Tennessee Meet The Real Haters.

These are just a few of faces that the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) advocate for on a daily basis. Illegal criminal aliens, that rape, murder and rob.

TIRRC resists and works to abolish law enforcement, those who stand the line between good and evil. Without them, we will descend into chaos and destruction. TIRRC demands the end of local agencies working with federal law enforcement.

TIRRC also promotes criminal justice reform. Emptying our prisons, lessening bail amounts, and pushing for sanctuary for societies worst. Here, in the TIRRC report titled “Beyond Welcoming” TIRRC pushes to decriminalize “low level” crimes which often lead to more crime.

TIRRC supports open borders, which diminishes the safety, security and sovereignty of the United States. Every country has its borders, and we must fight to retain ours.

                                                             Head of TIRRC Stephanie Teatro (2nd from right) with  “Philly Socialist” t-shirt

These are just some of the issues the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition defends and fights for every day. They are against every fiber of decency, safety and normalcy that we know. These are the same people that chastise and label us haters, bigots or racists. The very same individuals that demand we change our laws to accommodate the lawless. The same individuals that demand rights for those who should have none. They hate our Constitution yet hide behind it every day. They hate you for your beliefs, yet insist you tolerate theirs.
it is time to fight back, it’s time to be angry.  Our voices must rise above theirs, and our demands must be stronger. We are the people, not them. We are what makes America great, not them.

But most of all, they are the haters..not us. 

2 thoughts on “Tennessee Meet The Real Haters.”

  1. The biggest haters are we, the citizens that are fed up with our government (of all offices) opening the door for illegal aliens.

  2. Ask these followers of Liberalism to leave Tennessee they do not belong here nor do thsy belong in America at all. They ard like the Fake Journalist Jorge Ramos I believe is his name an advocate of open borders and free ingress by Immigrants without vetting and robs the taxpayers to get free stuff for these Criminals. No they do not belong here if you do the paperwork, take the Citizensip classes and work to learn English you are wecome here but to those who try to take a short cut and come hereillegally they should be sent packing and be placed on a 5 year wait list before the canapy to come here legally.anchor Babies can stay but their larent can’t the go back and can never have any communication with tbese children who are put up for adoption.

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