Tennessee Muslims Silent On Christians Demise.

This past week, Christians rushed to mosques and rallies to support Muslim communities as the horrific event in New Zealand came to light. One such rally was held in Nashville TN, by the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

However, the hypocrisy of members of AMAC, specifically the chairwoman, Zulfat Suara, is astounding. Suara, who is running for a Metro Nashville member at large seat, proudly proclaims to be from Nigeria, where she visited just a few months ago.

Ms. Suara excitedly describes her trip to her home country, even commenting on royalty that runs in her family. All this, regardless of the last few months throughout the African country, hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered by Muslim tribes, some while attending church services, others being gunned down as they fled from their homes that were set on fire.

In this WKRN Nashville news channel interview from Sunday, March 17, Ms. Sulfat states they are there to support and pray for the Muslim victims in New Zealand. and standing with other faith members to not tolerate the violent rhetoric.


How is it a self professed woman of faith completely ignore the death of hundreds of Christians in her own country, especially after a recent visit? Ms. Sulfat is the same woman who accepted an award for her “interfaith” work from the Muslim Brotherhood front group the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

Ms. Suara is the same woman that insinuates herself into various religious and social women’s organizations promoting a narrative that she is a true follower of Islam, which is tolerantaccepting and peaceful.  Yet in October of 2018, she declared all woman that support Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should go to hell!

On March 27, the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) led by Ms. Suara will host Muslim Day on the Hill in Nashville TN with the goal of meeting with Tennessee state legislators.

Perhaps those Ms. Suara meets with should ask her why she prays for Muslims being killed but fails to pray for Christians being executed in her own homeland.

Her silence is deafening, her hypocrisy is appalling.

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  1. YOU take your terrorist selves and get out of our country. You are NOT wanted or needed. I dare you come to America with your idiotic bullshit and try to push it on us. We are Christians, not terrorists. Go away forever.

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