Five Years After Ferguson. Will Anniversary Bring Violence?

 August 9 will mark five years since Michael Brown of Ferguson MO was shot and killed after attempting to steal a police officers gun during a struggle. “Hands up don’t shoot” was the lie that fueled days of riots in Ferguson egged on by social justice groups and Muslims for Ferguson


In keeping with the narrative that Michael Brown is somehow a martyr for the black community,  Browns father is asking the criminal investigation be reopened. “On this 5-year anniversary, I will be asking St. Louis County Prosecutor Attorney Wesley Bell to reopen this case or obtain a prosecutor and investigate the information and see if it can go forward in reopening.”

Besides the probability this request would spark more civil unrest, it also is against the double jeopardy clause, where a defendant cannot face the same charges twice. It is a no win situation, because whether the prosecutor denies the request, or tries to go forward, undoubtedly the decision will cause anger within a community that refuses to move on. With the climate today being one of disrespect and hatred for law enforcement, one must wonder why this would even be considered.  

More than likely, activists within the community in Ferguson,  are looking to reopen old wounds, and jump on the anti-police bandwagon again, as it seems it’s the in thing to cause civil unrest and more divisiveness.

What started it all…Michael Brown attempting to rob store owner.


It isn’t about justice, it was duly served, and Officer Darren Wilson was determined to be innocent. It is about the continuing efforts to dismantle and destroy law enforcement as we know it. Police are no longer allowed to do their job, as they face backlash for their split second decisions, both by the community they serve and often their own superiors and elected officials.

There is no sincere effort to form an alliance with police, as we have seen with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which was born in 2014. This movement has only caused more hatred and bias against the police. Even police training has become more about social justice and civil rights than tools for them to perform their jobs effectively.

Police agencies across the U.S, now includes “implicit Bias” and “Procedural Justice” training, for whatever good that does. Suggesting only police officers have biases in ludicrous.  Every human being has some sort of bias, however it does not mean they cannot perform a job.

The bigger picture is to continue to breakdown society, where laws and enforcement of them are no longer effective. Chaos will ultimately be the end game, if activists have their way. Perhaps it is time to put responsibility and accountability where it the communities where criminals are born and raised. Until then, lawlessness will become the norm.

The pot is about to boil over.

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