Oppressed Students Want Vanderbilt University To Be A Sanctuary Campus

As minority groups across America continue to protest, riot and make demands that serve only their needs, the once silent majority is awake and taking notice. In an election that clearly showed what Americans want of their government, there are still those that are in denial, continuing to promote false information, instilling fear, anger and hatred to anyone that will listen. One such group are students, who for some reason feel they are oppressed, harassed, and discriminated against, the worst being those pampered brats attending prestigious universities, like Vanderbilt. Along with those students are professors who brought their insecurities and biases from their days as students to their current positions as educators.

On November 16, 2016, students and professors at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee gave a list of demands to Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos, that interestingly enough mirror demands like those of Black Lives Matter. They want police removed if they fail to agree they will accept illegals on campus. Black Lives Matter leaders call for the dismantling and disarming of police period. How long will law abiding citizens stand for the call of lawlessness and chaos under the guise of tolerance and diversity?

Over 200 students, faculty and staff signed the letter calling on Chancellor Zeppos to make Vanderbilt University a campus where illegals can be harbored from facing deportation or justice. Several, being campus activists that are anti police  and anti- Jewish. The following are the demands they are making. ( see entire letter at the end)

  1. Cutting ties with all law enforcement agencies that collaborate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).
  2. Refusing law enforcement agencies who collaborate with ICE access to any Vanderbilt properties or information.
  3. Instituting a policy prohibiting campus police from inquiring about immigration status, enforcing immigration laws, or participating with ICE/CBP in actions.
  4. Refusing to cooperate with any registration system that seeks to target or surveil Muslims.
  5. Publicly declaring Vanderbilt a Sanctuary Campus

SO, once again, looking at who is behind this drama, are Muslims. Muslims claiming they too are oppressed and want to fight to end white supremacy. One spokesperson at Vanderbilt  calling for their campus to be a sanctuary university is Safiah Hassan, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhoods number two organization, the Muslim Student Association. The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist organization in many countries, yet thrives here in America. Knowing the incoming Trump administration may pass a bill designating the Muslim Brotherhood the same here in America, (http://freebeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Muslim-Brotherhood-Terrorist-Designation.pdf)  Muslims are ramping up the rhetoric by fanning the flames of those disgruntled and disenfranchised.

While the Muslim elites attending these esteemed universities claim to be fighting for the injustices of those immigrants and refugees here illegally, they also claim to understand the plight of the supposed persecuted blacks, hispanics and the LGBTQ communities.  But how could they possibly understand those they are supporting when they actually embrace privilege themselves?


      Muslim Student Association leader Safiah Hassan with other Vandy Grads


Another signer on the letter to Zeppo is Muslim Student Association member Dina el Rifia, another member of the Muslim elite end white supremacy club.


                            Dina el Rifai on white supremacy



                                                                Dina el Rifai with white privilege college grads


What one needs to take away from this, is those with the agenda to create the global society, ( and with Muslims it is the global Caliphate) have suffered a huge set back. Those that failed to elect a president that would cater to their needs, and effect the change needed to become global, now have no other recourse but to create disharmony, hate, and more divisiveness.  This is the goal of those that fear they no longer will be coddled or able to create the change they desired.

Those prominent universities, like Vanderbilt, Tennessee Tech and Lipscomb, all need to experience what matters most, a hit to the pocketbook. As long as they continue to support those extremists that want to undermine a lawful society, they should be exposed and boycotted. So should the Muslim Brotherhoods  Muslim Student Association.

Vanderbilt University as a Sanctuary Campus Letter

Contact Information:

Nicholas Zeppos, Chancellor
Susan Wente, Provost
Mark Bandas, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
George C. Hill, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Dear Chancellor Zeppos, Provost Wente, Dean Bandas, and Vice Chancellor Hill:

Chancellor Zeppos has recently expressed his commitment to providing leadership to accelerate his vision for equity, diversity, and inclusion on the Vanderbilt University campus. We, the undersigned, are fully committed to supporting this vision in order to ensure that Vanderbilt will continue to move ahead in reflecting an environment where equity is championed, broad diversity is evident, and an inclusive experience is the hallmark for all who work, study and engage with Vanderbilt University (https://www.vanderbilt.edu/equity-diversity-inclusion/message-from-the-vice-chancellor/).

