Nashville TN Students To Be Indoctrinated Again

This will be short and sweet.

The indoctrination continues. Once again, students attending Meigs Magnet Middle School in Nashville Tennessee are being taken on a field trip to the Islamic Center of Nashville’s latest addition, the Bellevue Mosque all under the guise of history.

On Tuesday, November 5,  your child will be subjected to lies that will undoubtedly undermine any beliefs or faith you are teaching them at home. Two years ago, children from the same school were taken to the Islamic Center of Nashville, where they were told they would leave that mosque with a compartment in their brain filled with Islam stuff.

Listen for yourself as Dina Sirios from the Islamic Center of Nashville instructs students.


Dina Sirios with Rasheed Fakhruddin

Please articulate where the historical value in this talk would be. 

Contact the school and school board representative to say no!

713 Ramsey Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Contact Emails:
Executive Principal: Dr. Samuel S. Underwood
Assistant Principal: Dr. Sonja Wilson-Rosse
School Counselor: Melody Osborne
School Counselor: Belinda Hotchkiss
Dean of Instruction: Carmen Mullins
School Board Representative: Christiane Buggs

3 thoughts on “Nashville TN Students To Be Indoctrinated Again”

  1. And will there be a field trip to a Baptist church ? A Lutheran church or a Catholic one …… any CHRISTIAN church ? In the name of history, our nation was founded on Christian principles. How about a little Christian history, or or even Buddhist history. Why is there such a big focus on Islam …. oh, so we won’t discriminate and think they are bad ? Hmmmm. Why do we care so much ? Maybe because we are afraid of them ? Now why would we be afraid ….. oh, maybe because the extremists who cut peoples heads off follow Sharia law, which encourages death to all infidels (that’s us you guys) some of the extremists are living with us here in the U.S. and we can’t tell them apart from the non-extremists. And this school wants our children to embrace Islam as OK across the board, because they don’t know anything about Sharia law. LAW guys, it’s a law, just like our Christian ten commandments. 🙃🤪upside down stupid !

  2. Wake up people!!! I live in NC and I have been watching your state for the past 4 years, slowing being taken over by Islam!!!
    WHAT are you waiting for? They are the Trojan horse, strategically put in place to ruin our country from the inside out!!!! Wake up!!

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