The Dirty Secrets of Media Matters

Imagine an entity whose sole goal is to destroy the President of the United States by creating and spreading utterly false information about him, and members of his administration.

Meet Media Matters for America, a George Soros funded organization that has the agenda, and the power to shut down the truth. Media Matters has masterfully turned the tables that conservative and independent news outlets are the fake news, rather than those branded by this administration, such as CNN and MSNBC. 

In 2013, Media Matters(MM) was successful in removing Glen Beck from cable tv, despite the enormous ratings he orginally had. Also in 2013 MM forced CBS to retract a credible story aired on 60 Minutes regarding Benghazi. In that episode, an eyewitness recounted how Obama’s inaction led to the death of several Americans, leading to several more questions about his role. 

Media Matters touts the pressure they applied to CBS was so great, they retracted the story, and issued an apology. The reporter and the producer of that segment were forced to take a leave of absence, and a book that was published based on those facts, was removed from the shelves. 

Today, in a Media Matters for America report labeled “private and confidential”, the plan to destroy the Trump administration is clearly laid out. .  In“DemocracyMatters: Strategic Plan for Action”, they will be the ones creating fake news and promoting it as a means to fight back against President Trump.

Media Matter was founded by David Brock, a wealthy, extreme leftist, who in 2010 founded the SuperPac “American Bridge 21st Century” with the goal to fund liberal democrats and contained a national network of “professional trackers” who track the moves and statements of every contender for the Republican nomination.

Working with Media Matters are the American Bridge PAC, CREW, and Shareblue, whose responsibilities are as follows:

By falsely promoting to the American public, misinformation, and flat out lies about President Trump and his administration, Media Matters believes by 2020 they will control all news outlets, and that Republicans will be so busy spending fortunes to defend him, they will regain the power they so desperately want.

As we are witnessing today, November 12, 2018, Democrats, who regained the House are already busy causing chaos and spreading misinformation. In two states, where Republican victories were apparent, Democrats have their news outlets reporting Democrats are in fact the winners.

The mere fact, the left will do anything….ANYTHING, to control our country should be of great concern to all. Read their words, then study the news. If you aren’t concerned…you should be.

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