Student Walk Out: It Isn’t about Safety, It’s About Resisting.

 As more and more students are interviewed by the main stream media, not once have I heard killer Nikolas Cruz be blamed for the death of 17 precious souls in FL.  Not once has he been the brunt of anger by  the fist shaking, disgruntled young people gathered at anti-gun rallies this weekend. Instead, their anger and hate is focused on the President of the United States, the NRA and some members of Congress. One of the most disturbing signs seen at a rally in Parkland FL, where the massacre by Nikolas Cruz occurred, was a sign claiming “the blood is on your hands” next to a picture of the President, not the actual person that literally had blood on his hands.




What started as a national walk out for students, organized by a radical, anti American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour,now has turned into three separate actions including Sarsour’s “Mpower” ,  The Women’s March, and March for Our lives. This isn’t about students and their safety in schools, this is about the resist movement which has hijacked and politicized this horrific event in an effort to cause chaos and disruption in classrooms across America. 

Students that have planned a walk out to show their frustration and concern about their safety in school legitimately have issues that should be heard. Aligning themselves and their message with  leaders of marches who wore vagina hats, and support violent, controversial movements, such as BLM, will only muddy their cause, and most likely will not be taken seriously. 

Allowing leftist, socialist, and Islamist activists to drive their narrative is not what these students need.  Sarsour states “the youths have united and see these events as part of an escalation strategy”.  Sarsour, an avid supporter of many Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S , has been on the front lines of many “strategies” gone bad,  including the Ferguson riots, and BLM marches. Sarsour also has called for “jihad” against the President of the United States, and states that white men are fascists.  

What part of a genuine discussion regarding student’s safety requires an “escalation strategy”?  It doesn’t, unless their willing to follow the footprints these groups have made that left many communities burned to the ground, (Ferguson) and called for cops to be killed (BLM). 

No, this isn’t about how to secure schools, and learn the best practices to carry out those measures. It isn’t about mental health solutions, or getting back to family and God, it’s about using these kids to deliver the leftist, socialist, Islamist agenda that is called the resistance. Use any method, and means to disrespect authority, disrupt and destroy. 

It’s now up to the students, and their parents.  Will they choose to be genuine in the desire to make change, be leaders in their own rightful movement, or be  clueless followers of a cause that seeks to dismantle and destroy the best country in the world. 


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