Muslims Running For Public Office Must Be Defeated. Part 1

 “The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

Sun Tzu

Muslims in the United States have vowed for a “Muslim Blue wave” to occur as campaigns and elections for coveted positions begin. Currently, there are over 90 Muslims running for public office, all described as “democrats”, with some in high profile races. So why must they be defeated? First one must understand why Muslims want to obtain positions of power.  In order for a Muslim to be considered “good”, they must imitate, and follow the life of their prophet Muhammad.  To most kafirs (non-Muslims) that would be someone who is pious, ascribes to their religious beliefs and is tolerant and respectful of others. Not quite. Muslims do ascribe to their beliefs, which can be summed up by the first pillar of Islam, the Shahada..”there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet”. Looking deeper, Muslims believe Islam is meant to dominate, not be dominated or equal to other religions.

In many countries in the Middle East, Islam is in fact the only religion allowed, with others being persecuted or killed if they choose not to convert. ISIS, who many Muslims argue has hijacked Islam, has in fact followed Islam to the T, following the footsteps of their prophet by using violence to convert people to Islam. In the United States, Muslims learned after 9/11, violence was not the answer as the backlash was swift and fierce, with many learning the truth about Islam, and spreading the word.

The Shahada is the religious aspect of domination, while the Muslim Brotherhood has specifically outlined the methods to be used on how to acquire it. This document is the foundation to which good Muslims are using to create the stated goal, the return of the Caliphate, or the Islamic State (world).

So as to not use violence as their means for domination, An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, explains the details of how to accomplish it. This document, along with several others was discovered in a raid conducted by the FBI in preparation for America’s largest terror funding trial, the Holy land Foundation, in Dallas Texas in 2007. It is stamped and was placed into evidence in this trial which resulted in 109 indictments and several lists of un-indicted co-conspirators.

This is an excerpt from this document, which sums up the entire goal


This is why Muslims must be in positions of power, hence why so many are running for public office.  “From within” is easy, as they use our own laws and rights against us. Once elected, they will have more influence and power to effect the change needed to return to the Islamic world.

Muslims who have already taken the oath of office, have done so with their hand on the Quran. Ok, before you say the Bible is also used by those elected into office, you must understand the difference.  Yes, Bibles have been used throughout history, but not as a means to swear allegiance to God, but rather to swear they will uphold the laws with a God as their witness. The Constitution does not require this. Nothing in the Constitution requires that the oath of office be taken on the bible, neither do the words “so help me God appear in the oath.  

When a Muslim takes an oath of office in the United States on a Quran,it is meaningless. According to, a site with answers given by Islamic scholars, citing Islamic law, it states:


Muslims believe Allah is the supreme creator of all things, including laws. Muslims may not follow or enforce laws created by man. Therefore, when taking an oath on a Quran, reciting the words they shall uphold the law and the Constitution (or any words used in American oaths) it is invalid according to Islamic law. It is nothing but deception when a  Muslim takes an oath, therefore they are not required to obey or enforce our laws and Constitution.

Here, Muslim Somalian Ilhan Omar takes the “oath” not only on the Quran, but the largest version. Omar, was the first Muslim to be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

This is the first of many deceptions by Muslims in America. In Part 2, we will breakdown those in office, and some high profile Muslims running for office.


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