state officials that the federal government 100% funds the program.

Completely not true. In fact, not even close. And that’s why Tennessee sued. After all, numerous federal reports have admitted to shifting the federal costs of the program to states and local governments.

But if Governor Lee caves and decides to consent to resettling refugees, the lawsuit goes away, Tennessee taxpayers pay the state and the federal costs of the program and the radical left resistance in Tennessee walks away with a big, giant political win.

The New York Times story from Monday mentioned that 16 governors, 6 of whom are identified as Republicans, have submitted letters consenting to continued refugee resettlement in their states. The State Department is supposed to post all consent letters on its website but that hasn’t happened yet. The only website keeping track is Refugee Resettlement Watch and by Ann’s count, only 9 governors have issued consent, 4 of whom are Republicans – Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire and North Dakota.

Is it possible that Bill Lee has submitted a letter of consent but didn’t bother to tell us? Have you taken the time to contact his office, your state legislators, your mayor, your city council or commission members? If not, why not??????

3 thoughts on “Tennessee Soros Funded Groups Win Big if Governor Lee Caves on Refugee Resettlement”

  1. I do not understand why you are allowing Tennessee to be destroyed by bringing in more refugees, especially Muslims. You have shown you care nothing about American safety or well being. No sooner were you elected then you took the photo opp with the Muslims who wish us harm. The only way you will ever gain my trust back is by not letting any more refugees come to Tennessee. You have children and grandchildren. Do they know you will be putting them in harms way? Do you care? Do not sign that letter.

  2. If this is true, you were not elected to represent refugees,you were elected to represent the citizens of Tennessee. If you have fallen to the dollars of favors you will be voted out of office. Please stand by the people who put you in office.

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