The Lurid Looney Legacy

Although Dr. Mike Looney has signed the contract for his new superintendent position in Fulton County, Georgia, he will leave quite a legacy of messes and a load of unanswered questions.  There is a rich and fully documented history of attempted in-house handled crime; teacher intolerance and intimidation; attempted silencing of private citizens as well as school board members, and most seriously, ignored and grossly mishandled, true racial and bullying incidents of students by this administration.


If you’re unfamiliar with this sub-rosa side of Williamson County Schools, it is worth noting that the White Privilege teacher training was more than just a hiccup. The reversed approval of the teacher workshop sponsored by Southern Poverty Law Center (coincidentally in the midst of the Cultural Competency Collision) was more than an isolated gaffe or glitch.  There’s a pattern of silence and silencing.  A one-sided narrative is all that is generally shared, when anything is shared at all.  In a world of opinionated “news” and one in which censorship and silencing tactics have become commonplace, there appears to be no immunity even inside a big, beautiful red bubble.  


Whether you love, hate, or have no clue…Dr. Looney’s disdain for the Tennessee Star is certainly interesting and noteworthy.  He and his devotees have worked hard to discredit the only news outlet with the audacity to expose the White Privilege trainings, the WCS-endorsed, SPLC-sponsored workshop, the inconsistencies and confusion between Dr. Looney, the school board, parents, etc.  Let’s face it, had it not been for the Tennessee Star, the community may still be in the dark regarding these highly coordinated and secretive goings on in the school system.  


It was reported in April that the Tennessee Star website was blocked from the Williamson County School system’s online network.   How convenient.  From that point, no employee could read about the documents and trainings on White Privilege and/or Cultural Competency being revealed; the May workshop affiliated with Southern Poverty Law Center from which teachers were removed; the overreaching and highly unknown inner-workings of the Cultural Competency Council; the fact that the school board apparently knew little about any of these things; the information released in open records requests; the fact that Dr. Looney stated that the training videos teachers were required to watch were never intended for public view; etc.  If this administration doesn’t want its employees accessing this information and it didn’t want the public seeing those videos, what else does it not want known?  


More to come:  What You Probably Didn’t Know About the Scales Elementary Peeping Tom Incident; Melanie Lemon, She’s Neither Gone Nor Forgotten

2 thoughts on “The Lurid Looney Legacy”

  1. I’m going to guess that families are clueless about what is being taught in the classrooms and therefore blind to what needs to be done to protect the children in all public schools. The Cultural Competency/ White Privilege teacher training video is unique to and created by Williamson County admin and teachers, the trainings are not isolated as the Superintendent claims, but the content is being promoted by the NEA, TEA, and the SPLC. This is a national movement for Progressive instruction in the classrooms. Parents need to be having good dialogue with their children, instilling their morals and values at the dinner table, and raising kids to think for themselves, so they are prepared to argue for Capitalism, for our Republic, and our Constitution/Bill of Rights against the Progressive ideals of equality whether you work for it or not, argue for privacy in the locker room, and argue for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness no matter development or age.

  2. Had no idea what a mafioso environment I was sending to my kids into! Glad things are changing, but ARE they? If the whole darn swamp isn’t drained, not sure how “the awesome WCS” reputation can sustain.

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