Unpacking the Pollution in Williamson County Schools

While many were sleeping in Williamson County, others were awakened in early in March to the knowledge that all teachers in the public school system were being required to watch videos and undergo discussions and trainings regarding their unrealized “white privilege.”  The article, “White Privilege, Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (written by Peggy McIntosh) was extremely disturbing to a host of parents and tax payers.  Many were and continue to be terrified to speak publicly of their disapproval.  Currently, in the land of liberty and free speech, there’s a great cost to question, or God forbid, point out wrongs. 

Not so coincidentally, it also came to light that the school system (WCS) had approved and was encouraging teachers to attend a personal development, multi-day, workshop in nearby Cool Springs, sponsored by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  How in the world did this happen?  That’s still uncertain.  Even after school superintendent, Dr. Looney (for reasons unclear) decided to back away from the phrase, “white privilege” and pull the 20-30 registered teachers out of the SPLC workshop/training, more questions remain unanswered than otherwise. 

Superintendent of Williamson County Schools Mike Looney

A very active, highly influential Cultural Competency Council had been formed and has been hard at work for over a year within the schools.  News outlets have reported that this Council meets with Dr. Looney throughout the year to discuss “curriculum, diversity training for faculty [three to four videos made and required for viewing, and at least one outside, speaker/training “expert”, Horacio Sanchez] and the disproportionate rate of discipline of black students.” Much of this was apparently, entirely unknown to most school board members.  Additionally, it was reported that the Council was calling for a system to allow students to safely report discriminatory/racial incidents that provides a trail for follow-up on how the district handles them.  There doesn’t seem to be a clear system in place currently–much like the Wild West—and it’s prime for unloading rounds of claims of “racism” at every turn.

As if this weren’t enough, found buried in communications, WCS is on track to roll out a new, online, social studies curriculum in August 2019.  It was widely unknown that a new one for science was already in place.  A few parents scrambled to the review, which was held three consecutive weekdays in March from 4 – 7pm.  Parents asked on more than one occasion, merely for a reference list of all the resources.  It seems no one saw that question coming.  All told,  there are hundreds or maybe thousands of resources uploaded into a system created completely “in-house.”  So, acquiring a reference list of public school teaching materials should be easy and according to law, anyone would think.  Not so. 

Inquiring parents finally were told to call and make an appointment.  It was agreed that a representative of the “Concerned Parent Group” take the lead, and to-date, one hour was given to spot check the new curriculum.  Two articles flagged were, “Issue Overview:  Jihad” and “Chicago Teens Confronted with New Wave of Islamophobia Speak Up.” The response was that these articles would be removed.  That was two of likely thousands of resources left unreviewed.  The Parent Group asked for an extended review and suggested a temporary password for more convenient review of all the online materials (since most reportedly have other jobs and responsibilities) be given.  But they were told they’d be provided more review time (TBD) during school days/hours, with required supervision.  The curriculum may already have been presented for state review for final approval; the status is unknown at this time.  By law, the state only checks to ensure its required standards are included.  And upon first-hand examination of some of the TCAP review materials for this school year, there’s plenty of pollution already there. 

Wednesday, April 17th, it was reported that Dr. Looney may accept an offer as superintendent in a district in Atlanta, Georgia, within two weeks.  It seems unimaginable how so many parents remain clueless about all that has come to light over these past weeks, yet hundreds are well aware, and though they deeply oppose all this, they do so in anonymity and in fear.   Williamson County is a great place to live in a bubble, and to chase what’s left of the American dream.  But these issues won’t fly under the radar much longer. Regardless of Dr. Looney’s decision, there remains a tremendous amount of work to be done.  There needs to be reversal of political infiltration of a leftist agenda, which appears to be ushering in Islamism in Williamson County schools, across Tennessee, and throughout America, with constant oversight.  A good start would be “unpacking your child’s backpack,” but with the move to online curriculum and stonewalled reviews, that’s merely not going to be good enough.  It’s the “invisible knapsack” full of propaganda that’s hard to un-do once it’s been unleashed, all brought to you by your very own tax dollars, hard at work.

3 thoughts on “Unpacking the Pollution in Williamson County Schools”

  1. This is the type of leadership that has been going on since day one. Teachers and administrators have been too frightened to bring anything up due to others being fired, resigning, or retiring. As a consultant with the state for several years, we had used Mr. Sanchez. However, he was used in high, high poverty systems that received very large federal funds. Never in a system like wm county. I feel as though the board is also responsible for some of this. There is no way they did not know what all he has done.

  2. What a kook this Looney character is. To put ANY credence in the SPLC is just lunacy. They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Williamson County School System, or any other school system. The SPLC is a terrorist organization in and of themselves. No credibility whatsoever. Looney should not have been hired in the first place. Glad I left the area.

  3. I whole-heartedly believe that the so-called racial incidences were fabricated. Members of this racist “cultural competency” council have even said that racist comments were made by people OUTSIDE the school system on a field trip taken by some WCS classes. We need to know why this council has so much power. They are extremely hostile people.

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