Tullahoma TN: Diversity or Leftist Agenda?

Early in July,  Tullahoma TN city alderman Rupa Blackwell held a meeting to form a “diversity” council. The first meeting was attended by many city residents, which all were asked what they would like to see included in this council.  While the conversation brought up important, real issues, one only has to look at the paper board with the issues brought up by  Rupa Blackwell  who is spearheading this project to see it’s more than diversity.  Bullying, hate speech, gender bias, access to minority businesses and more. No, this isn’t about diversity.   This is about the bigger agenda being driven by leftist liberals: erasing history, tearing down statues, embracing socialism, supporting a Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter, censoring speech they find offensive,   and claiming all whites are racist and supremacists.

And as if right on cue following the rest of the liberal cities looking to erase American history, Other ideas mentioned included looking into renaming some streets or facilities that were named for Confederate soldiers.

 Folks, again, this isn’t about diversity. Diversity is a word used when certain members of various populations want to change their surroundings to fit their beliefs and lifestyles.  This is about the current political climate throughout America, which is anti-everything that America stands for.

  According to the Tullahoma News,  Jodi McGregor said she had lived in her own “privileged bubble” her entire life and wanted to take steps to better understand the intricacies of the town she’s called home for the last four years. She shared how shocked she was when a friend mentioned a local park that was known to be a hot spot for drug deals. “Drug selling in parks doesn’t happen in my part of town,” she said, adding that it helped illustrate how much she still did not understand about others in the community.

Apparently now when you don’t have crime in your neighborhood, it is because you are privileged.

So what could be expected if a diversity council were actually implemented?

  According to the National Diversity Council, which has chapters all over the U.S,   its founder Dennis Kennedy summed it up in his first statement.   

Greetings.  Over the course of 2019, we welcomed President Barack Obama as the keynote speaker for our National Diversity and Leadership Conference; unveiled our PRIDE Worldwide celebration in Mexico City; kicked off Legal Diversity Week featuring former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and celebrated the 2019 Dubai Women in Leadership Symposium.”

Former President Barack Obama keynote speaker at the National Diversity Council

Rupa Blackwell, the city alderman who launched this idea, was endorsed by the Women for Tennessee’s Future, a very liberal organization whose founding member was the disgraced, former mayor of Nashville Megan Barry, among others. According to the donor website “Open Secrets”, the Women for Tennessee’s Future is listed as a “liberal” organization.

It is important to understand who endorsed Ms. Blackwell, as it shows the ideology she supports and is eager to implement. One dangerous endorsement by the Women for Tennessee’s Future was Nigerian Zulfat Suara, who was elected to the Nashville Metro Council. Ms. Suara has many connections to Muslim Brotherhood organizations, and on her social media she posted pictures of her with Rashida Tlaib, and declared she is honored and inspired by Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, two radical Islamists  who are very vocal about changing America.

Accepting an endorsement from an organization who outwardly claims to support Black Lives Matter should be  a red flag. In this video,one of its co-founders, Patrisse Cullors admits she and another co founder are trained Markists.

Patrisse Cullors “We are trained Marxists”

Rupa Blackwell campaign statement:

What Motivates Me

Personally, I want what every parent wants: a good school system, great amenities, and good jobs and industry. While this might sound trite to some, to me it is a tangible list of goals. I want to expand our pedestrian and bike infrastructure so that our children can easily and safely get to our fantastic schools. I want good roads that allow for everyone in the community to access the many parks, our greenway, and our robust art and athletic scene. And of course, business recruitment that makes sense for our community: those that offer good pay, benefits and a pathway into management. My reason for wanting these things is simple: I want my children to come back here to raise their families one day. Just as I did.

Funny, Ms. Blackwell forgot to mention the far left agenda she is supported by, and now wants to implement.

Is Tullahoma TN ready for this agenda?

17 thoughts on “Tullahoma TN: Diversity or Leftist Agenda?”

  1. These are sad times. It’s shocking how fast the lunacy is spreading.

    Thank you Cathy for your vigilance.

  2. Hi Cathy-

    Im running for alderman in Tullahoma and both of my opponents are very liberal- one of which (Ashli Shockley) attended this meeting and called for the renaming of four streets and an elementary school. I do not feel it appropriate for me to share it but I would love to have your endorsement and for you to share it. Or have someone locally to do so. Thank you,
    Jenna Amacher

    1. Robert E. Lee school is named after one of Tullahoma’s former Superintendents, nit the Civil War General. To change the name is a disservice to him and his family. Please know the facts before you start renaming things.

  3. But as far as Rupa is concerned- I think it needs to be said that Rupa has a HEART OF GOLD. And I see her working extremely hard for our community in many ways that have no political value and therefore do not get publicized. I considered deleting my previous comment- and then realized it wouldn’t let me… so I need to follow up with this- my comments and concerns are very specific with the Diversity Council- not with a Rupa as a person…
    I just spoke with her and she said Diversity is meant to include not just race but also to include those with disabilities and those that are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Which I applaud the latter… I fear something great may be used and perverted into something terrible. I told her I look forward to reading the bylaws when they are finished and will keep my commentary to myself until such time.
    As far as beliefs- Rupa and I fall on opposite ends of the political spectrum – while true, this woman is my neighbor, an awesome mother, a beautiful and giving soul, and my friend. We attack ideas not people. So I just want to be clear- I disagree with her ideas sometimes, but I love the person.

