Every TN State Legislator Should Have to Watch this Video

Ten state Republicans, five from the House and five from the Senate have been chosen to serve on a joint task force to examine the issue of the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) being transported to and housed in a federally contracted facility. The trafficking of these minor children is being abetted by the pastor of the church which has leased its property to the federal contractor identified as the Baptiste Group.

Sen. Todd Gardenhire who was appointed to serve on the task force has made it clear that he wants more of these children brought to Tennessee so they can be reunited with “loved ones”.

This past March, very disturbing video from the border was captured and posted showing exactly what happens to these children at the hands of the human traffickers often paid by the parents and other “loved ones” to smuggle the children across the border, or in the case of the three and five- year old sisters in the video, have them literally dropped over the 14-ft. border wall and left to fend for themselves until rescued by border patrol.

The story of these two toddlers is made worse yet with the admission that their parents who are already in the U.S. and likely here illegally themselves, paid the coyotes and entrusted these strangers with their very young children. Fortunately, border patrol rescued these children.

Every Tennessee legislator and in particular, Gardenhire needs to see this video before they start yammering about welcoming these children and creating the incentive for children to be trafficked. And for sure, they need to watch this video before they start moralizing to American citizens and legal immigrants about supporting the smuggling pipeline.  

At the very least, make sure you send the video to your state legislators and especially the ten appointed to the task force. The ten are:

Senators – Dawn White, Todd Gardenhire, Ed Jackson, Richard Brigss and Bo Watson; House Reps – Chris Todd, Dan Howell, Scotty Campbell, Bruce Griffey, and Ryan Williams.


1 thought on “Every TN State Legislator Should Have to Watch this Video”

  1. Todd Gardenhire and his cronies exploit illegal aliens and promote human trafficking and child abuse for their own personal gain.

    Do they have no shame or conscience?

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