Disagree with Islam? You’re a Hater!

As more Americans become educated on Islam, and the Islamic organizations agenda for the world, Muslims are ramping up their efforts to silence them. However, in our free society, with our freedom of speech will it happen? Muslims are now rethinking the term Islamophobia, as it would be much more effective to label those speaking out as haters. Skipping terms like bigots or racists, haters has an even greater stigma attached. 

It’s a dangerous game being played by the enemy, but desperate measures are needed for desperate times, and right now Muslims are desperate.  With that, two new approaches, or tactics are being utilized, which seeks to encompass all non-Muslims. An example would be Muslims now state all incidents of bias, or perceived hatred directed towards other religious groups are occurring due to Islamophobia. The term “Islamophobia” was  originally designated  to create an uneasiness for those speaking out against Islam, thereby discouraging anyone to do so for fear of that label. 

With so many people assuming it meant just a fear of Islam, no pressure has been taken to stop people from speaking out against Islam. Now, Muslims want all non-Muslims to believe Islamophobia is a blanket term against all religious persons therefore we are “haters” of everyone. 

word Islamophobia

Galloway, a former employee of CAIR/Hamas in Houston TX, now lives in Nashville .

 The second tactic is now attempting to diminish the credibility of those educating America on the truth about Islam. In a blog post titled “There Are Too Many (but really, not enough) Experts in My Life”, written by Nahed Artoul Zehr, the latest addition to a Nashville based interfaith organization.  

“For the last decade, Islam and Muslims have been the pet subject of the “experts” in my life – of those who want to educate me on the truth about Islam.”  After describing her accomplishments of her educational background,  Zehr further states “Please know that I don’t say all this to boast. Rather, my point is that I have dedicated a significant portion of my life to the study of religion, and yet, I refuse to claim some kind of “expertise,” much less to make definitive claims about my religion or someone else’s. If life has taught me anything, it’s that religion is complicated.”

Actually, the study of religions and their doctrines can be complicated, however, most experts speaking out against Islam, don’t profess to be scholars, and it doesn’t take a scientist to read the Quran, the Hadiths or the classic Islamic law-book, the Reliance of the Traveller. Islam is not complicated like Zehr wants you to believe. 

Perhaps that’s why I’m always surprised when others make bold proclamations on this topic, and, moreover, that folks do so repeatedly. Would they feel this bold making statements about Astrophysics?  Or medicine?  Or chemistry?  Or any other subject that, I feel very comfortable saying, is just as complicated and requiring of dedicated and focused education as the study of religion.”  “How is it that we, creatures who have never been beyond the boundaries of our own solar system, are so quick to claim ownership of Truth?”

 The argument Ms. Zehr attempts to make is based on disinformation, and deceit. One doesn’t need a degree in religion to understand Islam, or any religion. It simply requires a dedication to comprehend what is written in black and white. Understanding the life of their prophet Muhammad, and his demand that all Muslims obey and adhere to his ideology is clearly written in their doctrine. One does not need to seek knowledge from the universe to know truth. 

As mentioned, I now lead a nonprofit that does this work.  We convene intentional spaces that are structured for those from various religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural communities to come together and have facilitated conversations on sensitive issues.”  

Ah yes, the oh.. by the way, I am now the Executive Director of the non-profit Faith and Culture Center in Nashville, which gives me credibility to tell you that Islam is the same as Christianity and Judaism, and Allah is god in Arabic, so we are all the same.  Well, no. Islam is not the same, and there is no credibility in an organization whose founder is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood!  ( Click here to read about Daoud Abudiab, and the Faith and Culture Center)

“Facilitating conversations on sensitive issues” is nothing more than an attempt to mystify Islam, encouraging attendees to believe it is always so misunderstood, no one but Muslims can truly understand it.  Oh people understand it, and labeling those who disagree or are intolerant of its values don’t mind being labeled.  We know who the haters really are. 

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Faith and Cultures President/founder Daoud Abudiab attending the Muslim Brotherhoods conference in DC



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  1. They can change their faces many times and it will not move someone who believes something very strongly in their heart! For me, I don’t care that they call me HATER… because I know I am not! God knows I am not! The terminology means nothing to me. I don’t have hate for them just because I disagree with their ways and beliefs! Hate and disagreement are have different definitions. Actually, this name calling seems to be childish! As adults, haven’t we gotten beyond this? If they put as much into their own lives and loving God and those around them, their face certainly would look different! One would not have to try to convince or force!

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