Do “Lee-vites” Have Voters’ Remorse Yet?

Refugee resettlement. Child wellness visits. Take your pick, Lee is neither a conservative nor a student of the U.S. or Tennessee Constitution.

First it was Lee’s failure to uphold Tennessee’s Tenth Amendment rights against the federal government forcing the state to pay for the refugee program even after the state had withdrawn.

Instead, Lee said he was committed to bringing more refugees to the state.

Even though he admitted he wasn’t a politician, he never disclosed during the campaign that he knows almost nothing about the U.S. and Tennessee Constitution. This only became known after he took office.

Lee’s proclamation to continue refugee resettlement violates the separation of powers since Lee can’t appropriate state dollars that are being used to pay for the federal program. Only the state legislature has the authority to do that.

Now Lee wants a “Child Wellbeing Task Force” to be put in place. And he’s having Penny Schwinn, TN Commissioner of Education to get guidelines written about how local school districts can come to your home and make sure your kids are okay.

“Goal: ALL Tennessee children will receive a wellbeing check. Purpose: Connect with each child to verify wellbeing and identify need. Expectation: It is encouraged that all children, birth to age 18, receive a wellbeing check.”

Get that ALL children.

And because school districts are all ready too busy trying to educate remotely, Lee’s “guidance” will allow for “third-parties (non-district employees)” to come to your home and evaluate whether your kids are okay.

And notice that well being check caseloads are to be “equitably” distributed among well being checkers. Just what you’d expect from California-bred Schwinn.

How much will this cost? What about interpreters? Will illegal aliens cooperate with the well-checkers for fear of being discovered? What about that little thing called government overreach?

Anyone else had enough of Bill Lee?

2 thoughts on “Do “Lee-vites” Have Voters’ Remorse Yet?”

  1. I read the “Task Force” document and was horrified. It’s a total State overreach. It’s an expensive program that is totally unnecessary and will employ numerous shiny new politically correct bureaucrats. So what could ever go wrong here?

    I’m horrified. I knew he wasn’t leader, I knew he was a hypocrite but I didn’t know he was a globalist and a socialist.

  2. One and Done Bill Lee, one term and he is politically done. He was too long the Commander in Chief of the LEE Company, that is where he should have stayed. He could control his employees with an iron fist, if he chose to do so, but now he is trying to be the iron fist over all Tennesseans; that just won’t fly with a lot of us Citizens. I voted for him, but don’t think it will happen again. Politically, talk is cheap, but, action speaks louder that words.

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