Nashville’s Liberal Mayor and His Use Of Obama’s Failed Policies. Part 1

We either have laws, and law enforcers in our country or we don’t. 

We also have a President, and his name is Donald Trump, not Barack Hussein Obama, who radical liberal mayors continue to praise and implement his failed police policies.

On June 3 2020, Former president Obama urged mayors across the country to review their police departments use of force policies and to create reform within their jurisdictions based on his May 2015 report, “The President’s Task Force 21st Century Policing”.

On Aug 14, 2020 Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced the creation of Metro Nashville’s Policing Policy Commission, which has been created to review use-of-force policies within the MNPD and develop necessary reforms to set a new national standard in policing and public safety.

 Obeying  Obama’s call for action, Cooper’s announcement of this commission, he states “In response to a call to action from President Barack Obama for cities to address use of force policies and practices, I have created the Policing Policy Commission (PPC). The first purpose of the Commission is to identify ways for the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to reduce the use of force. But it also has a broader purpose: to begin a community-wide process of reimagining how Nashville can build trust and enhance community safety.”

 Just prior to Obama’s report, in March of 2015 his Department of Justice led by Eric Holder announced 6 cities would be the testing ground for his idea of a national and federal police force.  His scheme, which was very controversial due in part not only for federalizing police but for its $5 million dollar price tag and the DOJ stepping into local police departments business.

Obama and the DOJ publicly used the plan as a guise to “restore trust” in communities of color, and instituted the program in six cities. Minneapolis police embraced the “pillars” of the final report from Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, and after five years, the city is no closer to achieving the primary objective of creating trust between police and the communities they serve.  Riots burned large sections of the city after a police officer was involved in the death of George Floyd, a known thug. How’d that policy work for Minneapolis huh?

So now another city mayor, John Cooper has decided to structure his shot at police reform after a failed policy, from a failed former president. You can create all the policies and ideas of reform you want, but until and unless the criminal element in these communities is dealt with, police will always have to face using force. Why is it the police are the only ones in society that have to be reformed? Criminals aren’t born criminals, it is a learned behavior from a dysfunctional home life.

It is no different in Nashville Tennessee, where the mayor seems to think his communities are disadvantaged and mistreated by the police. In the upcoming parts, we will break down the mayors plan to reform the Metro Nashville Police, and who he has chosen to lead the commission.

Stay tuned…



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