The Take Down of Tennessee By Its Own Government?

Bill Lee chose to weaponize the use of COVID testing results against Tennessee’s citizens instead of recommending or ensuring that law enforcement had adequate PPE with which to protect themselves. Sadly for Tennesseans, the governor didn’t appear to realize that his justification for providing the names as a means to protect law enforcement, didn’t hold water as to asymptomatic individuals with whom law enforcement might encounter.

The governor didn’t rescind this absurd move until after bi-partisan pushback from legislators.

It appears, however, that the practice is on-going in Nashville compliments of the governor allowing 6 counties which includes Davidson County, from the start of COVID lockdowns, to run their own operations with their own rules.

The legislature has begun to address the weaponizing of COVID as a means to the government unconstitutionally gorging itself with power.

Tennesseans better hope that legislators very quickly begin tamping down on contact tracing. Watch the video linked here and decide for yourself.


It looks like Bill Lee has already endorsed contact tracing but it remains unknown how far he’ll run with it.

Socialists elected to Metro Nashville Council and Knoxville City Council and council members openly supporting socialists, are likely cheering him on.



2 thoughts on “The Take Down of Tennessee By Its Own Government?”

  1. Bill Lee has spit in the face of Tennesseans who voted for him. You can bet that we won’t vote for this RINO to be re-elected.

  2. Nope, I, too, voted for Bill Lee, but it will be my last time to do so. He should have
    stayed in the LEE Company and left Politic alone. Running a state government is not akin to running a private “family owned” business. I believe he is a good Christian Man, however, he bit off more than he can chew as Governor, and is almost becoming a
    Dictator, in so much as his executive orders and what he plans to do “on his own”; we do have other elected officials in the State besides a governor. Do I hear the word, “LEGISLATORS”? (Sate House & Senate)

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