The campaign rhetoric and policy proposals that president-elect Donald Trump has used and endorsed have created an atmosphere of palpable fear, particularly among people of color, women, Muslims, documented and undocumented migrants, and those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer. The president-elects transition team has already discussed the potential implementation of a registration for Muslim Americans, and the intention to deport 3 million people beginning as soon as January 21st.

The atmosphere of fear has permeated college campuses across the country, which have already witnessed numerous acts of hate and intolerance. A number of students, staff, and faculty within our diverse Vanderbilt community thus feel directly threatened by the current national and local climate. In light of these developments, our university must take action to secure and promote Chancellor Zepposs vision for our institution. We, the undersigned members of the university community, appeal to our leadership and urge Vanderbilt University to declare itself a Sanctuary Campus where the human rights and dignity of everyone will be defended regardless of citizenship or immigration status. This could entail:

  1. Cutting ties with all law enforcement agencies that collaborate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).
  2. Refusing law enforcement agencies who collaborate with ICE access to any Vanderbilt properties or information.
  3. Instituting a policy prohibiting campus police from inquiring about immigration status, enforcing immigration laws, or participating with ICE/CBP in actions.
  4. Refusing to cooperate with any registration system that seeks to target or surveil Muslims.
  5. Publicly declaring Vanderbilt a Sanctuary Campus.

In making this demand, we seek to join our voices to students, faculty and staff at numerous other institutions across the country who are also urging their university leadership to create sanctuary spaces for the undocumented. We have reason to believe that Tennessee Code Annotated 7-68-103 does not apply to private institutions such as Vanderbilt University. Furthermore, a 2011 internal memorandum of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) places restrictions on the access of ICE officers to places of worship, schools, and hospitals (see https://www.ice.gov/doclib/ero-outreach/pdf/10029.2-policy.pdf).

In our Academic Strategic Plan, Vanderbilt University commits to being In Service to Humanity and aspiring to shape the future of higher education and to foster the creation of knowledge that together improve the human condition (http://www.vanderbilt.edu/strategicplan/). To follow through on this commitment, we ask the University to pledge to do everything it can to protect undocumented students, faculty, staff, and community members who seek shelter on our campus.

We await your action.


