The Evolution of a Muslim Organization (AMAC) Part 3


Connecting the dots within Muslim organizations is important as it gives a glimpse into who and what the group really stands for.  The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) has intentionally billed itself as the premier bridge builder to give the impression they are willing to work with law enforcement, at the same time educate about their religion. Its most recent director until 5 months ago was Paul Iesa Galloway. As we have previously stated, AMAC, has the same principles and objectives that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has, due in part to Mr. Galloway since his roots are with CAIR. 

Galloways past has many connections to Muslim Brotherhood organizations including CAIR (aka Hamas) which he was the founder and director of in Houston TX. Being the director of AMAC for several years, it is easy to see his influence from his CAIR time and how it now has evolved within AMAC.  

Remember from the beginning AMAC was the “bridge builder” for the Muslim community with law enforcement and other government agencies. As the years have gone by, AMAC’s mission has become more like CAIRS in that they are now empowering Muslims ( including refugees and immigrants) by hosting “know your rights” seminars, ” get out the Muslim vote” campaigns and joining with their neighboring tenant the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) in the resistance movement, # indivisible. Note:  Renata Soto is responsible for the creation of Casa Azafrán, which houses Conexión Américas and a number of other nonprofits, including AMAC and TIRRC. Soto  has been named chairwoman of the National Council of La Raza — the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. La Raza (meaning “the race”) is also one of the most anti-American, socialist groups.

Pictured here is AMAC’s Chair woman, Zulfat Suara with Renata Sota

 AMAC now, according to their website, no longer speaks of bridge building with law enforcement, but uses them as a means to report what they call  anti Muslim hate, and tracking incidents of bias. It now is about advancing justice,instituting training and public relations.   


No one should be surprised though. AMAC members used their religion and victim status in order to gain support and sympathy, which in turn has opened many doors. It really isn’t about bridge building, it’s about infiltration. It isn’t about working together to make Tennessee a better place, it is about deceit and indoctrination.  Its all about creating the path they need to fulfill their ultimate goal..the destruction of the Western world from within.

Lest we forget, AMAC and their neighbor TIRRC received grants from the anarchist himself, George Soros.  This grant isn’t for “building bridges” with law enforcement, in fact, it’s to resist them. 


Finally, one must understand the Muslim Brotherhood, and its goal, which all of its umbrella front groups adhere to. Taken from their manifesto ( read entire document hereis the most significant directive: 

Daoud Abudiab, founding member of AMAC attends a Muslim Brotherhood conference, whose stated goal is to destroy Western civilization from within. In addition to that he is the founder of the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville TN, who leads the interfaith farce, where Muslims like Abudiab tell Christians and Jews their religion is the same as Christianity. He leaves out the goal of eliminating all other religions. 

Drost Kokoye, original and current board member of AMAC who not only hates being called an American, she hates the cops her organization is supposed to build bridges with. 

Sabina Moyhuddin, current project manager of AMAC,  while presenting in front of AMAC’S guests, a U.S Attorney and FBI agent, openly states 2 Muslim Brotherhood groups, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Fiqh Council  help Muslims to stay true to their values.

Saleh Sbenaty, long time board member of AMAC, closes his eyes to hateful anti Jewish social media posts by members of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), for which he is the faculty advisor at the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Sbenaty also has a cozy relationship with Nihad Awad, the self proclaimed Hamas supporter and head of CAIR (Hamas).

Paul Iesa Galloway, just recently departed as executive director of AMAC, whose former directorship of CAIR Houston plays a major role in AMAC aligning with and implementing CAIR principles and programs.  

Muslims in America have an agenda that is being systematically implemented, and a vast majority of Americans are letting it happen, whether for lack of knowledge, disbelief, or just acceptance.  The Muslim Brotherhood and its comrades are not our friends, but neither are those who tolerate and embrace them and their agenda. The America we knew and still cling too is not the America they envision. The time is coming when you will have to choose..whose side will you be on?

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