Muslims Hold Conference to Promote Organizing and Winning Elections in America.

 So while American politicians are busy running campaigns, making promises and statements that are irrelevant according to the issues today, Muslim politicians, and those considering becoming one, attended a conference called the. Muslim Caucus Collective for Equitable Democracy. In what appeared to be a who’s who from the Muslim political arena,including anti-American, anti- white, and Jew hater Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the topic of conversation was about obtaining the power and influence needed to change America as it is.

Two extreme Muslim Brotherhood front groups were present, including CAIR’s Nihad Awad, who supports Hamas, and Keith Ellison, a member of the United States Council for Muslim Organizations (USCMO). Ellison, a former congressman, now is the Attorney General for the State of Minnesota. This conference should be of great concern for all Americans, including our elected officials. 



While many may view this 3 day conference as just typical, one must understand the true meaning and danger it poses to our system. It isn’t about Muslims coming together to solve their own issues, it is a strategy to undermine, and implement the path for Muslims to gain power. Millions of Americans continue to see Muslims as a special class that need protections, as they claim they are discriminated against, and harassed on a daily basis. Playing victim has served them well, as it enables them to garner the sympathy and support of those same Americans. 

One such example of claiming victimhood at this conference was an exchange Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had with a member of the audience who asked a question about female genital mutilation (fgm), which occurs to young Muslim women here and abroad. Rather than answering the question, or taking a stand against it, Omar thinks it is grand standing time and chastises the woman for asking the question. How dare someone ask a Congresswoman if she believes in FGM!  Watch the exchange here:


The bottom line of this conference was to make other Muslims, thinking about running for office, to be victims, and you will be successful. When in reality, Muslims aren’t victims at all, but rather conniving members of  American society, that believe their “duty” is to fundamentally transform.

Keith Ellison, the former Congressman, now the Attorney General in Minnesota, a state destined to be destroyed by Islamists, declared in his presentation ” If you have a Muslim value system, you have a duty to help the community you are in”. Not an “American” value system, a Muslim one. It isn’t about being an American, its all about being a Muslim. 

What other “religious” community declares their duty to be elected to public office? What other “religious” group insists they have power and influence in American politics? If you understand the answer is none, then you get it. Muslims are not here in America to be equal, but rather to dominate, as their doctrine subscribes. American politicians need to wake up and realize they may be replaced by an Islamist in the near future. It is incumbent upon every elected official to uphold American policies, and values, not those of Muslim ones. 

Until we all wake up and see the writing on the wall, Muslims will continue to be empowered, and emboldened to force change. A change that will tilt America to the point of no return. 


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  1. We have to get them out of our government before they take over!!! Please tell your politicians to vote no on anything they ask! God is Great as is the USA, let’s keep it Great!!!

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