Dover TN’s Islamville: A Thriving Training Compound Part 3

At least two deaths have occurred in the Dover Tennessee compound of the Muslims of America called Islamville.  A young man, in his thirties, and a 14 yr old boy. 

Muslims under the direction of their leader, Sheik Mubarak Gilani from Lahore Pakistan, state they are “a premier institute for the study of Holy Qur’an, Islamic traditions and Sufic Sciences.”   Keep in mind,  this is the same Sheikh Gilani that ordered the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, and the same terrorist group identified by the FBI

The ideology reigning over these Muslim of America compounds is based on the “El Gilani Methodology”, which boasts is responsible for curing many mental and “incurable” diseases. “The El Gillani Methodology (EGM), is proven to cure so-called incurable mental and physical disorders through the use of a standardized and scientifically tested system that heals disease of the mind, body and soul by utilizing selected portions of the Holy Quran and other supplications, as well as use of the projection of the visual image of the personal names of Almighty God, Allah, and His Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him.”

Many residents of “Islamville” in Dover TN have had, or continue to use Roods Creek RD in Hancock NY, “Islamberg” aka The International Quranic Open University as an address. This is the “campus” on higher learning of the EGM.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Hinners

This is Jamil Smith, a resident of Islamberg, who claims to be a doctor who has witnessed the power of this method, curing a young man who was suffering from insomnia, and “sins”.

Now, understanding deaths are an everyday occurrence, including young people,  the question might be asked what caused the death of a 14 yr old boy at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital,  who lived  in Islamville, and why was his body transferred to another Muslim of America compound in South Carolina. 

A check with the Davidson County Clerk was unable to provide a death certificate. It is feasible the boy died from illness, but questions remain whether the ideology practiced in the compound he resided, was first used to try and cure him. 

Looking back to last year, a raid on a compound In Mew Mexico of a similar type compound, 5 Muslims were charged with endangering the welfare of children, and Sirhajj Wahajj Jr, was charged with the death of his 3 year old son who instead of receiving his medications for seizures was subjected to “rituals”, very similar to that of the El-Gilani method.

Are the residents of Islamville in Dover TN entrenched in the same Sufi mysticism other compounds are? Are deaths occurring to residents due to illnesses or the attempt to cure using the “El-Gilani” method?

Finally, these compounds exist under the guise of “religion”, but in reality they exist because we are afraid. Afraid of being sued,  and afraid of being labeled. What we have witnessed in America, is once you are stamped with words like Islamophobe, bigot, racist or hater, you can lose your job, your business, your friends, and family. Islamists in America have learned the power of  words, and are eager to label anyone that speaks out against , or tells the truth about them. 

Perhaps these deaths were natural, but given the background and ideology of those that live on these compounds, maybe it is time to put fear and political correctness behind, and call for investigations.

I know..good luck with that .

16 thoughts on “Dover TN’s Islamville: A Thriving Training Compound Part 3”

  1. I would love to know what medical school this guy went to, did he graduate and where did he serve his residency. Does he have a license to practice medicine in Tennessee?

  2. This is how take over countries,they move in and when they reach a certain percentage they start demanding,to them they must take over the world by any means,open your eyes,do your own research.

  3. This should not be happening in our country. I’ve been to this place and would love to have gone through their gate, they’re well armed with guards while inside training for the destruction of America goes on inside. If our government won’t do anything about this take over then we as patriots should just say n

    1. Nope they just leave them alone was told by a special force soldier that they flew over them and they shot at them how stupid are we to allow this there are like 10 of these across the us most close to a military base

  4. I’ve been through the gates many times. Never seen anyone armed. Appeared a poor community. Folks were pleasant. I didn’t see anything to worry about. Of course I didn’t investigate just stating what I’ve witnessed.

  5. This is truly a misleading story. I’ve been taken all the way through the trailer park, not compound. It is absolutely nothing like the small thing in New Mexico that was raided last year. I was invited in and did a story on them. They have been in Dover since the 80s when they bought the land to get out of sinful cities. They don’t allow alcohol on the premises. The reason they started putting armed guards at the gate in 2015 is because of death threats they were receiving. I just truly don’t believe they are a sleeper cell that’s been waiting for 30 plus years to attack. And they were thoroughly investigated by the FBI after 911 with stakeouts and nothing was found. I don’t believe in the god they worship and actually talked to them about Jesus Christ when I was there, which is what they need, a relationship with Christ.

    1. Mr. Peppers, I am surprised as a journalist you label this misleading. Apparently you have failed to research what the The Muslims of America stand for, and who their leader is. Try reading all three parts of this series, you may learn exactly who and what they are.

    2. Mr. Peppers you are one the many people in OUR country, that is the problem!!!
      You think they were gonna say “Hey, would you like to see all the weapons an shit we have?
      “Oh, an we trust you so much, why don’t you come over with your family for a BBQ?”….
      You feel sorry for them!!????
      You’re a disgrace to the American people an your profession!!!
      Go take your wife out there an move in with the nasty ass Muslim terrorist!!!

  6. And Islamic terrorist training camp you’re not being against the Muslims when you say they’re trying to take over this country and Implement Shahara Law they have been trying to do it for centuries it is said they have learned Europe and I have personal information from Germany that it is turned into hell over there on account of the Muslims do we want that here the women are the one that need to watch out when the Muslims take over they will be fair game I run the danger of being beheaded for even saying this

  7. Mr Peppers, I am sure you saw what they wanted you to see. Muslims above all else are liars and cannot be trusted. They showed you their so called good side and you fell for it. They are not a peaceful group or a tolerant group. You need to research what they have done in other cities and towns where they have settled. It isn’t very pretty.

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