The Truth About Islamophobia.

Definition of Islamophobia then:  irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against Islam or people who practice Islam.

Definition of Islamophobia now: “a racial project, spawned by a master discourse that drove European supremacy and today powered by popular views and state policy seeking to safeguard its domestic progeny, white supremacy.”

Islamists are good at redefining words when their effectiveness takes a nose dive, or they need to create a new narrative. This is the case in an article written by Khaled A Beydoun, and published in Aljazeera titled “Rethinking Islamophobia”. Beydoun , a law professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law,and an affiliated faculty member at UC Berkeley declares Islamophobia is   “anchored in an Orientalist underbelly that precedes the creation of the formative American racial enterprise and its modern form, and a protracted War on Terror that extends it through formal law and policy.”

 In this article, which is filled with paranoia more that truth, Beydoun actually does state he is redefining Islamophobia. “This historical context, coupled with its modern complexity, inspired my new definition and framing of Islamophobia. Above all, Islamophobia is founded upon the presumption that Islam is inherently violent, alien, and unassimilable – driven by the belief that expressions of Muslim identity correlate with a propensity for terrorism.” 

But wait, all of that is true, and is well documented throughout the trilogy of Islam known as the Koran, Hadiths and Sunnah (SIra). Islam has been, and still is violent, alien, or I would say antiquated, and certainly does not urge the assimilation of Muslims into Western culture.The prophet Muhammad was, in his early Meccan years a peaceful, pious man, but upon his inability to convert the masses, he became a political, murderous thief. 

What Muslims like Beydoun want the world to believe, is America is a racist society, that somehow has been transformed due to the election of a President that wants to make our country great again. This idea seems to be offensive to Muslims, since their ideology calls for everything that is antithetical to our way of life. Muslims believe in redistribution of wealth, that all people are unequivocally equal, and their beliefs are supreme. That is where the hypocrisy lies. In Islam, there are two classes of people..Muslims and dhimmis. Dhimmis must follow the rules of Islam, and pay a tax called jizya. If they cooperate, Dhimmis are allowed to practice their faith, and are protected by the state.  

Another fantasy Beydoun has created is three dimensions of which he labels “private Islamophobia; 2- structural Islamophobia, and; 3- dialectical Islamophobia.”  “Private” Islamophobia is considered the fear of Islam, perpetrated by those who mis- characterize Muslims and others like Sikhs. Structural Islamophobia comes from the government in  the form of laws and bans against Muslims, and dialectical, which basically reiterates the prior two. 

What Beydoun doesn’t tell in his long diatribe, is the truth. The word Islamophobia was created by Muslims to be used as a label which would deter people from speaking out against, or opposing Islam. Labels are known to harm people in the way of losing their job, family members, or friends. Like any other term though, over time it loses is meaning and effectiveness, so other definitions or words are created. Now, according to this article, Islamophobia is no longer a fear of Islam, but an entire structure of society filled with a population that is hateful, and loaded with supremacy. White supremacy. Oh please!

 HOWEVER, the most important point is how the term is being used by Muslims. Their efforts to end what they consider to be Islamophobia has instead created a national security risk. Law enforcement and our military have become so delicate to Muslim communities for fear of losing federal funding or their pensions they are cooperating with Muslim communities conducting business in a way that doesn’t offend the Muslims. Because of the demands by Muslims to further their agenda and our political correctness, some of the outcomes of these implications are:

The purging of relevant, factual training that includes who terrorist organizations and their supporters are within the U.S
The termination of surveillance in mosques
The end of profiling
The ceasing of standard search procedures, such as canines to detect explosives
The barring of our military being able to identify the enemy and annihilate them
The altering of rules of engagement replaced with recall and retreat
The cessation of interrogation tools that are effective but are seen as offensive and demeaning
All because Muslims label these Islamophobic.
All of these things we have viewed as small incremental changes, are now the result of our law enforcement agencies calling Islamic terrorism acts of domestic extremism.

It isn’t Islamophobia that is dangerous, it is those calling for its demise who are.


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