Greene County TN Election Official Boasts of Buying “F Trump” Lipstick.

It would only seem fair for Greene County voters to expect their election commissioners to be trustworthy and unbiased. However, a question that needs to be asked is if one belongs to a progressive, Trump hating organization, and publicly boasts of her disdain for our President, can she be trusted with the peoples votes? You be the judge.

Lena Kendrick Dean, a self-proclaimed activist is also a  team leader of a nation-wide movement called Indivisible. While every single American has a right to belong to these groups, and to even display grotesque photos of a sitting president, there is an expectation of one who handles elections, and ballots to be above doing so.

                                                                                           Indivisibles Pledge

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Indivisible was founded as an off shoot of former President Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” which trains people across the country how to use Saul Alinsky style tactics to go after political opponents. Its founders Ezra Levin, Angel Padilla, and Leah Greenberg, all former democratic congressional staffers created Indivisible immediately after President Trump was elected as a means to resist his agenda and encourage disruption to his policies on all levels.

On the Indivisible website, their sole focus is to “defeat Trump at all costs”. Again, there are many groups looking to defeat, even destroy President Trump as the 2020 election grows near. Is it appropriate though, for one whose duties specifically calls to “secure the freedom and purity of the ballot” be done by someone who boasts about buying F Trump lipstick or even an offer to her to buy a F Trump T-shirt? Should Ms. Dean be trusted to “secure the freedom and purity of the ballot” when her organization calls to “do whatever it takes” to defeat trump?

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 One of the more demeaning, disgraceful pictures posted by Ms. Dean of President Trump is this one, which is explained in a detailed news article regarding the meaning of “OfPutin” 


                                                                          Lena Kendirck Deans Instagram photo

You don’t have to like President Trump, agree with his policies or vote for him, but can elected or appointed election officials  be trusted to maintain the integrity of all peoples votes be trusted when such disdain in apparent?

In todays political climate, the last glimmer of hope we can have is our vote means something, but according to Ms. Dean’s public disdain for the current president, can Greene County residents be assured their vote will count? 

30 thoughts on “Greene County TN Election Official Boasts of Buying “F Trump” Lipstick.”

  1. Just another example of the Demorats hypocritical attitude, just dare a conservative say Anything against the Liberal faction and holy hell will break loose. Here is a example yet again of the fox guarding the henhouse. There are No rules for them to follow, they are allowed to do as they please. No trust in our local government with this setup. She needs to go.

  2. You fellers sound like a redneck triple team circle jerk. Pot calling kettle. Maybe what is good for the goose is good for the gander. In fact, I’m thinking that in order to combat the idiocy on your side, it may very well require an vitriol filled onslaught from the left on the exact same level that the evangelical surrounded leader spews. It actually sounds super exciting. Just like…a reality show!!! That’s all this government has been for the last 3 years.

    1. Oh, why don’t you shut your mouth you ole hag? I’ll tell you where you can stick that goose and that hussies lip stick. What you need to do is take a flying leap back into reality. I would rather support a president surrounded by evangelicals than one that supports infanticide you murdering, soulless, gender confused, socialist communist.

  3. No one with that much disdain for a president should EVER be in a position to make any kind of decisions toward his possible election procedure!!!

    1. Have you read Trump’s tweets against Obama. I assume you like Trump but hold him to a different standard because of your own bias.

  4. They need to fire her. She is too much Anti-Trump to work for the election commission. Its okay Ms. Dean, we will just see who is the one laughing come November!! You may have to use your lipstick someplace else!!! #Butthurt. #Trump2020. #4moreyears

  5. I can tell you this. Lena Kendrick Dean does not play fair in any way. She’s become a steamroller out of control, answers to nobody, has no problem with threatening anyone who goes against what she says. I would go so far as to call her evil.

  6. Not comfortable with a person having and showing that much hate for the President. I say fire her. Not trustworthy to conduct herself professionally.

    1. There is no way she can be impartial on anything after reading about her. She needs to be fired. Anyone with this much hate in their black heart does not need to hold any public office period!

  7. This post is obviously slanted toward the far-right faction of the Republican Party. It further demonstrates that the publisher doesn’t understand how County Election Commissions are set-up. The Election Commissioner are not elected, but are appointed by the local political party’s. Once nominated, each individual is approved through a process of the Secretary of State.

    These individuals, of which Greene County, TN is composed of 3 Republican and 2 Democrat appointees, are not asked to give up their personal identities or conform to any set of rules outside of those held by the local Election Commission.

    FYI, all Election Commission meeting are open to the public.

    Darrell Key, Chair
    Greene County Democratic Party

    1. Thank you for your comment. If you had read the article thoroughly, you would have seen it says elected or appointed. Regardless of how she was placed on the Election commission, she has shown publicly, she cannot be trusted with maintaining the integrity of the commission. Perhaps you should read the Ethic Rules.

  8. I guess we can’t expect professional behavior from anyone now days? We can’t even get professionalism from our highest levels of government. It’s a direct reflection of their moral character and it’s all about them and what they want. If the don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum like a 6 year old. If you hold a public office, paid or not, you should have the restraint to act in a professional manner. If you can’t manage to do that you need to be fired. It’s that simple!

    1. The president bullying women and others is professional behavior I suppose? Why would you hold this lady to a higher standard than the president?

      1. Do you have any proof of this? If you do, lay it all out… I’d bet you dont. You are just blindly following what CNN is reporting and repeating what you are hearing….

        1. There is a big difference here. She is openly flaunting her bad behavior. She is not a innocent young lady as you would portray her, she is disgusting and a disgrace to Greene County and this country…..

      2. Why would military service members and the police be held to higher standards then the President? Who knows…. but they are and as a representative of the election process, she should be as well!

  9. Now that I know about her, it is scarry to have her on the Election Commission. Can she be trusted to do everything right given the fact she so blatantly and openly hates Trump? I will be afraid that she will do something to the vote totals on election day. Votes have gone missing in other places. What if they go missing here? I have been wondering how the voter roles could be cleaned up and how mixed up they are in TN. Judicial Watch has been working on voter roles in other states. I am sure we need it too.

  10. Taking the Trump issue out of this, this woman has a long history threatening people who don’t agree with her.
    Even going so far as threatening bodily harm against other women because they stood up for the 2nd Amendment in Greene Country.
    If a man had acted the same way he would have been out of a job.

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