*Charitable Donation Alert*


The deceit from Muslims in America never ends as they solicit donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey under names, which ultimately connects to Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Self proclaimed Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour,  is also promoting a site called Colorlines that is filled with social Justice and special interest groups. Sarsour, who has no problem labeling people racists and bigots, divides the victims of Hurricane Harvey, stating minorities, or as she refers to them as”marginalized”, need special groups to help them since no one else is. 

Really? Perhaps her hate has blinded her as the many faces of Houston are shown on television everyday, which includes all walks of life. No one is being left behind because of their color. This is just another way of Islamists bringing down , and exploiting the same communities she claims to defend.

Another underhanded effort to raise money on Face Book is  called “Helping Hands Houston Volunteers”. At this time there is no website, but their facebook page urges people to donate funds to ICNA, also known as the Islamic Circle of North America. ICNA, whose goal is “to seek the pleasure of Allah … through the … establishment of the Islamic system of life as spelled out in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad” is also tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and is named as one of their “friend” organizations in a document that was presented as evidence in the federal governments trial of the Holy Land Foundation. See a complete dossier on ICNA here

Another site for donations, again promoted by Linda Sarsour. is the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund.

This group, as defined on their website which is hosted by the Texas Organizing Projects states “The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) works to improve the lives of low-income and working class Texas families through community organizing, and civic and electoral engagement. TOP is a membership-based organization that conducts direct action organizing, grassroots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas.”

Another partner to this website is SEIU, a well known leftist organization. This isn’t about helping the victims of a devastating hurricane, it is about lining the bank account of groups that exist to resist and seek drastic change disguised as a grassroots groups. 

It is the American way to help others in times of tragedies, however, there are always those who seek to gain for their own benefit. Before giving to any charity, please do your research. Giving blindly to these type organizations only helps them continue their goal to dismantle and destroy America. 

As more groups are discovered, we will add them here as well as to dailyrollcall’s Face Book page



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