Muslim Speaker Teaches Nashville Students Islam, Not History

The Meigs Middle Magnet School in Nashville TN has allowed their students to take a field trip to the Islamic Center of Nashville, a mosque that has had much controversy and hosts regularly, known  radical speakers. (go here for info on this mosque)

Today’s talk is to expand your critical thinking skills, we’re not trying to win you over, we’re trying to give you information so that you can leave here today with another little piece of your brain that has a new little storage compartment that has been filled with Islam stuff. And then you take that on with your life and faith journey and you keep adding more and more different aspects from different faiths and cultures and you make your final decision as to what kind of person you want to be”.

Out of a 58 minute lecture, 38 of those are dedicated to promoting Islam as a “cool religion” even stating “don’t believe the hype” regarding their own faiths. 

So that you may hear the majority of the speech for yourself, listen  the audio above. The question needing to be asked of the administrators of this school would be what is the historical value of this commentary? 

There isn’t any. Asking young students “do I look oppressed?” or “Do I look like anyone can tell me what to do?” isn’t about history, neither is comparing their praying to yoga positions, all to equate Islam to terms young people understand. This is proselytizing under the guise of social studies. 

Oscar Mayer Bacon.



2 thoughts on “Muslim Speaker Teaches Nashville Students Islam, Not History”

  1. Enough, we are in a religious war, a war of ideology. American citizens being killed in mass on the streets. Wake up, and realize you’re wanted dead. President Trump needs to declare an act of terror by any person or persons, enemy combatants. They should not have a right to an attorney, they should be immediately taken to Guantanamo, waterboarded and then put in prison for as long as the military deems necessary. There should be no right to Miranda rights, no right to an attorney, and this applies whether an American citizen or not. An enemy here to destroy and kill and main you are an enemy combatant period. This B S of taking kids to learn Islam from the local Iman is ludicrous and those doing this should lose whatever jobs they have! Imbeciles! Folks breaking news, we are at War, get your heads out of your lower split, and wake up!

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