Tariq Thachil, Political Science
Lisa Guenther, Philosophy
David Vila, Spanish & Portuguese
Allison Schachter, Jewish Studies Program
Jennifer Fay, Cinema & Media Arts | English
Claire Jimenez, MFA Creative Writing Fiction
Melanie Adley, WGS
Melissa Cundieff Pexa
Sebastian Ramirez, Philosophy
Fiacha Heneghan, Philosophy
Emily August, English Ph.D. 14
Heather Freeman, Phd, English, 2013
Jessie Hock, English
Simon Han
Chanhee Her, Master of Divinity 16
Norbert Ross, Anthropology
Laura Birdsall, English
Marysa LaRowe, MFA Creative WritingFiction
Rachel Roseberry, 15 M.Ed
Kadiri Vaquer, Spanish & Portuguese
Jacob Brown
Tia McClenney
Owen Hanna, Religious Studies
Emily Arnold, Child Studies 15
Griffin Schwab, English
Lisa Muloma, English
Francisco Calvache Meyer, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Leah Fogel in Peabody
Sahar Abdullah, Economics and Human & Organizational Development
Tatiana McInnis, PhD Candidate | Department of English
Zoha Malik, Undergraduate
Qing Qing Zheng
Limin Chen
Caroline Saunders
Gerald Figal, Asian Studies and History
Celso Castilho
Molly Martin
Alex Dubilet, English and Political Science
Lee Conell Creative Writing
Rachel Flores, Human and Organizational Development & Environmental Sociology
Nikisha Sisodiya
Carmela Hill-Burke, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy
Haley Gillia, Blair School of Music
Ryan Brand, Religious Studies
Petal Samuel, English
Analia Mireles- Spanish
Rebecca Cutler | PhD Psychology
Leah Lowe, Theatre and American Studies
Ashkan Bahrani, Religion: Critical Studies
Ryan Kim M. Ed and Master of Theological Studies
Kacie Dunham
Abigail Morgan, Psychology
Thomas Dabay, PhD Candidate in Philosophy
Joseph Sheeran, M.Div
Andrea Pitts
Madison Brown, Sociology
Justin Quarry, English
Andy Hines, Lecturer, Department of English, (PhD Vanderbilt 15)
Keegan Finberg, English and Womens and Gender Studies
Dylan Forest, Political Science and Asian Studies
Center for Teaching
Karen Ng, Philosophy
David Zald, Psychology
Jenna Williams
Amanda Clayton, Political Science
Lynn Ramey, French
Nadejda Webb, English
Marcy Singer-Gabella, Teaching & Learning
Rebecca Chapman, English & Womens and Gender Studies & Writing Studio
William Scott Lyon, Creative Writing
Chelsey Dyer, PhD student, Anthropology
Ben Tran, Asian Studies
Edgar Kunz, MFA Creative Writing 15
Alana Alvarez, PhD 16 Spanish & Portuguese
Rebecca Bernard Creative Writing MFA
Rebecca Bendheim, HOD/English
Cedoni Francis
Borden Lacy, Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
Sohee Park, Department of Psychology
Andrea Delgado
Ruth Boyajian
Matthew Congdon, Philosophy
Mark Miller-McLemore, Divinity School
Oscar Castorena, Political Science
Colin Dayan English and Law
Andrew Krinks, Graduate Department of Religion
Lnie Torregrossa, Psychology
Chris Adamson Creative Writing 13
Paul Kramer, History
Kevin Leander, Teaching and Learning
Michael Zuch, Health & Human Services (Peabody) 16
Robyn Du
Anand Vivek Taneja, Religious Studies
Thomas R. Moore, Sociology
Melissa De La Torre, Public Policy & Sociology
Wong Peiyan
Charlotte Pate
Zharia Brassfield-Hall
Rasheedat Fetuga, Peabody College
Emily Nacol, Political Science
Ali Kominsky
David Schlundt
Chloe Madigan, M.Ed.
Bradley S. Folley, Psychology
Alex Korsunsky, Anthropology
Judith Clerjeune, Divinity School
Danny Lee, English
Eldrick Jacobs II, MTS Ethics and Society
Tyler Coles Masters of Divinity Candidate 18
Heather Lefkowitz, Human & Organizational Development
