Tennessee Immigrant Organizations Aiding Obama’s Agenda Against Trump


Since leaving office in 2016, Barack Obama has dedicated himself to the destruction of the Trump administration. Along with the creation of his grassroots organization “Organizing for Action” (OFA), another group self described as  former “congressional aides”,  Indivisible, has paired with OFA for training purposes. Both OFA and Indivisible have taken money from Communist billionaire George Soros through the Open Society Foundation and his Proteus Fund.  Along with other disgruntled leftist, Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer, their agenda is to either impeach President Trump or force him to resign. Both OFA and Indivisible are tools designed to promote disunity and hatred for those who are willing to hit the streets in protest, causing disruptions and fights against anything representing a support for President Trump and his policies. 

 It doesn’t take much to figure out why Obama visited Tennessee on at least 4 occasions the last few years. As reported in several news outlets, Obama’s Dept. of Justice had set up a “slush fund” with monies collected from outcomes of lawsuits filed on behalf of the DOJ. Monies that should have been passed on to victims, was given instead to leftist organizations, that would eventually help carry out Obama’s agenda…to destroy the Trump administration, while drastically altering the demographics of states like Tennessee.

One of those recipients of millions of dollars was the National Council of La Raza,  whose new chairwoman of the board Renata Soto calls Nashville TN home. Soto is the co-founder of Conexion America’s , whose website states it “addresses the pressing challenges, and opportunities, created by demographic changes in Middle Tennessee as an increasing number of Latino families moved to our state”.   

obama with soto

Obama with Conexion America’s /La Raza Chairwoman Renata Soto


Renata Soto has partnered her organization with Casa Afrazan, who considers themselves to be the “gateway to Nashville’s most international and socially diverse district. Casa Azafrán is both a beautiful event space and home to a collective of nonprofits who offer services in education, legal, health care and the arts to immigrants, refugees and the community as a whole“. 

The collective of non profit partners includes those with the same agenda including the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). Their mission is to empower immigrants and refugees,help them develop a unified voice,  and defend their rights.  During the same visit, Obama managed to speak with a board member of TIRRC, Somalian Mohammed Shukri. TIRRC has received thousands of dollars from Obama friend billionaire George Soros. from 2012 to present.   (See documents here)

Shukri is also a steady presence with another partner housed in Casa Afrazan, the American Muslim Advisory Council, (AMAC). AMAC claims to be a bridge builder between various communities, including law enforcement. However, AMAC is in opposition to many things, including the 2011 anti-terrorism material support bill, which they intentionally labeled falsely as an anti- Islam bill. Prior to the bill being passed, Muslim activists across the state, including Shukri, met privately with officials from the TN Dept. of Homeland Security seeking assistance on how to oppose such type legislation in the future. 



Another board member of AMAC, Zulfat Suara (also in above picture) helps promote the Indivisible movement along with partner Renata Soto. 



Delving into only 3 of the organizations housed in Casa Afrazan, one can see a relationship that circles back to the overall plan of the former president, Barack Obama. Fundamentally changing America by promoting open borders, little or no vetting for refugees, free everything for all, and labeling anyone who is patriotic, Nazi’s and Fascists is just the beginning. 

A  former president who now openly has declared war on the current administration is committing an act of sedition, and those aiding his organization to provoke civil unrest, whether through disrupting the system or creating mayhem on our streets are just as guilty. 













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  1. Ms. Cathy, listen carefully to the latest news narrative. Notice that some of the far left pundits are now comparing Trump to Hitler. Myself, even knowing the number of the Muslins Obama put in high gov’t positions am still shocked at the depth of the crime, the infiltrators, the sabotage, this treasonous bastard has done to the Nation. Not an overly religious man here but believe in the almighty. Had Trump not won , this Nation was lost. This was Gods work and God alone. We sat on the precipice. We have to unite, charge these paid thugs with felonies and put current laws to work. Remember for the last eight years, Obama has been putting this illegal organization together. We have only drawn a line in the sand and the war has just begun. It will take a generation to purge this satanic group from our shores or we shall die as a Nation if every one of us does not put our hearts and souls into the effort. I’ve led a blessed life, but when I’m gone my soul will not rest knowing I did not do my part for my Nation.

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