Nashville Sanctuary City News

Making Nashville a sanctuary city will infect the state with criminals. Bordering counties like Williamson can expect crimes like burglaries and robberies to increase, as crime has no borders. 

Here is what you can do:

Thanks to the Tennessee Eagle Forum for this info!

Here’s the PLAN STEP 1:

If the members of Metro Council don’t hear from YOU, NOTHING will change. You can find the members HERE or use the sheet below from the Tennessee Republican Assembly. The phone lines and email accounts need to light up TODAY!!

Sanctuary policy is Bad Public policy. Sanctuary and other non-cooperation policies are harmful as they exacerbate national security threats, encourage illegal immigration, wastes law enforcement and other taxpayer funded resources, and most importantly, put the public at risk by allowing known criminal aliens to be released back onto the streets. If Nashville refuses to cooperate with this federal agency, what other agencies will the local government choose not to cooperate with??

As another resource, you can read District 4, Robert Swope’s excellent speech opposing 739 HERE .

This is a map of the Council vote:  White is a YES vote; Yellow is a NO vote; Blue is Abstain; Pink is Not voting.

  Below, the ABSTAIN and YES votes in red — these are the targets. The NO votes are in blue – please THANK them for their principled vote. (a NO should be by Pardue’s name)

    Here’s the PLAN STEP 2:

We want to meet at 4:30 pm and fill the square and the council meeting room with opponents of BILL NO. BL2017-739., the ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance. You don’t have to be a resident of Davidson County to help us.  If this passes, it will have a impact on all of middle Tennessee and might encourage local governments in other areas to follow suit. The council meeting begins at 6:00.

 Read here the report with Nashville named as a sanctuary city and the federal grants they have received:

Oversight_Federal Funding of Americas Sanctuary Cities




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