Andrew Rahal, MA 10
Shaoyang Zhou, Mathematics
Samihah Islam, Computer Science
Wan Muhammad Najmie, Mechanical Engineering 16
Gabriel N. Camargo-Toledo
Kristen Hobbs
Megan Black, Master of Divinity
Peter Vielehr, Sociology
Dawn Espy, psychology 08
Oscar Ortega, CPB
Sabeen Ahmed, Philosophy
Megan Minarich, Visiting Scholar, English (Ph.D. 2014)
Destiny O. Birdsong
Arthur S. Walters, M.D. Professor of Neurology
Shikha Chaganti, Computer Science
Karina Gupta-engineering
Nathan Frisch, Anthropology PhD program
Ruiy Shah, Cognitive Studies
Mustapha yemmas
Mina yemmas
Elliot Kale Edmiston, Neuroscience PhD 15
Autumn Dennis, Divinity School
Rebecca Tuvel, Philosophy
Sophia Kyllmann 20
James Fraser
Anders Carlson-Wee MFA Creative Writing
Lisa Zhou, Anthropology
Kelsey Lowrey, Graduate Student
Mark Kendall, BA 05 & MA 08
Ashley Yao, Biological Sciences
Amanda Abel, Creative Writing MFA 12
Elizabeth TeSelle
Maria Bjorkman, Ph.D, German Studies
Matt S. Whitt, Ph.D. 2010
Stephanie Hong
Gabriela Ore (Anthropology)
Elizabeth Barnett, English 13
Amie Thurber, Human and Organizational Development
Lorraine M. Lopez, Dept. of English
Ashley Dixon, M. Ed., Education Policy, 15
Terry Jo Vetters Bichell
Rev. Allyn Maxfield-Steele
Hannah Eginoire Masters, MTS 15
Celina Callahan-Kapoor
Haerin Shin, English
Evan R. Bunch Vanderbilt Divinity School
John Rieser, Psychology & HD
Jennifer Wilkins
Daniel Zizumbo15 , Political science
Lee Catoe
Jaime Zito, M.Div
Daniel Morrison Sociology & Biomedical Ethics
Mary Murphy, Masters of Divinity, 3rd year
Tess Lantos, Graduate Student
Daniela Osorio Michel, Political Science
Caroline Archer, Master of Divinity
Trudy Hawkins Stringer, Divinity
Grace Fletcher
Sherry Shurden Brewer, Divinity School
Volney Gay, Religious Studies
Kendra Hinton, Psychology
Anna Flores, Human & Organizational Development and Political Science
Erin Guzmn, M.Div
Keivan Stassun, Physics & Astronomy
Daniel Lyvers, Divinity School
Duje Tadin, Psychology PhD 04
Cara Dees, MFA 2014
Sara Starr, Womens and Gender Studies & Political Science
Akram Aldroubi
Darrian Stacy
Molly Lasagna
Katy Thakkar, Department of Psychology
Kristina Lee, Anthropology
Stephanie Hong
Nancy Pendleton, Peabody
Anna Word, Biomedical Engineering
Anna Press
Phyllis Johnson, Anthropology
Allison LeBrun, M. Div.
Doug Hardin, Mathematics
Susan Hudson McBride
Catherine Jaskey, Divinity School
Anita Peebles, Divinity School
Tesha Sengupta-Irving
Corwin Davis, Divinity School
Rachael Pomerantz
Deborah Van Slyke
Anna Silverstein, Creative Writing MFA
Keitlyn Alcantara Russell, Anthropology
Marzia Milazzo, English
Graham Reside, Divinity School
Grace Hill, Elementary Education and Second Language Studies
Sparsh Gupta, Biomedical Engineering
Corey Janson, Physics & WGS
Andrew Hostetler, Teaching and Learning
Viki Matson, Divinity School
Virginia Shepherd Research Professor Teaching and Learning
Jaycee Perez MTS
Barbara S. Stengel, Teaching and Learning
Ann Shears DeNunzio BS 84
Aimi Hamraie, Medicine, Health, and Society
Karlia Brown, Sociology/Womens & Gender Studies, BA 16
Victoria S Cavener-PhD canidate: Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Christin Essin, Theatre
Nick Rosenthal, Biochemistry & Spanish
Amy Palmeri Teaching & Learning
Hayley Elliott, Divinity School
Kelly Knowles, Psychology
Julia Nusbaum, Master of Theological Studies
Crystal Gibson, BA 04 (Psychology)
Lily Puff-Heffernan, Cognitive Studies 17
