Ilhan Omar and Her Islamist Colleagues..A Danger to the U.S Part 1.


Ilhan Omar is doing exactly what she is supposed to do..follow the doctrine  that calls for the domination of Islam throughout the world, but specifically to infiltrate the United States government where she has the power to effect change. Do not think for one second, it cannot already is.

                 This excerpt from the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto, which calls for “destroying Western Civilization from within”. 

Muslim activist Ilhan Omar, who now is a U.S Congresswoman just duped her Democratic colleagues by shaming them into not condemning her for using anti-Semitic language on more than one occasion.  While the resolution does include condemnation for anti-Semitic remarks, it also includes what Muslims have defined as hate speech better known as Islamophobia. Bingo. Another big step for shutting down those who speak the truth about Islam. 

Ilhan Omar just turned her rabid hatred for Jews into a win for Muslims, by forcing a resolution that includes a blanket condemnation of anyone the left is offended by.  In a veiled attempt, it also lays a foundation that eventually will force law enforcement to stop surveilling radical mosques, and labeling acts of terrorism, Islamic. 

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib further twisted this into an anti-Muslim incident by stating Rep. Steve Scalise was Islamophobic for suggesting Ilhan Omar be removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs committee. 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar knows her mission, and takes pleasure in posting about it on social media platforms. 

Currently, there are three Islamists in Congress, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Andre Carson. Keith Ellison left his Congressional position after he was elected Attorney General in Minnesota. Each one has ties to Islamic organizations whose goal is to destroy the West. 

Ilhan Omar supported by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR aka Hamas)

                                                                                      Rashida Tlaib with Hezballah supporter:

      Congressman Andre Carson is a member of the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) the first Muslim Brotherhood political party in the United States:

                                                                         Congressman Andre Carson center ( yes, holding his crotch)

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The more Islamists elected into powerful positions, the more we can expect fundamental, drastic change to our country

More to come in part 2!

7 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar and Her Islamist Colleagues..A Danger to the U.S Part 1.”

  1. Thank you for consistently providing the details….. who knew where this was going to ultimately lead (infiltration of sharia)

  2. It ‘boils down’ to the government by letting the communist party gain control by its efforts over the past decades in working to put the USA into the one world government scheme.

  3. Look in to Their intent to infiltrate the American political system is unambiguously stated. The tie to CAIR is proudly stated.

  4. The Black slave trade in Libya us alive and well thanks to Obama and Andre Carson…who hired those IT hacks responsible for corruption of the DNC election…he is guilty of allowing the enemy access to sensitive and secret information compromising military ops and no consequence or investigations…Justice must prevail.

  5. The leftist have aligned with sharia islamists for getting power at all cost ! The propagandists media ignores the Islamic doctrine and text they serve and their prophets historical truth ((( PC and lawlessness, open borders will bring a end to our Constitutional Republic – look like to me one-day they will get their wish

  6. Unless They Get the Votes, Congress and the LEGISLATURE must vote independently of each other to support or Deny Sharia law. Just because they issue it in ,doesn’t make it valid! ..

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