Coffee County Candidate Recap: Are They Really Who They Claim?


Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored- Aldous Huxley

We all have a responsibility and a right to vote, but who you are voting for is of utmost importance, especially during these volatile times. It is no different in Coffee County Tennessee, as local elections are vital.. from how your children are educated, to how the criminal justice system thrives. Local elections make or break a community.

The upcoming information on candidates are based on findings from open, factual sources, which helps shed light on the true values of candidates claiming to be “bona fide Republicans”.

While the criteria in the state of TN includes a candidate’s voting record which state bylaws define as “Any individual who has voted in at least three (3) of the four (4) most recent Statewide Republican primary elections”, there should be other factors to uphold the integrity of the party. Unfortunately, those factors do not exist in those bylaws, so it is incumbent for voters to know critical information, particularly who supports and endorses those running for office. Conservative voters can blame top state GOP man, Scott Golden for giving the nod for all those filing to run.

Garth Roland Segroves, currently an attorney in Tullahoma TN is running for General Sessions Judge, Part 2. The question should be asked if being a “bona fide Republican” includes running as a Democrat for Tennessee House District 47 in 2006.

Other questions are regarding the donations by Mr. Garth Segroves to  Democrat Beto O,Rourke presidential candidate in 2020, Democrat runner for TN Senate Phil Bredesen in 2018, and Democrat Karl Dean for Nashville Mayor also in 2018.


Other donations of note are to Act blue, and a PAC supporting Beto O’Rourke called Powered By People.

Is this really a “bona fide Republican”?

 Josh Morris. We can’t tell you what he currently does, as he repeatedly quits jobs which he admits, is to advance himself. However we can tell you he is in the running for the Coffee County Circuit Court Clerk, the same office where he served as a deputy clerk, but again quit and was rehired on several occasions.  Mr. Morris clings to his claim he is a leader and has budget experience.   In 2008, as director of the Manchester recreation center, Mr. Morris received a letter in his personnel file reprimanding him for “seriously” going over a budget, and failure to attend meetings due to his claim of “being busy”.  In 2014, Mr. Morris ran as a democrat for the Coffee County Trustee position.   His inconsistency and loyalty to any job appears to be a problem, so should this be who voters elect for a job that requires loyalty, attention to budgets and adherence to rules? 

Eric Burch, another Tullahoma attorney, running for Coffee County Circuit Court Judge, Part 2, donated  in 2018,$1000 to Democrat Phil Bredesen, who ran against Marsha Blackburn.

Tim Morris vying for County Commission District 5 and Scott Hansert running for Coffee County Road Superintendent both ran as democrats in local races in 2014.

Yes, we know people grow, and change their views. However it is incumbent upon us as voters to know a candidates past,  to question it, and decide whether they have changed or have an agenda contrary to their campaign rhetoric. 

This isn’t a personal attack or as many will respond “no big deal” on those running for political offices in Coffee County, but rather a wake up call. Local elections are the foundation for state and federal  campaigns and can turn a red state blue at any time. If  those running for office have  an agenda other than what the republican party claims to have, it will result in the downfall of conservatism. Doesn’t it matter?





2 thoughts on “Coffee County Candidate Recap: Are They Really Who They Claim?”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work. I rely on people that I can trust to produce good quality information that will help me make a good decision when it comes to our elections.

    1. Marilyn,

      For the love of all that is good and holy, do not for a moment think that this woman has “done her research”. She is the epitome of distilled ignorance: pure hate. Just read through her compendium of facile bigoted essays where she describes exactly who we should distrust and fear based purely on the color of their skin or dominant religion of the region from which they are seeking refuge.

      She is nothing more than a shallow thinking traitor to the very SECULAR constitution she claims to uphold. Wiser men than her penned those words, no doubt in preparation of empty headed, hollow hearted, ignoramuses like her who would attempt to pervert our democratic and pluralistic society built upon the precept of “no religious test”, to further her own narrow minded, self-serving, and honestly, half-baked, ideas of how a country should be run.

      At the time those sacred documents were written, she’d have been lucky to be a lamp lighter, if she could be trusted with a flame. The same could be said today. I don’t know how she finds her way home.

      Think long and hard about the piffle she pumps out here, and how it aligns with your preconceived notions versus the hard truths you may be reticent to confront: that all men are created equal, and Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

      Don’t make the rod for your own back; abridgment of a religion means yours can be too. Don’t forget that.

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