Emily Mason, Neuroscience
Holly McKee, History of Art 15
Geoff Woodman, Department of Psychology
Zekiye Salman, Divinity School
Jeffrey D Schall, PhD
Lesley Gill, Anthropology
Lauren Gilpin, BA 09
Jacob Elsey, Neuroscience
Paul Middlebrooks, Neuroscience
Diana Bellonby, PhD, English
Markus Eberl, Anthropology
Thomas Reppert, Department of Psychology
Wolf Zinke, Department of Psychology
Michael Woods, English
Annalisa Azzoni, Divinity School
Charles Brau
Mariana Rodriguez, Political Science
Laura Hieber Adery, Psychology
Michelle Schall, Department of Psychology
Suzana Herculano, Department of Psychology
Chenchal Subraveti, Dept. of Psychology
Kyle Harper, Anthropology
Peter Vielehr, Sociology
Charles E. Orser, Jr., anthropology
Sabeen Ahmed, Philosophy
Rachel Ford, M. Div
Sarah McWhirt-Toler
Arleen Tuchman, History
JW Hubbard, History
Gabriel Barenberg
Christina Stoddard, Law School
John Culbertson, MDiv
Corry Paul, MSN
Kaleb Lowe, Psychology
Emma Heer, VUSN Student, Vanderbilt Undergraduate
Thomas Holaday, PhD Candidate in Philosophy
Tara McKay
Antonia Thelen, Vanderbilt Brain Institute
Cason Close, Elementary Education & HOD
Kelsey Davis, Divinity School
Julia Liden, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Jesse Montgomery, Graduate Student in English
Dane van Eys/Divinity
Donna Krupkin Whitney, Divinity School
Colleen Maki, Divinity School
Harrison Yan, Mechanical Engineering
Shelby House, Political Science
Kelly Perry
Juan Felipe Ortiz, biological sciences
christe blackshear, divinity school
Adrian Bartlett, Department of Psychology
Carly Misenheimer, Divinity School
sara green, M.DIV
Angela Sutton, Digital Humanities Center
Dori Schaffield, Divinity School
Francesca Ambrose, molecular and cell biology
Yasmina Haddad, Special Education
Paulo G. Martinez, Interdisciplinary PhD program, Graduate Student
Jeremy Blumenthal, political science and economics
Laura Sellers, Political Science
Clara Fisher, German
Joshua Hall, Philosophy
Tori Trout, BE 2015 (Chemical Engineering)
Anna Carella, Political Science
Tiffiny A. Tung, Department of Anthropology
Mark Haslam, Creative Writing MFA
Rohan Nag
Mariela Rich, School of Nursing
Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier, PhD 2016 (Religion, Psychology, & Culture)
Will Cox, Mathematics
Douglas Clark, PhD Candidate, Religion
Sara Strong, Creative Writing MFA
Jane Linebaugh Groos, BA 1986
Erich B. Groos, Jr., MD 1987
Cassie Lynn Foote, Economics & History
Suzanne Avery
Aung Soe Lin
Jessica Y. Islam, BA11/MPH14
Hannah Glenn, Psychology
Shelby Santee, Psychology
Joe Bandy, Sociology
Doris Palomino, M.Ed. Organizational Leadership 10
Matthew Snodgress, Department of Psychology
Kalli Wolf, Nursing
Victoria Kingman, Elementary education and second language studies
Mark Boothby, Pathology Microbiology & Immunology
Rev. Katie Z. Dawson, M.Div
Lyn Radke, Philosophy
Nicole GarciaCommunity Development and Action (2011 MEd)
Bethany Rittle-Johnson
Isabelle Floyd
Andrew Stone Porter, Graduate Department of Religion
Ellen Armour, Divinity School
Susan Hudson McBride, MDiv
Connie Wang, Philosophy Department
Martin Egli, Biochemistry
Mark Wollaeger, English
Nate Faber, Neuroscience
Damien Pascal Domenack, MDIV
Kelly Swope, Philosophy Student
Michael Hodges Philosophy
Adam Stater, VUSN
Amber Rose Carlson, Philosophy
Elizabeth Farrell, Arts & Science
Eliana Peck, Philosophy
Sarah Beck, Teaching and Learning
Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Divinity School
