Governor Lee Leans Left…Again

The signs were all there even before he was elected.

When asked to state his position about boys with penises who want to be girls and insist on using the girl’s bathroom, Lee wouldn’t take a position claiming instead, that a statewide policy on transgender bathrooms “is not in the best interest of Tennesseans,” it’s divisive and destructive and…that’s government intervention into areas of life that I don’t think we ought to intervene”… “I’m not advocating for or against a transgender bathroom bill.”

Now we understand that Lee protects the left’s agenda because he told us that “he represents everyone.”

That’s the same excuse he gave for trying to soothe the offended sensitivities of the leftist Jew-haters.

Soothing the left’s thin skin with an I’m-on-my-knees-begging-for-forgiveness mea culpa is probably the reason Lee is admitting his “insensitivity” of having worn a Confederate uniform costume to a college Old South party 40 years ago.

Days before his apology, Lee’s staff said “they were unaware of any photos of the Tennessee governor wearing a Confederate uniform.”

Ummm duh? Do they really think that the press would have asked that question if they didn’t already know there was a picture???? Why not do your homework before opening your mouths?

Then Lee comes out with one of the most ridiculous leftist-styled statements probably written by one of the liberals he put in his administration:

“I never intentionally acted in an insensitive way, but with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that participating in that [the party? wearing the costume?] was insensitive and I’ve come to regret it.”

The Governor’s staff really boofed this one.

Lee also stepped in it big time when he intentionally reached out to meet with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), led by Zulfat Suara, the open embracer of Jew-haters Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Zulfat Suara and Rashida Tlaib

Does Lee and his cracker-jack staff not understand that people like Zulfat who tweet out their admiration for vocal Jew-haters like Sarsour, Tlaib and Omar, are helping to normalize anti-Semitism in this country?

Lucky for “Lefty Lee,” he can take remedial steps.

To atone for the shame the seventh-generation Tennessean has laid on the confederate uniform, he could easily issue an executive order banning Civil War re-enactors from wearing it. He will then have done his part for the left’s agenda to revise the history of this country and of Tennessee.

As to having legitimized Zulfat and her group, Lee owes a much bigger apology to all those “other” Tennesseans he supposedly represents. You know, those voters who believe in the Judeo-Christian principles that founded this country.

Or “Lefty Lee” can remain silent on the issue and stand with other Democrats who refuse to condemn the anti-Semites.

3 thoughts on “Governor Lee Leans Left…Again”

  1. This family’s hopes for a principled leader seem to be growing dimmer. Milqtoast leaders have no center. He, nor anyone else, can not please everyone. If he has decided to occupy the middle ground on serious issues, he’ll try to fall for anything. Dangerous position for our citizens.

  2. Nearly all urban centers are DC satellites and carry the lefts voting. That’s the tail that wags the dog. Everyone else has to put up with what amounts to being ignored as “ignorant.” Even though the standards of the left are only for them (segregationist) often contradictory, and frequently hypocritical.

  3. Lee is a Christian and as a Christian he has to follow what Gods teaching are—-the Bible—-God knew what he wanted to say and mans thinking doesn’t matter.. I supported him in a strong way and I can start the take down in my part of TN.

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