Tennessee Has Its Own America-Hating Progressive “Squad” Member

In case you haven’t been following the news, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, four America-hating progressives in Congress are now being referred to as “The squad.”

At least two members of “The Squad” – Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – have also voiced their hatred of all things Israel and Jews.

Pressley is only interested in black and brown people who will only agitate for black and brown people.

Occasional Cortex hates everything about us and falls in line with her squad comrades.

Tennessee’s squadster began tweeting out her America-hating-Jew-hating messages long before the others were elected by the other America-hating progressives in their districts.

Drost Kokoye is a Kurdish refugee who like Ilhan Omar was resettled to the U.S. when she was a child and like Omar, hates Americans but greedily takes advantage of the freedoms our country offers haters like herself.

Kokoye cultivated her “I hate America” persona, as a Multicultural Organizer and Board member for the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).

In the same year that Kokoye helped launch the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), serving as a board member since its founding, she was featured by TIRRC in their “Faces of New American Voters” campaign.

Two years later, Kokoye was busy tweeting out her rejection of our country and its values:

Putting her words into action, Kokoye worked to subvert our rules that help ensure the integrity of the voting process. While registering voters at a Nashville mosque, she advised voter registrants that they could misrepresent registration information to better fit her (and their) anti-Israel political agenda.

Honing her hatred of all things Jew and Israel, she led a pro-HAMAS rally outside the Tennessee capitol building and teamed up with virulent Jew hater Linda Sarsour who subsequently became a featured speaker for AMAC events.

And never once, did AMAC’s leader Zulfat Suara have her outspoken board member Drost Kokoye tone down her anti-Jew rhetoric.

Kokoye is also a vocal supporter of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement, which has been outed for the Jew-hatred it tries to conceal using alleged concern for Arab humanitarian rights.

Zulfat’s political idols Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have introduced a pro-BDS resolution Congress. Omar has falsely equated the BDS movement with the boycotts of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, a comparison in keeping with her slew of Jew-hating anti-Semitic remarks.

Often referred to as “Little Kurdistan,” in 2004, Nashville was selected as one of five U.S. sites where Iraqis living in the U.S. as U.S. citizens, could vote in Iraq’s elections. Needless to say, Kokoye rushed to quench her allegiance to her native country.

As far as we’re concerned, Kokoye is welcome to return to her native country and take her hatred for America and our ally Israel, with her. We promise not to write.

3 thoughts on “Tennessee Has Its Own America-Hating Progressive “Squad” Member”

  1. This is political Islam in action. Hatred for the Kafirs (non-Muslims), especially the Jews, and hatred of Western civilization, come directly from the doctrine of Islam based on the Koran and the words and actions of Mohammed. This doctrine supports the brutal oppression of women, slavery, the use of terror to control civilians through violence, murder and rape, animal cruelty and a host of other despicable actions that are halal or permitted by this ideology.

    Drost has been actively working for years to help pave the way for establishing Islamic sharia law in our state. As a lawyer she will be invaluable to CAIR and AMAC and she probably has political aspirations. Drost is a more dangerous than homegrown jihadi Carlos Bledsoe because she’s going to work to bring down our country from the inside while we watch the next episode of the Game of Thrones and the Super Bowl and write on facebook about what we ate at a restaurant.

  2. Since she has admittedly broken her oath of citizenship by proclaiming that she has always hated America, why has she not been sent back yet?

  3. Muslim should not be in our Gov to change laws. They are oppressed woman and children. They will allow what goes on in their country. I can’t see the just yet maybe cuz of lack of trust for their ideology where they come from and is instilled in them. How do I know they will not change our laws to fit them? If enough of them get in, you don’t think they will change our constitutions? We are not suppose to have foreign laws, nor foreign voters but the dems are allowing illegals to vote and have free health care. The ppl in congress can’t be trusted cuz who they allow in congress and not upholding the laws. I don’t know what ppl sign once in congress or before but I know that can lie. We already have 2 Muslims in congress hating on usa and Israel. These ppl should be removed as soon as they make hate threats and congress is not doing their job which makes it hard to trust having Muslims in congress. It’s not hate, its not trusting their ideology of life and conflicts we already been having with them.

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