Bill Lee and Todd Gardenhire – The Foxes Guarding Our Immigration Hen House

It’s bad enough that Bill Lee wants more legal immigration to Tennessee in the form of refugee resettlement. Never mind that it forces state taxpayers to pay both the state and federal cost of the voluntary federal program. Never mind that it violates the Tenth Amendment. And, never mind that it illegally usurps the exclusive power of the state legislature to appropriate state funds, and these aren’t even the worst aspects of Bill Lee’s avid support for the federal program. 

Even more odious, is Todd Gardenhire’s push for more illegal immigration to Tennessee even if it means encouraging more human smuggling and trafficking of children 18 years old and younger which is more often than not, financed by the parents who themselves are in the U.S. in violation of the immigration laws.

Gardenhire has long been a cheerleader for illegal immigration to Tennessee going so far as to adopt the left’s politically deceptive label of “undocumented” instead of the accurate statutory label of illegal alien. 

Gardenhire has tried four times to magnetize the state by rewarding illegal alien students with taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition. When he couldn’t get his first bill passed, he tried rewarding the recipients of Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program with in-state college tuition. And when that failed, he tried broadening the scope of his next bill to cover UACs – Unaccompanied Alien Children who generate huge profits for the cartels and other human smugglers. The UACs enter the country illegally and Gardenhire believes they are the model students Tennessee taxpayers should support. 

Sen. Todd Gardenhire

Gardenhire is so enamoured of the illegal population in his district that he publicly denigrated families of White and African American children who he said don’t get involved in their kids’ education. Speaking in the context of a 2018 bill that dealt with illegal immigrants, Gardenhire all but admitted that the “enormous amount” of Latino parents in his district are illegal aliens. As he said:

“In my district we have an enormous amount of Latino students. Let’s just get right down to the chase of it. We have an enormous amount of Latino students and these parents want to be involved. They’re involved more than any other segment of the population are. And if we exclude them because they can’t show some ID [identifying them as legal] and get into the building and participate, we’re doing the students and the teachers and the principals a disservice….If you go to East Ridge High School in Chattanooga and you go to the parents that come involved, it’s not the White parents that show up to be with the kids, it’s not the African American parents that show up with the kids. It’s Latino parents that want to show up and be with their kids and be with the teachers and find out the best way to get educated.” 

Someone in Gardenhire’s district should ask him about 16-year old UAC Edwin Mejia who entered illegally from Honduras and was reunited with his brother, also an illegal alien, living in Madison, Tennessee, just north of Nashville. Gardenhire’s UAC Mejia was drag racing drunk in Nebraska when he killed a U.S. citizen college graduate who was out celebrating her accomplishment.

In his op-ed Gardenhire says he wants the joint study committee to focus on facts and not “get caught up” in the politics which are swirling around the unprecedented surge of illegal UAC border crossers. Yet, Gardenhire self-righteously uses his participation on a church mission trip to Chiapas to try and shame other Christians into supporting and paying for illegal immigration. 

How very leftist of him.

Gardenhire also accuses those who unlike himself, are bigots who don’t care about other people like the Cambodians who were resettled in Chattanooga. The Cambodians, however, were neither smuggled nor trafficked by their “loved ones” but were legally admitted by the U.S. government. 

While announcing his appointment to the House-Senate joint study committee created in the wake of news reports about the UAC arrivals in Chattanooga, the arrogant Gardenhire throws shade on Bill Lee, Senators Hagerty and Blackburn, and Reps. Green and Fleischmann, for being clueless about what is going on in their state and using the UAC issue for political posturing.

Gardenhire says the focus of the joint committee should be on “just the facts.” First fact for Gardenhire is to acknowledge to the legal citizens and legal immigrants living and working in Tennessee who pay his salary and healthcare benefits, that the UACs are illegal aliens and start using the correct and accurate statutory terms. He is a lawmaker after all.

Gardenhire is one of ten Republicans that make up the newly announced joint study committee. Tennesseans can only hope that the remaining nine committee members understand that the facts related to the UACs and illegal immigration overall, do not benefit the state or those living and working here legally.

5 thoughts on “Bill Lee and Todd Gardenhire – The Foxes Guarding Our Immigration Hen House”

  1. Here’s what I’m going to do….I’m going to print this article and send one to Bill Lee and Todd Gardenhire.

    First, neither elected officials asked WE THE PEOPLE OF TENNESSEE if we want more crime, more tax burden, or foreigners in our country especially now, after the wave of the China Virus. Worse, we’ve already been told that those coming from the border were not tested nor treated for Covid.
    Second, just as bad, they carry Third Word diseases we cured decades ago.
    I want all to recall that Obama dumped Refugees around the country. Unfortunately, in Indiana, they brought a very virulent TB….some died, some are still suffering today.
    Now, they will pack these kids into our schools with your kids. I’ve already seen some of them in Walmart. So now, it’s back to the mask for me so as not get anything they are carrying.
    The China Virus and the flu has already taken too many Americans.
    The Second virus to hit us is foreigners….all because Gov Lee wants cheap workers. Two things with that:
    What about our own workers?
    What about our kids in school?

    Two things to recall….GW Bush brought in loads of Hispanics…it turned the school systems upside down with our kids having to share desks! ” AND TEACHERS REQUIRED TO SPEAK SPANISH. No Child Left Behind” left our kids behind.
    I don’t remember the year, but at Christmas time many corporations (AT&T for one) fired their long time employees and switched them out for Asians because Obama gave them huge tax breaks. I remember one Christmas where they fired 70 corporate accounts and replaced them with Asians.
    Obama brought in so many foreigners that Courts and other government systems had to spend millions bringing in and paying interpreters.

    What’s happening now has happened before. We just don’t remember because we have a life and we work hard. Between now and the next election in TN…start looking around for a replacement for Lee.

    I suggest anyone who cares, to either write your own response to Gov Lee and Gardenhire, or copy and send this response. WE can flood his office with our voices….

    WE need to start looking around for a candidate for the next election. If we let Lee stay in office….then we deserve what we get.

  2. Collective mental illness is difficult to watch..

    There are far too many adult children in our midst..

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