The Erosion of Free Speech by Muslims in America.


We Americans are losing our country to an enemy that is methodical, and determined to bring about their belief of justice and democracy.

In the Middle East, speaking out against Islam or their prophet will get you killed. In America it gets you fired, labeled and silenced.. Do not think for one second Islam promotes tolerance, or that Muslims believe in the First Amendment. They do not, however they will use the First Amendment to their advantage.



The Constitution is a man made document, Muslims do not follow or adhere to anything unless Allah created it.

Across the country, there have been several examples of Americans speaking out against Islam, which follows up with the terrorist organization CAIR/Hamas demanding they be removed, or dismissed from their positions.  In  McKinney TX, two Cockrill Hill Middle School teachers were forced to resign due to comments made on their own social media pages, which  referred to Islam as a “satanic death cult,” an “evil ideology,” and “a political ideology…that cannot assimilate. It must dominate. Justin Barton and Mark Russell are both 100% correct in their assertions, but because it was the truth, but “offensive” to Muslims , they now are unemployed.  In other statements on social media, one of the teachers stated transgenders were “mentally ill”. which CAIR also was offended by. Imagine, a religion that calls for the death of homosexuals by throwing gays off of buildings is offended. ( Watch here as Imams and Islamic religious scholars discuss death for homosexuals.


In rural Jackman Maine, the town manager, Tom Kawczynski,  stated on his own social media site that New England’s white majority should stay white and  to keep out Muslims. Kawczynski further states he is not a racist,  but “What gets me in trouble sometimes is I am a white person who is not ashamed to be white.” CAIR/Hamas insisted he be fired, which he now has been. fired. (

In the political arena, CAIR/Hamas  welcomed the firing of “Islamophobic White Supremacist” strategist Steve Bannon, condemned Trump’s pardon for Joe Arpaio,  while also welcoming the resignation of Sebastian Gorka. 

In the past several weeks CAIR has also ramped up their intolerance by demanding three speakers not be allowed to present at a Homeland Security Summit in Nashville TN, (at a Christian college no less) due to  their indepth knowledge of Islam and Islamic organizations infiltrating the USA.  Instead the event was not allowed to be held on campus grounds,claiming the 3 speakers were anti-Muslim and haters. (

Trevecca University president Dan Boone has stated that no Islamic group had interfered with his decision to revoke the use of their facility, however CAIR’s sister organization AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) obviously states otherwise.

While we may not agree or like the contents of statements made by those recently fired, or denied speaking, the ability of a terrorist organization to shut down anything, including speech is dangerous and leading us down a slippery slope. CAIR/Hamas is an unindicted co-conspirator in our nations largest terrorist funding trial in American history.  CAIR has been designated a terror organization in the UAE, and other Middle Eastern countries, and Hamas has been on the US State Dept’s Foreign Terrorist Organization watch list since 1997. (

In Islam, there is no such thing as freedom of speech, or expression of thought. Muslims will rebuke that though by using Taqiyya, or the art of deception to gain sympathy and support. For now Muslims are making great gains in places or positions of power. If this trend continues, America will fall to their intended goal, the return of their one god (allah), one law (sharia), and one government, the caliphate. 

Good luck with that. 




1 thought on “The Erosion of Free Speech by Muslims in America.”

  1. Most folks have a very short attention span, of which I am at times guilty myself. Cair needs to be on the list of Terrorist Organizations, for the Invaders are within the gates. We are on the threshold of being overrun and asleep while the Muslims are taking our country. Ms. Cathy is one of the one voices in the wilderness, putting her life on the line for you. At any time one of these Muslims would slit her throat given the chance. You have all seen Wittler’s, old men on a bench carving images out slowly, chip at a time. This is CAIR along with others in the Muslim groups. You need to get active, for no one but you can save this nation. MUSLIMS BUILD NOTHING, they destroy, rape, kill, main, butcher. One stone at a time, congeal you into sleep, as they destroy your history, change your schools, insert themselves in your government. NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOU. I’ve posted this many times before, and it is the shortest, best answer to what is happening and the end goal of the INVADERS. Take a few minutes to digest this clip , it will inflame you and educate you too the pending storm coming.

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