AMAC Normalizes Anti-Semitism in Tennessee?

Anti-Israel Jew activist Linda Sarsour was featured at AMAC event. Sarsour refuses to say that Israel has a right to exist and refuses to condemn Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan who calls Jews “termites.”    

                 “let us dine and radicalize you”








Zulfat Suara, AMAC chair since 2012 who just recently resigned, has publicly embraced anti-Semites Rep. Ilhan Omar who repeatedly uses anti-Semitic slurs, and rabid anti-Israel Rep. Rashida Tlaib who voices the classic anti-Semitic slander questioning American Jews about dual loyalty with Israel.

    Zulfat Suara & Rashida Tlaib










AMAC tolerates the spreading of explicit anti-Jew messages and anti-Israel lies from its founding board member Drost Kokoye.          



5 thoughts on “AMAC Normalizes Anti-Semitism in Tennessee?”

  1. Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of definitive works such as The Legacy of Jihad, says anti-Semitism a misnomer. He calls it “Jew hatred” plain and simple.

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