67,000 Illegal Aliens Taking Jobs From Tennesseans

Tennessee’s Governor and legislators are asleep on illegal alien employment in the state – you need to wake them up because the only defense against Biden and the left running our federal government, is action at the state and local level.

Why don’t they know what we know?????

According to the Center for Migration Studies NY (CMS), a Soros-funded think tank, legal immigrants and illegal aliens are the “essential workers” saving the lives of lazy Tennessee citizens during the COVID pandemic.

In May 2020, the CMS estimated that in Tennessee, 41,200 legal immigrants and 66,900 illegal aliens are working “often at great risk to their health and lives – to keep Americans safe, healthy, fed and poised for economic recovery.”

Tennessee can expect a dramatic change in these numbers given the Biden administration open border approach to immigration.

Illegal alien workers in Tennessee are protected by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and NFIB, the small business lobby which beat back an effort by some Tennessee legislators to pass a mandatory E-verify bill to be used by every business in the state regardless of the number of employees.

Tennessee has its own illegal alien protectionist legislators as well, the two worst being Rep. Patsy Hazlewood and Rep. Bob Ramsey.

CMS says illegal alien workers which they misleadingly label “undocumented”, make up 54% of the foreign-born farm and agriculture workers and 40% in disinfection services. Consistent with Tennessee-specific data, illegal aliens are working in construction and manufacturing.

The same emphasis on the criticality of the foreign-born workforce, especially during COVID, is mimicked by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), another Soros-funded advocate for open borders and mass migration to the U.S.

The CMS report predictably criticized the Trump administration’s restrictionist approach to immigration without giving any recognition for the wage benefits to American workers, particularly low-skilled workers, from a tightened supply of workers. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has confirmed this effect. Negative economic impact is also at play for middle-class earners and recent college graduates.

CMS is a member of the Scalabrini International Migration Network which is a network of hundreds of shelters and “welcoming centers” which supports every category of migrant “on the move a vital chance to rest and refuel before continuing their journeys.” Scalabrini is a “child organization of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).”

The USCCB Migration Services are predominantly financed by federal taxpayer dollars. Between 2018 – 2019, the USCCB received over $52 million federal dollars to fund their “charitable” works. Almost half, $23 million dollars was received for USCCB handling of the unaccompanied alien children (UAC) population.

The USCCB is paid by the federal government to take temporary custody of UACs apprehended at the border. The predicted current surge of UACs at the border spurred by Biden’s executive orders on immigration, and his agenda on amnesty which would also let DACA grantees become citizens. So as far as USCCB is concerned, the more the merrier!

When the Obama administration created the same border crisis, MS-13 gang members, entered with UAC status. The same concern about human trafficking then is re-emerging. Tennessee has a slew of strong anti-human trafficking laws so why are the supposed anti-illegal immigration state legislators and governor, silent?

The crush at the border now has the federal government paying to transport illegal border crossers to locations far from the southern border.

Tennessee has previously received thousands of UACs and is likely to continue receiving arrivals. As of December 2020, among arriving UACs, 35% have tested positive for COVID.

In April 2020, the Nashville government issued a report documenting that 31,000 illegal aliens are living and working in Davidson County. The TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition testified in state legislative committee hearings that the Mexican mobile consular visits Nashville monthly to issue matricula consular cards which TIRRC said are needed by people here illegally so that they have some form of identification. TIRRC also told the committee that they were working with the Metro Nashville Police Department to accept the matricula card as valid identification – that is, treat illegal alien offenders stopped by police, as if they were here with some form of legal status.


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