Muslims Divide America Under The Guise of Religion.


As vast numbers of Muslims claim to be American, just as many are responsible for the downfall of our society as we know it by demanding change and accommodations which only behoove Islamists. Looking back at a year when divisiveness and hatred were at an all time high, look deeper and you will see exactly what was the cause. 

Islamists have attacked three things Americans hold dear, our faith, our children, and our security. All have been undermined by an ideology that is disguised as a religion called Islam. So how is this creating a divisive United States? Let’s start with the security. Islamists have pushed, and sued, for Muslim refugees and immigrants to be able to enter the U.S, despite travel bans and stricter vetting policies. As if that wasn’t enough, Muslims have also jumped on the “sanctuary city” issue, promoting their social justice and civil rights agenda, which doe not take into account the safety or security of Americans at all. 

It’s all about their caliphate, or the desire to create a world where Islam reigns supreme, and sharia  (Islamic law) is the only law allowed. In order to do this, the population of Muslims must expand greatly, at which time their voices become louder, and they have influence in positions of power. This year, 2018, we are seeing scores of Muslims running for public offices, from Governors to local state representatives. Keep in mind, sharia law is completely antithetical to the Constitution of the United States, with many having already been sworn in with one hand on the Quran. 

Several front groups, like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their executives, openly encourage members of the Muslim community to refuse to talk to law enforcement if questioned, and demand mosques not be surveilled, even if there is radicalization occurring.

While Muslims have opened and operate large numbers of Islamic schools for their children, they continue to press issues in America’s public schools, demanding accommodations, and tolerance, even in schools run by and attended by Christians and Jews. One of the more dangerous trends is the disproportionate, inaccurate education of children on Islam in schools across the country. Glossing over the truth about who the prophet Muhammad was, is especially alarming since he was a murderous pedophile, but is depicted in textbooks as a good, pious man. All this under the guise of “social studies” for 7th graders.

Finally the faith of millions of Americans is challenged with many attending “interfaith” gatherings where they are told to believe all gods are the same, including allah, which is only arabic for god. Using the Quran as the basis for their lies, suras are recited in part, which gives the appearance to many that Islam is  a peaceful, tolerant religion. What is not discussed during these events, are the Sira ( the prophet Muhammads biography) or the hadiths, his traditions. Even the Reliance of the Traveller, which is the classic book of Islamic law, is never mentioned, as all of these books reveal the truth about non believers, and how inferior we are. 

 In each case, anyone who questions the actions of Muslims as to their true beliefs and intentions is seen as a bigot, hater or Islamophobe. Muslims in America have portrayed themselves as victims garnering the support of those who blindly believe what they are told rather than questioning or researching for themselves. In this day and age, where even the majority of  the main stream media does not investigate or report the truth, it is easier to go with the flow and not be labeled. 

Muslims have chosen to use these labels which has cast a fear over anyone that does speak out to fear losing their job, friends and family members.

In the end, this creates a pitting of Americans against each other, just what enemies of a society do. 

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  1. Religion is a multivalent force, not reducible to good religion and bad religion. Still, we must take seriously those instances when actors seek to justify violence through religion. Rather than talking about building a school, creating a community or providing health care, these actors sometimes promote destruction—occasionally, sadly, in the guise of religion.

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