Islamists Use Antifa and the Southern Poverty Law Center To Silence Americans.

Two years ago, Muslims attending a conference hosted by the Islamic Circle of North America listened to a speaker state it’s time for a revolution in America. It’s happening, but not in the way we envision a revolution..yet.


 It all began several years ago with the words of the Muslim Brotherhood, from their documented manifesto. “Destroying the Western civilization from within”. We Americans are being turned against each other, and eventually those who have become the pawns for Muslims will do their violent dirty work. They don’t need ISIS, or Al-Qaida, they have Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and every other disgruntled, disenfranchised group.  For now though, Muslims are using those same groups to silence those they believe should be.

Unfortunately, scores of Americans are asleep, and unless bombs are going off in their front yards, they fail to see the battle we are in. One battle being waged against us currently is our loss of freedom of speech. Last week throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, a Christian organization,  Worldview Weekend, had 4 out of 5 conferences cancelled by the hotels they were to be hosted at. These events , which were sold out, had a line up of speakers who were to speak about how the left is using labels to silence Americans, How Ironic.

It started with the vile hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which listed the venues addresses, and urged those against such an event to contact those businesses. Going even further was the terror organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) aka Hamas, who partnered with Antifa, a violent group of thugs who will do anything to disrupt, and cause chaos.

One hotel reported to the head of Worldview Weekend, they received 57 calls within 30 minutes, claiming to disrupt business at  the event if not cancelled. Fearing for the security of hotel patrons, management cancelled the conference, with other hotels following their lead.

 Muslims and their counterparts are silencing anyone that does not agree with them, especially if it involves exposing their ideology and methods of spreading it.  They aren’t calling in Muslim jihadis, they don’t need to. They are using the misfits of society to instill fear of potential violence. They are also using corrupt, anti-American garbage organizations, like the SPLC to spread their deceit.

  Islams adherents are destroying us with our own hands. They are coming from within, using our own laws, and beliefs against us. They will continue to use our youth to do their dirty work, as they continue to proclaim their piousness and victimhood. Violence will grow in cities around the country, but not with Muslims, but rather their pawns.

If you do not understand the problem, you are the problem.


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