At Best, Hagerty is a Haslam Type of “Conservative”

Bill Haslam told voters he was a conservative during his campaign for governor in 2010.

Now he’s fundraising for and donating to Bill Hagerty who also calls himself a conservative.

Bill Haslam fundraiser for Hagerty

Haslam claimed in his campaign materials that he was a “lifelong conservative” and Hagerty is using the same pitch.

But during Haslam’s two terms as governor, he showed voters that he was a different kind of conservative. Haslam was the type of conservative who pushed for Medicaid expansion which he called “Insure Tennessee”, begged state legislators to give in-state tuition to illegal alien students, insisted on retaining Common Core, refused to assert Tennessee’s 10th Amendment rights against the federal refugee resettlement program, and refused to put his name on a strong anti-sanctuary city bill which passed with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate.

(The anti-sanctuary bill subsequently became law without Haslam’s signature and the legislature left Haslam behind when they figured out how to get the 10th Amendment lawsuit filed without him.)

In fact, Haslam was so committed to Common Core, that with support from the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, he and Lamar brought Jeb! in to lecture Tennesseans about the value of the Obama education curriculum.

Haslam, Lamar & Jeb! push Common Core

Haslam, Lamar and Jeb! – all Establishment buddies of Hagerty – a group of elite country-clubbers who promote themselves as conservatives.

Don’t forget, Jeb! was Hagerty’s first choice for president; Trump was Hagerty’s third choice and only when it was clear he would be the nominee.

Haslam brought Establishment cronies Hagerty and La Raza Randy Boyd into the Tennessee state government as Commissioners of Economic & Community Development (ECD).

Shortly after taking office, Hagerty promoted Lamar’s son Will Alexander to Chief of Staff of ECD; several years later Hagerty and Will Alexander were in business together. Hargerty also brought in Alice Rolli who had worked for Lamar in D.C. It wasn’t long before Alice left ECD to manage Lamar’s re-election campaign.

Shortly before leaving ECD in 2015, Hagerty hired Lamar’s daughter Leslee. At that time he also hired the daughter of TDOT Commissioner Jim Schroer who had previously interned for Bob Corker.

Hagerty’s successor, La Raza Randy, is a named member of the New American Economy group; globalists who want more immigration, legal and illegal. They support giving illegal aliens some type of legal status because they do the jobs Americans won’t do. They also support providing in-state tuition for illegal alien students. Boyd was a supporter on the in-state tuition issue in Tennessee.

Hagerty’s first choice for President, Jeb! showed up in Tennessee to headline a fundraiser for La Raza Randy. See how they all belong to the same group?

Haslam chose Hagerty and La Raza Randy because they are his cronies and his political running buddies. Their political positions are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

The three are cozy kissin’ cousins when it comes to trying to keep Establishment Republicans in control.

While Bill Hagerty was out raising money for Romney in 2012, Bill Haslam served as the State Chairman for Romney’s campaign. The slate of Tennessee delegates for Romney included Hagerty’s mother Ruth, his wife Chrissy, and Randy Boyd.

Bill & Chrissy Haslam with Romney

Hagerty can talk about baling hay and shoveling asphalt in his growing up years. Running for his buddy Lamar’s seat has him shoveling up something else. He wants voters to believe he’s a conservative Republican – same thing Bill Haslam filled the trough with during his campaign.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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