Bill Lee Must Step Up and Help President Trump on Illegal Immigration

Last week Breitbart News reported that so far, four states – Iowa, Nebraska, South Carolina, and South Dakota, have agreed to help the President’s effort to figure out the number of illegal aliens versus legal immigrants and American citizens who are living in the U.S.

These states have agreed to share driver license and state identification information with the Department of Commerce which tabulates and anonymizes the data per a directive from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

The administration had tried to get the citizenship question on the 2020 Census but was blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In response, Trump signed an executive order ordering the Department of Commerce to collect state and federal identification data to develop a fair count of the American citizen population.”

Nebraska officials were the first to voluntarily share their state’s information.

So far, it appears that Tennessee has not stepped forward to comply with the President’s executive order.

In light of the recent disclosure by Nashville’s “anti-police” Community Oversight Board, that 31,000 illegal aliens are living and working in Davidson County, it’s in the state’s best interest to provide the information requested by the President’s Executive Order.

It’s certainly possible that Governor Lee hasn’t learned about redistricting yet (remember, after he blind-sided the legislature’s leadership on his refugee resettlement consent he said he was still learning how to do his job?).

In case Governor Lee is in the dark on the subject, the relationship between the Census, illegal aliens, redistricting and electoral votes is pretty straightforward and Breitbart makes it strikingly clear:

“Currently, those lines and votes are apportioned using a population count that includes non-citizens who are not eligible to vote, giving more power in Congress and elections to regions with significant foreign-born populations. The Census estimates that by 2060, about one-in-six residents will have been born outside the U.S.”

Since non-citizens are not eligible to vote, taking their numbers out of the equation helps restore the integrity and benefits of being a legal American citizen.

There’s simply no excuse that Bill Lee can provide to not comply with the President’s Executive Order on this issue. Contact his office and ask him whether Tennessee will comply.

It’s also campaign time and this is one perfect question to ask your current or soon-to-be new state representative and senator. If they value you as a voter, they should be able to commit to seeing to it that Tennessee turn in its data.






1 thought on “Bill Lee Must Step Up and Help President Trump on Illegal Immigration”

  1. Gov. Lee will not help the President find out the number of illegal aliens in Tennessee. The plutocracy that runs him and the State wants their cheap labor for building, commercial and residential cleaning and restaurant work, etc.

    If people had any idea how many illegals there are in the U.S. they would be horrified. Both democrats and republicans encourage illegals to come here for their own selfish benefits, not caring that it’s against the law and weakens our economy and Republic

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