Claire Brown, Divinity
RJ Boutelle, English
Micala Maddox, Psychology
Anna Jacobs, Sociology
Rachel Beck, School of Nursing
Bingran Zeng HOD&Second Language Studies
Anita Disney, Psychology
Terren Proctor, Anthropology
Jessica Oster, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rachel Chiguluri
Jeffrey Tlumak, Philosophy
Molly Moreau MHS 4+1
Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, History
Scout McFall (Divinity)
Laurie Woods, Faculty Member in Residence, McGill Project
Chelsea Hearne, MTS
Emily Foster, Earth & Environmental Sciences 13.
Jason Chow
Shannon Fyfe, Philosophy
Garrett Warren, Biological Sciences
Maggie Zebracka, English
Jeremy Blumenthal, political science and economics
Leah Marion Roberts Community Research & Action/Human & Organizational Development
Brandon Baxter, Divinity School
Ayan Ghoshal
Stephanie Godlove, Neuroscience Family
Ashish Koul, History
Tricia Lebkuecher, English Dept grad 2014
David C Godlove, Neuroscience
Jeremy Blumenthal, political science and economics
Lauren Marlar, Community Development & Action
Alexandra Chambers, Graduate Department of Religion
Erik Dolgoff, CAP
Darla S. Migan, Department of Philosophy
Shelby Johnson, English PhD Candidate
Laura Fritzsche, M.Ed Candidate, Human Development Counseling 18, BA Psychology 11
Leia Siksay, A&S 2010
Thomas Cienki- English
Jyoti Gupta, CRA
Dylan Choi. HOD& Public Policy
Kristen Navarro, English
Ali Lutz, Religion: Ethics & Society
Bruce Hughes, Mathematics
Kent Kreiselmaier, Religion
Hannah Hicks, History
Sara Hafenbreadl, Human Development Counseling
Marie B. Tracy, MDiv Candidate (Divinity)
Sarah R. OHara Human Development Counseling, Clinical Track
Raquelle K. Bostow, PhD Candidate, French & Italian
Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein
David Wood, Philosophy
Nick Wigginton, Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate
Patrick Rasico
Leslie Kwakye
Brette Garner, Teaching and Learning
Candice Amich, English
Will Stewart, Political Science
Alejandro Arango, PhD 16, Visiting Research Scholar, Philosophy
Brea Harris, Divinity School
Jennifer Bagneris, English PHD
Andrew Harwell, Biology | Environmental Sociology
Carwil Bjork-James, Anthropology
Abraham Liddell PhD History
Melanie Anthony, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Coyle, Master of Theological Studies 11
Sangeun Kim
Danielle Procope, English
Joseph Bell, Physics
Jill Schepmann, MFA
Elizabeth Siegelman, MTS
Kate Goodman, Community Development & Action
Samantha Marshall, Learning, Teaching, & Diversity
Dina El-Rifai
Krista Craven, Community Research and Action PhD 2014
Meredith Gray-Grener, English & Psychology 04; Creative Writing 09
Dominic Didiano, Biology
Katrina Nelson, electrical engineering
Karissa Deiter, Anthropology
Killian Quigley, Dept of English
Jamie Michael, Psychology
Polly Case, School of Medicine
Mitch Kleban, 2015
Leslie Smith, Psychology
Anna Young, History
Elizabeth Lanphier, Philosophy
Werner Hertzog, anthropology
Odie Lindsey, Medicine, Health, and Society
Haley Brown, Art History & Psychology 17
Elizabeth Manning, M.A. in Medicine, Health, and Society
Perry Stevens
Bryan Tener Divinity School 09
Daniel Curry, HOD and Political Science
Hanna Lipkind, Philosophy
Aazeen Imran, Speech & Hearing Sciences
Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Grad. Dept. of Religion/Divinity
Amanda Lehr, English Doctoral Candidate



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