A Win For Bernie Is A Win For The Islamization Of America.

It is wise to watch who the Islamists in America politically support, as they strive to find the weak link that will allow their agenda to prevail. Congratulations Bernie Sanders, you seem to fit the bill. While Bernie is a socialist/communist, Muslims claim he fully supports their beliefs, which will enable them to push forward their laws rather than American ones. Bernie will be nothing but the political pawn that they need to effectively change America.
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) aka Hamas, has fully supported, and now endorses Bernie Sanders as he is the only one to “elevate the Muslim community”. Why does a “religion” need to be elevated? If you understand Islam, it’s simple. Muslims believe Islam shall reign supreme over all other religions.  



As this website has dissected many times, the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto titled the “Strategic Goal for the Group In North America”, clearly states the following:

This excerpt is from a document that was placed into evidence in this country’s first and largest terrorism funding trial in Dallas TX in 2008, called the Holy Land Foundation Trial. It is the plan for the eventual, internal takeover of the United States.  According to Bernie’s website, his goals are similar to Islamists.. economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all. 

One of his biggest supporters is terrorist loving Linda Sarsour. Linda Sarsour, a self proclaimed Muslim activist who has called for jihad against President Trump, is one of Bernie’s staunch supporters due in part to his stance on Palestine and Israel. Sarsour rubs shoulders with anti-American, pro Hamas, Muslims like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. She also has inserted herself in movements that have caused chaos and deep division in communities across the country such as the Ferguson riots,which led to the birth of Black lives Matter. Linda Sarsour has no allegiance to the United States, instead rallies for those she claims are disenfranchised and marginalized, and hold a disdain for everyday Americans.

Muslims that claim to love America, also support socialist/communist Bernie Sanders, despite his radical ideas to fundamentally change the U.S as we know it. Social justice activist and Nashville Tennessee’s first Muslim Council member Zulfat Suara, who constantly claims America has been so good to her and her family, jumped on the Bernie wagon and is his campaign co-chair.  It is Muslims like Ms. Suara that attach themselves to whoever will help advance their agenda.

We should not be surprised by Tennessee Muslims supporting a socialist/communist though. Behind their public personas, they hate America just as much as Bernie does. Last year as Zulfat Suara was running her pro “I love America” metro council campaign, she also professed her admiration and inspiration of America haters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. 

Muslims may say they love America, but they never condemn those that lead their communities that publicly announce their disdain for it. 


Bernie Sanders platform is all about open borders, free everything for everyone, and the radical disruption of the criminal justice system, all of which fits the Islamic agenda to a T. For Muslims, Open borders allows the non-stop migration of Muslims, to fulfill their population demands, free everything equates to redistribution of wealth, and reforming criminal justice is the freeing of those defined as “marginalized” by the current system. 

If Bernie Sanders were to become president of the United States, the escalation of Islamic law over American law would be astounding, and congress will be filled with terrorists. The very dream Islamists have had is to see the flag of jihad on top of our White House. We must not let that dream come true.



2 thoughts on “A Win For Bernie Is A Win For The Islamization Of America.”

  1. In the early 1990s we welcomed the Kurdish People as they arrived in Nashville after they landed at the airport. It was thousands came and we had a big party for them at the Old Donelson Elementary School. I see now we made a huge blunder welcome people that actually hates us and wants us killed. One day we will be forced to fight them to save our life to either be killed or be their slave.

  2. These ibn al Kelbs, do not assimilate. They are the scourge of the earth, here to cut throats, and rape, plunder and seal your fate. You are quite correct and think, how many of the Isis Jihadists these Ibn al Shamutas, are back from Jihad with dreams of returning. For you folks with bad intentions having moved out of your tents and working and scamming the charities that brought you, ilhas teezi, ayri feek. mus zibbi. You Muslim hemars, Allah Yakhthek, El’an Abook, cursed be the ground you walk upon. Telhas Teezi. Feel the Bern?

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