Muslims Using Houston Crisis to Spread Islam.

Never let a crisis go to waste. 

Muslims in Texas have opened their mosques to aid people in need of shelter and food. Sounds wonderful, and on a human level is it, too bad they view it as an opportunity to spread their word of Islam. They also have chosen to lie about the status of a Christian megachurch, stating it closed its doors on Texans needing shelter.


Belittle the Christians. All part of the plan. The following are excerpts from a document title the “Methodology of Dawa”

Making partners with God is totally in-conceivable and wrong. The concept of Trinity appears to be unreasonable and self- contradictory. We have to advance convincing arguments both verbally and in writing to fight against the dogma of the “human-God” of Christendom, innovated by the Jewish conspiracy against Prophet Jesus. If a proper movement is launched on positive lines for propagating and presenting the concept of Tawheed, pinpointing the inherent fallacies of Christian belief about Jesus, opening dialogues with priests and pastors and enlightening them with the evil consequences of their misconstrued convictions about the life Hereafter, there is no reason why positive response will not be forthcoming, at least from the moderate Christians and make others shaky in their beliefs. The concept of Tawheed will make inroads to their minds and hearts only when the centuries-old dogma of the “human- God” is shattered and demolished.”   (pg 85 )


pg 87


Opening the doors of their mosque is for one purpose, and only one purpose.  Dawa ( the proselytizing of Islam, an invite to join Islam). Dawa is a religious obligation for every Muslim, with the goal of bringing all people into the fold of Islam. While Muslims insist publicly their god is the same as all gods, the message within their doctrine is quite different. This is revealed best in the Methodology of Dawa. 

As discussed in the previous chapter, the Da’ee  (Muslim performing dawa) must leave behind some literature for his contactees. This literature would reject communism, capitalism, socialism and other totalitarian Isms and secular cults as a way of life with convincing arguments. Besides these topics, papers on various issues/problems that this country and its people are facing, showing how Islam addresses them, should be presented.”  pg 88


pg 107

Using every opportunity to spread Islam is paramount to a Muslim. Performing good deeds with the hope non believers will convert to Islam is the only reason they rush to help in times of crisis. While human nature is to help our neighbors out of love and respect, Muslims do it out of the need to create an Islamic society. 

Unfortunately masses of Americans will only see how nice Muslims are. The victims of Harvey will be sheltered, fed and looked after with kindness and generosity. But the ulterior motive is the danger. Most will never convert to Islam, but rather will align themselves with the Muslim community, supporting and sympathizing with them, agreeing those who speak the truth about Islam are wrong and harmful.   Brilliant. 

Dawa is equal to another dirty deed of society, called drug dealing. Supply those in need with what makes them feel better,and they become hooked.





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