    1. I hope you did not write this comment out of fear or intimidation. It does not qualify anyone that is trying to destroy the American system and way of life, who seek to overturn our gov’t through deception and just downright lies. This SHARMUTA is a programmed Marxist and socialist. To be blunt a SHARMUTA for Communism. For Rupa Tah-hathek

  4. Always a bit leery of those who post anonymously. Community member? Yet no name. Quote Gandhi , Indian from a class system. Not impressed, however, since you like quotes, “Learn the words of the wise, know them, understand them, but make no show of reciting them. For he who recites what he does not understand is no better than an Ass loaded with books.” Kalil Gibran
    I’m a community member. Notice my name. Do you want change? Go back to the s*%t hole country you came from, change it for the better, and then come here!

  5. Rupa Blackwell is a caring and intelligent person. She wants a community that embraces all. If that makes her a leftist, then so be it. It’s funny how in this county the people on the right can push anything they want through commissions, but can’t stand it when they perceive someone has. Leftist attacking “their” community. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking a woman who works hard everyday for all people. Carol

  6. I have read and reread this obvious opinion piece! Rupa is an amazing person, a fantastic mom and a great role model for her community! She only wants whats best for the people of her community! I see the bigots are out to play which doesn’t surprise me, saddens my heart but doesn’t surprise me. Which is what she wants to change in her community! I would love to know where the facts and information was found, because obviously the author of this piece was not at the meeting nor knows Rupa!

  7. It is just hard to see people move in and try to change Tullahoma into where they moved from instead of celebrating and building up what made it a great place to move too. Tullahoma improves with each citizen taking responsibility to actively participate. The commitment and time she has put in is admiral, and more than most than whom have lived here their whole lives. Her efforts already show the seeds of positive change, but the roots of the town are strong and only get stronger with people like her who commit their mind, heart, and family into making it the Great town it is, and we all love. As long as the community’s core values are being represented without influence of personal bias, the point of conversation should be kept to speak up on what the majority tax payers and community leaders reflecting those initiatives. In order to lead, you have to listen first. Listen to the people before you pick the direction to lead.

  8. Oh my gosh, you mention change and people that live a better life go crazy because some don’t want to change for the betterment of this whole town. So they start by trying to disgrace the people that can see change needs to happen. I grew up on east side of Tullahoma, very neglected part of town, I live on west side now, so I can see parts of our town just left out of many decisions being made for our town, it’s always been that way, so yes there should be some changes decussed and made.
    I think Rupa wants everyone feel good about living here.

  9. My question is this: Why are you so fearful to have a diverse and inclusive community?
    Our country is a melting pot and always has been. A Diversity Committee Simply makes sense! What better way to work together for common good? I’m not even sure why Ms. Henner is involved with this issue in Tullahoma. Seems to me she just wants to stir the pot!

  10. Tullahoma is a diverse community. AEDC and other employment opportunities have drawn workers from all over the world, creating a wonderfully unique community. Regarding current efforts by left-leaning local politicians to create a Diversity Council, my concern is that the real outcome of such an effort, as is generally realized, will be divisiveness.

    These efforts are designed to organize individuals according to some victim-status, or tribe. Once convinced of their victim status, they argue for special concessions or legs-up to compete for a voice in the public square.

    This is total BS. If any Tullahoma citizen wants to be informed, visit a public Board of Mayor and Alderman (BMA) meeting. If you want your voice heard, then use the 3 minutes of public comment time available at every BMA meeting. If you want to run for office, pick up papers and run – you are free to do so regardless of skin color, heritage, sex, sexual orientation. If you convince enough citizens to vote for you, you will be elected.

    Bring your ideas to the public square. Don’t expect special status because of some concocted victimhood status. And don’t divide our community into competing tribes.

  11. Please have the courage in your convictions to post you actual name. “Local Community Member” is either cowardly or dishonest.

  12. Based on the comments, it seems some people see Rupa as an outsider either because they are young or haven’t lived in Tullahoma for more than 20 years. Rupa is the valedictorian for Tullahoma High School class of 1999. She had tough competition. In fact one student scored perfect on the ACT that year. Overcoming all the students that year shows not only her intelligence but her dedication. She wasn’t just a book worm, but also an athlete playing for the THS Tennis team and a member of the Aristocats (the High School’s choir performance group). This comment would be too long if I listed all the positive things she did just in high school. All this to say she probably has the most impressive resume in the state of Tennessee. She has understanding, empathy, and the conviction to act. I don’t align with her politically, but she is exactly what Tullahoma needs.

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