Tennesseans County Commissions Beware!

It would have only taken one word. No. However, Gov Bill Lee has decided to kick Tennesseans to the curb as his decision to accept refugees continues to cause divisiveness and anger in every single county. Because of his sole decision, the state of Tennessee will be financially burdened by being forced to pay for what used to be a federally funded program. 

In Sept of 2019, President Trump issued an executive order which gave states the option to reject refugees, while also giving its localities (counties) a voice to decide if they too chose to not accept them. In December of 2019, a resolution was prepared which circulated to counties who then began to add the issue to their commission meetings. Those counties with conservative, level headed commissions made the choice to reject refugees, but the word quickly spread to social justice groups, and now they have sprung into full action.

So what can conservative county commissioners and their constituents expect? Being labeled and chastised. Leftist, progressive organizations are sending letters and attending meetings to shame, and use emotions to muddy the issue. Below is an excerpt of a letter sent to the Wilson County TN County Commission, written by a member of another radical group, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Judith Clerjeune

 So who are these groups, and what can be done?

  Meet Indivisible, which has several chapters across Tennessee. Indivisible was formed after the election of President Donald Trump,  in partnership with Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” which  trains leftist organizers in the radical street tactics popularized by the late Saul Alinsky; these organizers then pass along their knowledge to many additional people—especially young people—in communities from coast to coast.  

Indivisible’s mission is clearly posted on their website which states:

Indivisible TN chapters build on the progressive message by offering ways to defeat Trump through the Indivisible Guide. Which also includes scripts on how to speak with Congressman. It also emphasizes how important it is to agree on “values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness” which includes open borders, abolishment of ICE, supporting the transgender movement and of course illegal immigration and the acceptance of refugees, regardless of the financial burden on states. More recently,and  most importantly is to see that President Trump is impeached and removed from office, or defeated at all costs in Nov of 2020. 

In Greene County TN, in typical Indivisible fashion, Lena Kendrick Dean, who introduced herself at a county commission meeting, as being from Indivisible, chastised comments made prior to her regarding the rejection of refugees, by calling them “abhorrent, xenophobic, and unethical”, further stating we have a “moral and ethical obligation” to accept them. One very important thing residents of Greene County should know, is Lena Kendrick Dean also serves on the Greene County Election Commission. One should be questioning her ability to be fair and unbiased with her duties as an election commissioner seeing that she supports and is a member of the Indivisible movement, whose goal is to resist and remove the current President of the United States. Can she be trusted to oversee elections or assist  conservative voters needs as they prepare to pick the next president? 

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While everyone is entitled to their opinion, we are also entitled to expect our elected officials do not belong to radical, anti-American organizations hell bent on instituting their beliefs. Millions of Americans did not agree with or support former president Barack Obama, but did not engage in movements to destroy him, or his supporters. We made our voice known by voting. 

County Commissions throughout Tennessee should be aware Indivisible, TIRRC and Bridge Refugee Service members are planning on doing the same to you. Do not be lulled into the emotional argument, follow the facts. 

Coming up next, who is the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC)


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  1. So badically the person who wtote this . is seriously o ly mad because someone is acting just like the republican party only with a different view .. Wow . i stand with Lena Dean . its is a human obligation to help those in need . and greene county has an oppertunity to be a head of the game . i do not think her views on the issue are radical nor donibthink she is trying to hurt the county . its time to stop being butt hurt over someones opinion who differs from our own . the rigbt is quickly turning into snowflakes . the disdainfulness towards the left is starting to make sense .

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