More Islamic Terrorism, and Muslims Play Victim.

Once again the big news story is another Muslim has committed an act of terror, this time in NYC by plowing down those out to enjoy a beautiful fall day, and once again we fall into the typical response as attacks like this become the norm. 

News channels play their somber music as they fade from the horrific pictures to commercials, social media becomes filled with sudden bouts of patriotism, and Muslims  put on their victim faces, complaining they must defend their “religion” again.

There will be candlelight vigils, and the crime scene will be filled with flowers and teddy bears, as Christians and Jews will rush to mosques to defend those who lie and deceive. Interfaith events will increase as Islamists claim the backlash has caused them trauma, and fake crimes against Muslims will once again rise.

This is how America reacts to Islamic terrorism. 

So how do Muslims in America respond?  With self pity and deceit. 

Hassan Shibly is an attorney and director of CAIR in Tampa Florida. 

 Nihad Awad is the national director of the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR), who is also a self proclaimed supporter of HAMAS. CAIR is HAMAS.  

This is the typical, deceitful, Muslim response

There are no statements calling for cooperation with law enforcement,  or there are no efforts to expose those they claim are “radical”, only self pity, anger and lies.

America, wake up. While they tell us we are not at war with Islam, Islam is at war with us.





Coming up.. who is who in your own backyard. If they belong or associate with CAIR or many of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations, they are not your friend.


1 thought on “More Islamic Terrorism, and Muslims Play Victim.”

  1. PIGEONS, YES PIGEONS. Folks, you know what pigeons are, birds that fly about and constantly get killed or hurt in some manner. Well now, you pigeons reading this best be getting off your backside, was going to say azz, but don’t want to offend your politically correct ears. What is wrong with you people, do you not understand this killing and maiming is going to get worse? Deport these desert sand scratchers with the mindset of mass murder. I’m appalled at the way no one responds in this site. Call your congressman, call your senators, phone the White House, then take an active roll in local politics. The democratic party has become the party of Antifa, which is the new name for the communist party in the U.S. We are in a civil war at home and facing an invasion of this Muslim Jihad. It will be too late when your sorry azzes are laid out with a toe tag or better yet confined to a wheelchair when an 18 wheeler has run you over and you were unfortunate too have survived. I’m doing my thing to help but feel a vacumn behind me. Ms. Cathy life is on the line for you and best we all get together on this or we will all die miserably one by one.

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