Can Voters Trust Anything Bill Lee Says?

Like what he has said about refugee resettlement and transgender issues?

Remember, the candidate Bill Lee repeatedly talked about his conservative principles.

He also talked about how he supported Tennessee’s Tenth Amendment lawsuit against the federal government for forcing the state to spend it’s money on resettling refugees after the state said it didn’t want to be part of the program.

But Governor Lee decided he wanted to continue bringing refugees to Tennessee on the state’s dime. So Lee ignored the directions of President Trump’s Executive Order and said he consented for the whole state even though President Trump and the Department of Justice said local governments were supposed to have a say equal to the governor’s.

The DOJ has written this explicitly in their legal brief objecting to the federal contractors’ lawsuit to enjoin the President’s Executive Order:

‘To those ends, Section 2(a) of the Executive Order directs the Secretary of State to develop and implement a process within 90 days of the date of the Executive Order to determine whether the State and locality both consent in writing to the resettlement of refugees within the relevant State and locality, before any refugees are resettled within that State and locality under the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.”

On this issue, Lee decided to align himself with the Soros-funded groups like TIRRC, AMAC and the ACLU. These are the groups that predictably and consistently resort to calling conservative voters “haters” because the facts are never on their side.

Candidate Lee also said that it should be up to the local governments to decide whether biological boys and girls who’ve decided to change their gender identity, should be able to use the school bathroom they believe aligns with their new identity.

During a campaign stop Lee was asked to state his position about boys with penises who want to be girls and insist on using the girl’s bathroom, Lee wouldn’t take a position claiming instead, that a statewide policy on transgender bathrooms “is not in the best interest of Tennesseans,” it’s divisive and destructive and…that’s government intervention into areas of life that I don’t think we ought to intervene”… “I’m not advocating for or against a transgender bathroom bill.”

Now there are two versions of where Governor Lee stands on the issue of whether girls who used to be boys, should be allowed to compete against real biological girls on school sport teams.

Today, two different versions of the same article on Bill Lee and the transgender school athlete were posted on Breitbart.

The first version reported that Lee decided to formally align with the LGBTQ and big business lobby and signed onto a letter that functionally establishes a statewide policy that girls who used to be boys, cannot be prohibited from competing against real biological girls on school sports teams.

Within a very suspiciously short period of time, (maybe right after the Governor’s office saw that the cat was out of the bag?), an edited version of the article was posted by Breitbart, eliminating any reference to the Governor’s support for transgender school athletes.

Given the Governor’s evasiveness on transgender bathrooms in schools, for example, it’s understandable that there would be questions and doubts about which version of Breitbart article was accurate as far as Lee’s position on transgender athletes.

The easiest way for the Governor to clear up any confusion is to simply come out, support the referenced bills and send his press release to Breitbart.

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  1. I sent governor a letter against refugee resettlement. I’ll get another off to him about transgender later on.

    Keep up the good work!

    What’s the matter with this guy???

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